World Noob Game: Guide to the World’s Noobiest Games

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What world noob game would you like to play? Do you want to be a world-renowned chef, or maybe an international spy? Or how about a world-famous detective, or even the world’s most famous professional wrestler. No matter what world noob game you choose, there are many games out there for every type of player. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best world noob games in existence and help you find your perfect match!

Why are games noob-friendly in the first place, and what makes them so great for new players to learn from and enjoy while they’re still learning about video games as a whole?

The world’s most popular games are often easy to understand and even easier to play, which makes them the perfect choice for new players of all ages.

There are many world noob games that can be enjoyed by young children (such as “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”) or adults alike (“Spelunky”), depending on what you’re looking for! No matter your skill level at video games, these world noob game recommendations will help you find a great world-renowned chef in one minute flat.


1. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a world noob game that you can enjoy with your friends. It’s played on mobile devices and the goal of this world noob game is to collect coins and other items while avoiding obstacles such as trains, cars, dogs, cats etcetera. You play by swiping left or right in order to guide your character across an endless subway track without crashing into any objects along the way!

This world noob game will have players trying to beat their own high score in addition to collecting coins for points. This world noob game has been downloaded more than one billion times since its release back in 2012.

It was created by Kiloo Games and Sybo Games who are both based out of Denmark.


2. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is world noob game that people of all ages can enjoy. It’s an action world noob game with simple controls and the goal of this world noob game is to cut fruit in half as it flies down towards you from different directions. The longer you last, the more points your score will be worth!

You control Fruit Ninja by swiping left or right on the screen which cuts through fruits that are thrown at you in a variety of ways from above, below, and even bouncing off walls so they’re harder to avoid. You start out without any obstacles but later levels introduce bombs that explode when hit – if those make contact with your blade then it’s instant death for everybody involved!


3. Jetpack Joyride

This world noob game is a classic runner world noob game with simple one-touch controls. The goal of this world noob game is to collect coins while avoiding obstacles like electric fences, lasers and large hammers.

The graphics in Jetpack Joyride are cartoonish which gives it the feeling that you’re playing a world world world world-famous detective or even the most famous professional wrestler! This modern take on an old-school platformer ensures players will have fun challenging themselves as they try to beat their own high score!

Created by Halfbrick Studios from Australia, this world noob game has been downloaded more than ten million times since its release back in 2010.


4. Temple Run

Temple Run is also a runner world noob game with simple one touch controls and it’s all about collecting coins while navigating obstacles like zip lines, minecarts and cannons that shoot you out into space (or off cliffs) when activated. The goal of Temple Run is similar to Jetpack Joyride –


5. Angry birds

Angry Birds is a puzzle world noob game that’s all about using a slingshot to shoot birds at structures inhabited with green pigs. The goal of Angry Birds is simple – destroy the enemies’ fortresses and protect your eggs so they hatch into baby chicks (don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of powerups along the way!) You can enjoy this world

6. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is world noob game that’s all about survival and the goal is to be the last person standing on an island. The world world world world-famous chef you’re facing will have access to a variety of weapons ranging from pistols, AK47s, sniper rifles etcetera while you’ll only start off with your bare hands before finding more powerful weaponry along the way.


The longer you survive against enemy attacks without being killed then your score multiplier goes up which means killing them becomes even easier! You can chat in this world noob world game by typing responses into the text box at any time – it’s just like a virtual battleground where players are having fun talking shop instead of taking each other out.

7. Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a world noob game where players must help Doodle, the world’s cutest drawing of a creature combine with an out-of-shape balloon to jump as high as he can on platforms. As you progress through each level, new obstacles appear and make it more difficult for your little friend to get his floppy feet off the ground. You start in outer space looking down at Earth and work your way towards our planet’s surface until you finally reach Doodle Planet! Along the way there are lots of fun power-ups that increase your jumping abilities like jet packs or wings so be sure not to miss them! When you first play the world noob game doodle jump, don’t worry if those leaps seem too long because they’re

8. Beach Buggy Racing 2

Beach Buggy Racing world noob game is a sequel to the original Beach Buggy world noob game, which was released in 2006. The world’s cutest drawing of a creature combines with an out-of-shape balloon for this sand buggy racing world noob game that puts you on some really wild courses including crowded cities and zombie-infested graveyards! There are two different modes for players to choose from: classic mode or arcade mode. In both versions there are three levels: easy, medium, and hard. Easy level takes less time than any other course so it’s perfect if you just want a short race (or need more practice).

9. Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces world noob game is an amazing world, which combines stunning world design and beautiful visuals with fast-paced gameplay. Sonic the Hedgehog has been around for 25 years so this world’s cutest drawing of a creature must be feeling like he needs to take on new challenges! The world’s second-best video game character (I’m sure you know who that is) joins forces with his friends Knuckles.

10. Candy Crush Saga

Candy world noob game Crush world noob game is a free-to-play puzzle world that’s available for Facebook, Android and iOS. Who doesn’t love candy? The world looks like it could be an ad in the back of a comic book but don’t let its sweet appearance fool you! This world has three different modes: Candy world noob game – In this mode players must match up at least four sweets of the same color to crush them. To win they can collect as many points possible by completing horizontal or vertical lines before running out of time. Jelly World Noob Game – Players are given six moves (each move costs one turn) to make as many matches as possible with jellies that sit on top.

11. Farmville

For world noob game lovers who enjoy farming, the world’s second-best video game character is for you! This world lets players take on the role of a farmer to grow and harvest crops. Players can also raise livestock like cows or chickens if they want more variety in their world noobs games. There are many different types of animals that need care so it will keep new players amused as well as old ones too!

In the world noob game world, Flappy Bird world world world world world noob game is a pixelated version of the old arcade games. The graphics are simple and it’s really easy to learn how to play! All you have to do is tap or click on your device (it doesn’t matter if you’re using an iPhone or Android) in order for one of three things to happen: Make the bird fly upwards, make it flap its wings downwards, or let gravity take over and watch as it falls from sky-high heights! It might not sound like much but this has been downloaded by more than fifty million people all around the globe so there must be something about Flappy World Noobs Game that keeps players coming back for more.

13.  Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies is a world noob game with fun and colorful graphics, creative world design, easy-to-learn gameplay that guarantees hours of world entertainment for players of all ages. In the world of Plants vs. Zombies you use your finger to draw plants as they automatically attack waves of zombies trying to reach your house on their way from home base – an abandoned swimming pool in front of your lawn. The more plants you can create during each wave, the better chance you have at winning!


This world noob game has two phases: Daytime and Night time. During the daytime, there are fewer zombies coming up from home base but they move faster than those who come out at night so drawing higher level plant types will be more difficult. At night, zombies come up from home base in groups of three and move slower but you have to draw higher level plant types as well. Your world’s noob goal is to protect your house by drawing plants that attack the oncoming waves until morning comes again!

14. Snake VS Block

Snake VS Block is world noob game of the year! It’s a world where you can control your own snake and fight to dominate against other snakes. Sound simple enough? Well, it does sound like an easy world, but when you get in there, it isn’t as easy as world might think. With beautiful graphics that make this world look so real, Snake VS Block has been one of world’s favorite games for many years now!


What makes this world stand out from others are its challenges that change daily – making every day with new experiences awaiting for anyone who plays the game. In addition to these challenges changing on each day, World Noobs also have bonuses they can earn by completing tasks given at certain times of the day.

15.  Words With Friends 2

Words With Friends is a world noob game that I’m sure you’ve heard of before. This particular world noob game has been around for quite some time, and it’s still going strong in 2018! It was originally released in 2008 as an update to the classic Scrabble board game. Nowadays, Words with friends isn’t just for two players: there are over 300 million people playing this world noob game every day from all different backgrounds. There are also many users who prefer words with friends because the gameplay is easy to learn but difficult to master–it never gets old or boring!

If you’re looking for a world noobie version of scrabble, then look no further than Words with Friends II.

16.  Surf Attack

Surf Attack is a world noob game where you play as this guy, Al. You are on the beach and your task is to surf all day long without being eaten by sharks! The way you use waves to catch up with speed will make it so that there’s less of a chance for sharks to get you. But at times when the water level falls too low, then those pesky predators might be able to find their prey easier than ever before. To avoid getting chomped in half by hungry shark jaws, players need to swim fast enough not only stay ahead but also keep an eye out for huge waves coming from both sides that will come crashing down like some kind of domino effect if they’re hit head-on.

17.  Zen Bound 2

The world of Zen Bound is a world where everything has been turned to stone. The main character, Amala, sets out on a journey across the world in order to free it from the curse that she unwittingly cast upon it. Along her travels through this ancient land filled with animated statues and puzzles made entirely out of rope, she meets all sorts of creatures: some friendly and helpful; others not so much…

You may have heard about the first game in our list – Zen Bound. As you might guess by its name alone, this little gem belongs to the genre ‘zen’. In fact, I would go as far as saying it’s probably one of THE most zen games ever created!


18. Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings is world noob game that provides an awesome gaming experience in the most adorable form possible. You control a bird named, well, Tiny, and must help him fly by tapping on either side of your device’s screen to make him flap his wings. The goal is to catch as many eggs as you can while staying away from obstacles like trees or big red birds with very sharp beaks! As you collect more eggs and level up, new locations are unlocked for even more egg-catching fun. There are also customizable skins available if you want your favorite tiny friends to have their own style!

19. is a world noob game that lets you play as an amorphous blob, and your goal is to eat other players for points. This world noob game may seem basic at first glance, but there are many different strategies to use and it’s very difficult not to get addicted! If you manage to grow large enough in this world noob game, then your mass will start drawing smaller blobs toward you – giving them one more chance for some food before they get eaten themselves. It’s important though that if the player getting pulled has half of their body outside of yours when being sucked in, or else they’ll break free from your slimy grasp.

20. Smash Hit

Smash Hit is one of world noob game. Smash the glass that are coming your way to earn points and survive as long as you can!

Whether you’re just now getting into gaming, or have been at it for years and are looking to broaden your horizons with some new experiences, this list of world noobiest games will give you plenty of options. What’s your take on this comment below? Does World Noob Game help those who want a little guidance in the world of video game selection?


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