Who are the Best NASCAR Drivers of All Time?

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Who are the best NASCAR drivers of all time? This is a question that many people have been asking for years. There are so many great drivers, but there can only be one best driver of all time. Who is it? Let’s take a look at some of the best NASCAR drivers and see who has been besting them in each category!

Dale Earnhardt Sr.

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Dale Earnhardt Sr. is best known for his great ability to push a car past its limits, and even after death he still holds the record for most winnings in NASCAR history by any driver!

Richard Petty

848b4de5 richard petty

Richard Petty holds the record for most wins in a single season and best winnings by any driver. He is one of only two drivers to have won four championships in his career, with Darrell Waltrip being the other.

Jeff Gordon

7173216c jeff gordon

Jeff Gordon was a well-known NASCAR driver. He won four championships throughout his career and is one of the best drivers that have ever been in the sport. Many people think he is best, but there are some others who might argue with him being #one on this list! Let’s see how he stacks up against other greats though…As every car enthusiast, I assume you are interested in car parts, if so you can try out our Car mechanic quiz.

Bobby Allison

8e2909c3 bobby allison

Bobby Allison is best known for his success in the 1970s and 1980s. He won three championships, all of them consecutively from 1983-1985. Many people don’t remember him as well because he didn’t win a championship after 1985 (like Jeff Gordon), but many people who have followed NASCAR know that Bobby has been one of the best drivers ever!

Darrell Waltrip

b87f7a68 darrell waltrip

Darrell Waltrip has won three championships, all of them in the 1980s. He is best known for his success on the track and being one of the best drivers when it comes to racing strategy and knowing how to win races. Many people think that Jeff Gordon was a better driver throughout history than Darrell Waltrip because he kept winning after some years (like Bobby Allison).

Rusty Wallace

2f5d1c61 rusty wallace
MARTINSVILLE, VA – OCTOBER 21: Rusty Wallace, driver of the #2 Miller Lite Dodge, looks on during NASCAR Nextel Cup Subway 500 Qualifying on October 21, 2005 at Martinsville Speedway in Martinsville, Virginia. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Rusty Wallace is best known for his success in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Many people know that he won 55 races during his career, which makes him one of the best drivers when it comes to winning! He was a very successful NASCAR driver and many people think that he should be on this list because of how well he did throughout history.

Jimmie Johnson

9226d625 jimmie johnson

Jimmie Johnson is best known for his success within the 2000s. He has won six championships, all of them consecutively from 2006-2010 and again in 2013-2014! This makes him one of the best drivers when it comes to winning multiple championships throughout history. Many people also think that Jimmie Johnson should be on this list because he kept winning after some time as Jeff Gordon did as well.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

f9155424 dale earnhardt jr

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is best known for his success in the 2000s and 2010s. He has won a total of six championships as well, all of them consecutively from 2004-2007! This makes him best when it comes to winning multiple titles throughout history like Jimmie Johnson was able to do. Many people think that he should be on this list because he kept racing after some time as Jeff Gordon did too.

Tony Stewart

623b2393 tony stewart

Tony Stewart is one of the best NASCAR drivers, but there are so many other greats. He has won three championships in his career and 46 Cup Series races including five Brickyard 400’s at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Let us know how much you know about cars in general, can you solve this Car Matchmaker Quiz

He started driving for Joe Gibbs Racing in 2002 after he had retired from a successful car racing career in American open-wheel cars, which included winning the 1999 U.S. IndyCar Series Championship as well as seven victories (six consecutive) over the course of eight years (1994–2001). For someone who was such an accomplished driver before coming to NASCAR, it’s no wonder that Tony Stewart is considered one of the best NASCAR drivers ever!

Denny Hamlin

5282632a denny hamlin

If you are looking for the best NASCAR drivers of all time, Denny Hamlin is definitely one to consider. He has won two Championships as well- 2012 and 2015. His career-best finish in the season standings was a second-place (2008) behind Jimmie Johnson.

He holds a record number of wins at Phoenix International Raceway with six victories being the most by any driver since this track was reconfigured from its original oval shape after 2005. This past year he also became the first-ever Asian-American driver to win an IndyCar race when he took victory last October at Twin Ring Motegi, Japan’s only NASCAR grade racetrack!

Matt Kenseth

63448af8 matt kenseth

Matt Kenseth is best known for his first Cup Series Championship he won in 2003. He has also collected 22 career wins and 42 top-five finishes throughout his impressive racing career.

He nearly chose to sign with Hendrick Motorsports in 2009, but instead signed a contract extension at Roush Fenway Racing through the 2012 season, then went on to win that year’s Chase for the Sprint Cup as well as two races during 2013 before finally leaving for Joe Gibbs Racing starting 2014. This makes him one of the best NASCAR drivers ever!

Kevin Harvick

1c2c71d7 kevin harvick

Kevin Harvick is best known for winning the 2014 Sprint Cup Championship. He has also finished second in the points standings three times, including back-to-back seasons in 2011 and 2012 while driving for Richard Childress Racing.

He was born on March 28th, 1975, and grew up racing go-karts before working his way to NASCAR by running a series of short tracks. After moving through several major racing leagues, he joined Hendrick Motorsports in 2008 as a member of their driver development program where he won one Busch Series race over the course of two years with them. This makes him one best NASCAR drivers ever!

A.J. Foyt

1e5f1763 a j foyt

J. Foyt is best known for his remarkable four wins in the Indianapolis 500 between 1961 and 1967, winning that race each time he entered it during those years- becoming the only driver to do so (a feat since matched by Al Unser). He was also part of two dramatic duels with rival Dan Gurney in ’64 and ’67, which has led some people to consider him one best NASCAR drivers ever!

He began racing modified stock cars in 1948 at age 17, but focused mainly on midget auto racing from 1949 through 1959 after winning over 200 features across several different leagues throughout Texas and Louisiana; including a string where he won 32 straight races.

Donnie Allison

a3ea3586 donnie allison

Donnie Allison is best known for his involvement in one of the most famous fights in NASCAR history- The Fight at Daytona, which involved him and brothers Bobby and Davey. He has also won two championships as well as 20 races throughout a career that spanned from 1968 through 1982.

He began racing with his brother Darrell (who was killed in an airplane crash in 1993) on short dirt tracks near their hometown before getting drafted into the Vietnam War; where he got injured after stepping on a land mine while serving there). This makes him one best NASCAR drivers ever!

Harry Gant

a9a82309 harry gant

Harry Gant is best known for his remarkable 20 wins throughout the early 1980s after he had a late-blooming career. He also won three races consecutively in 1991 and finished third in points that year as well; then again was runner up to Jeff Gordon for Rookie of Year honors during 1993.

He began racing on NASCAR’s national touring series when he entered 13 events in 1970 but didn’t start driving full time until 1975 where he drove car owner Rod Osterlund’s #48 Chevrolet Chevelle Laguna with crew chief Harry Hyde while winning twice at Darlington Raceway & Talladega Superspeedway respectively; later going on to win five more times between 1977 and 1981.

Geoff Bodine

f17f5251 geoff bodine
INDIAN OCEAN (May 16, 2007) – Former NASCAR driver Geoff Bodine watches a karaoke performance on the mess decks with Sailors aboard nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68). Nimitz Carrier Strike Group and embarked Carrier Air Wing 11 are deployed to 5th Fleet conducting Maritime Security Operations in support of the global war on terrorism. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kristen Allen (RELEASED)

Geoff Bodine is best known for winning the 1986 Daytona 500 and 1985 IROC Championship. He has also won 19 races over a career that spanned from 1981 through 1996, as well as finished second in points twice (1982 and 1984).

He began racing at Fairgrounds Speedway near his hometown of Chemung in 1971 before moving to NASCAR’s Grand American Series where he soon became one best NASCAR drivers ever!

His success on short tracks earned him rides with several different teams throughout the 1970s; including Bud Moore Engineering between 1979-1981 which was followed by three years driving for Richard Childress Racing in what would ultimately become the Winston Cup Series during 1982 until 1984 when he left to form his own team, Geoff Bodine Motorsports.

Neil Bonnett

d01aa78f neil bonnett

Neil Bonnett is best known for his remarkable 31 wins throughout a career that spanned from 1972 until 1994. He also won four races consecutively in 1981 and was runner up to Darrell Waltrip during 1982; then again finished third behind Terry Labonte & Dale Earnhardt during 1984, which led many people to consider him as one of the best NASCAR drivers ever!

He began racing at age 14- first locally before moving into the American Speed Association (ASA) where he became 1971 Rookie of Year while winning six times over two years with them.

His success on short tracks earned him rides with several different teams throughout the 1970s; including Bud Moore Engineering between 1979-1981 which was followed by three years driving for Richard Childress Racing.

Ernie Irvan

d23743e3 ernie irvan

Ernie Irvan is best known for winning the 1994 PPG Cup Championship which he did after capturing three wins throughout that year while also finishing second in points during 1995. He has also won 18 races over a career that spanned from 1989 through 2000, including two victories at Michigan Speedway; one of only four drivers to do so alongside his teammate Rusty Wallace.

He began racing on dirt tracks around his hometown of Salinas before moving into NASCAR’s Winston West Series where he became Rookie of Year (which was followed by him winning twice and eventually leading the series point standings) as well as being named Most Popular Driver there in 1984.

Kasey Kahne

0831f132 kasey kahne

Kasey Kahne is best known for winning the 2006 Budweiser Shootout, as well as his remarkable 88 wins throughout a career that spanned from 1998 to the present. He also won four races consecutively in 2004 and finished second in points behind Jimmie Johnson during 2005; then again was runner up to Kyle Busch for Rookie of Year honors during 2006.

He began racing at age ten- first locally before moving into Washington State’s Quarter Midget Association where he became 2001 champion there while also being named Outstanding Short Track racer by USA Today & World Karting Association (WKA) Sport Compact division rookie of the year after becoming 2003 quarter midget national champion.

Greg Biffle

32369a32 greg biffle

Greg Biffle is best known for his time at Roush Racing where he won sixteen races in nine years. He has also been a part of NASCAR since 2002 and it’s not likely that we’ll stop hearing from him anytime soon!

Buddy Baker

5eb3401d buddy baker

Buddy Baker was best known for his two Daytona 500 wins and six Coca Cola 600 victories during the 1970s. He is also remembered as being the first driver to ever win a race in a car that had an engine with more than 400 cubic inches of displacement-the very first “crate” engine!

Benny Parsons

78fa25ea benny parsons

Benny Parsons is best known for his 1973 championship win and the fact that he was always seen with a cigarette in hand. He won 21 races throughout his career, one of which was best remembered as being the 1976 Daytona 500!

Ricky Rudd

36ea3bfd ricky rudd

One of the best drivers of all time is Ricky Rudd. He has been racing for a long time and he was running before the 2000’s even started!

Ricky Rudd raced in over 1000 races total, which means that he spent most of his life behind the wheel. No wonder why this man won so many awards throughout his career as well!

At one point, Ricki Rudd became NASCAR Winston Cup Series Champion in 1989 when he beat Bill Elliott by just 26 points; it was an important win indeed.  He also managed to be named NASCAR Rookie of the Year back in the 1977-1978 season – what an accomplishment! During his entire career as a professional racer, there were never any rumors or scandals about him either…

Fred Lorenzen

d9eb222e fred lorenzen

Fred Lorenzen is best known for his role as a NASCAR driver. However, he was not just a racer – Fred had all kinds of talents! In fact, this man even tried his hand at acting and singing careers once.

While racing in the 1960s and 1970s, many people were impressed by how fast Fred would go; they gave him the nickname “Fearless Freddie”. Some experts say that it might have been because he suffered from hemophilia during childhood… This man has also won 36 races throughout his career which made him an extremely successful driver overall.  However, if you look into details more closely then you will see that there are only 13 Sprint Cup Series victories to add to that total… But hey – still pretty!

Bobby Labonte

a890d1af bobby labonte

Bobby Labonte is best known for his career as a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series winner and he has been in this business since 1991!

Many people say that Bobby managed to win the title of “NASCAR Winston Cup Champion” because of a great pit strategy when it was needed.  Even though many experts believe all kinds of strategies are important, they still think that winning races is even more crucial… And let’s be honest – Bobby won 21 times throughout his entire career so far. That should speak volumes about how good he really is behind the wheel! But what makes him stand out among other drivers? Well, first of all, there have been no major scandals with him either; secondly, unlike some others on our list today, Bobby never got injured during races.

Even though Bobby is best known for his career in NASCAR, he also tried his hand at racing in IndyCar Series; it did not go well… But who cares? He still managed to become a champion! And that’s all that matters – right?

Rex White

29ff73d3 rex white

Rex White is best known for his career as a NASCAR Grand National Series driver. He started racing in 1958 and he did not stop until 1966!

Many experts say that Rex was best when it comes to driving on short tracks; however, this man also managed to become a champion while competing at bigger races too… The best part about all of this? There were no major scandals or injuries during any season with him either – just pure greatness behind the wheel.

Even though Rex had won 39 different races throughout his entire career, there are only two Sprint Cup titles added into that total… But hey- nobody’s perfect, right?

Carl Edwards

e6f03559 carl edwards

Carl Edwards has won 44 races, which is the most of any driver who hasn’t won a championship.

He also came in second place three times and third 17 times! He’s been racing for 14 years now but only won once before his best season last year where he had 11 wins. Carl Edwards was born on April 19th, 1979 making him 38 years old and one of the youngest drivers to win a race at 24 months back when he started off racing go-karts. It wasn’t long after that that people knew we were seeing something special from this young hotshot driver with tons of talent! Let’s hope that all continues next year as well!!

Bobby Isaac

90b6dad8 bobby isaac

Bobby Isaac is best known for winning the championship in 1970.

He won 25 races, which are second-most of any driver who hasn’t won a championship, and finished top five 100 times! He’s been racing since 1959 and has only had three wins outside his best season where he earned 37 wins!! Bobby didn’t have much success before then but after that amazing year, it was clear to everyone that no one could stop him because he began dominating every race he attended to like there was nothing else worth competing for. It took until 1972 for someone to finally come along and surpass him as champion by just a few points so even though we can say this makes the best NASCAR drivers list twice over with an impressive total of 53 career victories from 1967-1977, he was bested by Richard Petty in the championship race that year.

Bobby Isaac died on September 19th, 1988 at just 59 years old from a heart attack while driving his car to home after spending time with family and friends. He will always be remembered as one of the best NASCAR drivers who ever lived!

Bill Elliott

e06c8194 bill elliott

Bill Elliott is best known for his 16 wins in 1987 and 16 poles.

He earned five championships, 106 top fives, 141 top tens, 20 fastest laps (all best of any driver who hasn’t won a championship), four Daytona 500 victories, and more than $16 million in winnings! He’s been racing since 1976 but did not start winning regularly until 1984 when he had one victory under his belt before reaching NASCAR stardom the next year with that amazing season I just mentioned!! Bill was born on October 18th, 1955 making him 62 years old today which makes you wonder how much longer he’ll be sticking around to keep up with all these young whippersnappers trying to take over the world while we’re still here hanging in there doing our best to make the best of every day.

Tim Richmond

ba66b499 tim richmond

Tim Richmond is best known for his seven wins in 1986.

He has 21 top fives, 115 top tens, and eight poles (all best among non-champions). He’s been racing since 1981 but did not win until 1984 when he had four victories that landed him on the map!! Tim was born on January 14th, 1955 making him 61 today!

Brad Keselowski

a9fd5602 brad keselowski

Brad Keselowski is best known for his 22 wins in 2012.

He earned the championship in 2010, has 21 top fives, and 110 top tens (all best of anyone without a championship). He’s been racing since 2004 where he started off with two victories before all the success came flooding in!! Brad was born on August 12th, 1984 making him 33 years old today which makes you wonder if there will be more championships to come because this guy seems like he’s got even more up his sleeve than what we’ve seen so far!

Davey Allison

aaeed08d davey allison

Davey Allison is best known for his 28 top-fives.


He has just two wins but that’s as far as anyone can really go to say he doesn’t deserve a spot on the best NASCAR drivers list because even though Davey only raced from 1984-1992, those were some of the best years we’ve seen yet!! He earned 17 top tens and 12 poles making him one of three drivers in history to have at least 30 each (others being Mark Martin and Jimmie Johnson).

Though 34 races would be all it took for this young driver to leave us with so many amazing memories, there was always more than enough time when it came down to racing where he proved himself worthy every he had!

Martin Truex Jr.

328b4ba9 martin truex jr

Martin Truex Jr. is best known for his 21 wins in 2017.

He earned the championship last year, has 22 top fives and 123 top tens (all best of anyone without a championship). He’s been racing since 2004 where he had three victories before all the success came flooding in!! Martin was born on May 29th, 1980.

Alan Kulwicki

5d48ff29 alan kulwicki

The best NASCAR driver that never won a championship is Alan Kulwicki. He was best known for being an owner/driver, and this allowed him to race on his own terms. Before the season began in 1992, he decided not to take part in pre-season testing with the rest of his fellow drivers because he felt as though it wasn’t necessary. The decision worked out well for Kulwicki who went into the first race of the year as one of two favorites (the other being Bill Elliott). In fact, Kulwicci ended up finishing second behind Rusty Wallace at Richmond International Raceway: His best finish ever! Although he didn’t win any races throughout 1992, Kulwicki did lead three different times during 1991 which put him in the best position to win his first championship. Unfortunately, he ended up losing it by just ten points (which is still a record today) and never got another chance at winning one again before tragically dying five years later.

Buck Baker

65e1ceb3 buck baker

The best NASCAR driver of the 1950s was Buck Baker. He won fifty-five races throughout his career, and he did so consecutively in 1955 which is a record that still stands today! It’s important to note that this streak only lasted for twenty racing dates because there were some rainouts during those days. Although we don’t know how many wins he would have had if everything went smoothly, it’s safe to say it would be somewhere around eighty or ninety total victories (which is also another record).

Baker retired as one of the most decorated drivers in Nascar history with four championships: two under Grand National Division (1954, 1956) and two under Winston Cup Series (1958, 1960).

Kurt Busch

7de5669d kurt busch
INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – AUGUST 15: #1: Kurt Busch, Chip Ganassi Racing, Chevrolet Camaro Monster Energy at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday August 15, 2021 in Indianapolis, United States of America. (Photo by Rusty Jarrett / NKP / LAT Images)

The best NASCAR driver of the 2000s was Kurt Busch. He won thirty-two races throughout his career! Of those 32 victories, 16 were with Roush Racing (2004–2006) while another six came with Penske racing (2007). The remaining eight wins all occurred when driving for Phoenix Racing who is now known as Furniture Row Racing.

Kurt Busch has also been a great champion during this time period too which earned him the 2004 title: His first championship ever! In fact, that year he ended up winning five times which made history because it was only done one other time before by Cale Yarborough back in 1968.

Mark Martin

fd30a8b8 mark martin

The best NASCAR driver of all time is Mark Martin. He has won 96 races throughout his career (and counting), and he’s been doing so since the 1980s! Out of these thirty-three championships, eight came in what was known as Winston Cup Series back then while another seven were under its predecessor: Grand National Division. This means that 55% of his victories have come from Sprint Cup races which goes to show how much stronger this series is compared to Nascar’s other major division: The Nationwide Series.

Joe Weatherly

ee31b0a8 joe weatherly
1962: Joe Weatherly became the NASCAR Cup Series national champion in 1962. (Photo by ISC Images & Archives via Getty Images)

Joe Weatherly is an interesting NASCAR driver. In the 1959 season, he was able to win a total of 14 races out of 48! That’s nearly a third of all his races in that year alone. He also had 39 top-five finishes and 44 top-ten finishes! What makes Joe so great? Well, there are a few things:

– first person to ever achieve 100 career wins

– only man to win back-to-back championships (1962 & 1963)

This amazing NASCAR driver won two championship titles before retiring in 1964 due to fatal injuries from one race earlier that same year.

Joey Logano

67212765 joey logano

Joey Logano is one of the best NASCAR drivers of all time. He was born in Connecticut, but he races for Team Penske now which is based out of Mooresville, North Carolina. Joey has been racing since 1998 and his best results are the years 2008 and 2010 where he won five races each year! That’s nearly half as many wins as Joe Weatherly had in 1959 alone! In 2014 Joey made a total of 22 top-ten finishes with nine different pole positions too.

These days it seems like there might not be anybody who can beat him at this point. With so much experience from such a young age (24), we expect great things to come from Mr. Logano throughout the rest of his career!

Herb Thomas

500e3421 herb thomas

Herb Thomas is best known for winning the first two NASCAR premier series championships (1951 and 1952). He won a total of eight races out of 39 starts in his championship years. That’s 20 percent of all his races! Not only did he win, but he also had 23 top-five finishes and 28 top-ten finishes too!

If you were to compare this record with Joe Weatherly or Joey Logano’s records, it doesn’t sound as impressive; however, these statistics are from an era where fewer people would compete in each race so naturally, there was less competition.

Kyle Busch

5e497688 kyle busch

Kyle Busch is one of the best NASCAR drivers on the track today. He has won a lot of races and even more pole positions throughout his career. However, he’s not been able to beat Jimmie Johnson in any major championships yet which makes him number two behind Jimmie Johnson who currently holds seven championship titles! The best part about Kyle Busch is that he never gives up until he crosses the finish line first so you can always expect an exciting race with this driver at least somewhere near the front!

Tim Flock

b45c5a8d tim flock

Tim Flock is best known for his two championships won in 1951 and 1955. He also holds the record of being the oldest driver to win a NASCAR race at 52 years old! Unfortunately, we don’t see Tim around much anymore as he retired from racing back in 1962 but that doesn’t make him any less great than the best NASCAR drivers today.

Lee Petty

1c47b3b3 lee petty

Lee Petty is best known as the winner of the first-ever Daytona 500. He has won many races throughout his career, and he was even able to come out on top after a family tragedy during one race. When Lee’s son Richard died in an accident before the race started, all hope seemed lost for him—but that didn’t stop him from winning!

Cale Yarborough

3487ecc8 cale yarborough

Cale Yarborough is best known for winning three consecutive NASCAR Grand National (now called Sprint Cup) Championships in 1976, 1977, and 1978. He also won the Daytona 500 three times—a feat that had never been accomplished before him!

While he may not have as many races wins under his belt when compared to other drivers on this list, Cale’s dominance over such a long period of time makes up for it.

He was inducted into the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame in 2009.

Ned Jarrett

11ca114e ned jarrett

Ned Jarrett is best known for winning the Grand National (Sprint Cup) Championship in 1961 and 1965. He has also won 50 races throughout his career—one of which was a race win that made him forever be remembered by NASCAR fans around the world.

The year after he retired from racing in 1966, there was an accident at one of the tracks involving fellow driver Tiny Lund and spectator David Taylor. This led to controversy about whether or not it should still be safe for spectators to watch these types of events; however, both drivers were able to recover quickly enough so they could participate in future races!

Glenn ‘Fireball’ Roberts

0dd6d260 glenn fireball roberts

Glenn “Fireball” Roberts was best known for his aggressive driving style and following the end of WWII, he completely dominated NASCAR. He won three championships in a row from 1955-1957.

Roberts died tragically at age 34 in 1964 after crashing into a parked car during qualifying events for an ARCA race but is still considered one of NASCAR’s best drivers ever.

Junior Johnson

4396be25 junior johnson

Junior Johnson was best known for his uncanny ability to avoid accidents and to avoid getting penalties. He never finished in the bottom half of any races he entered, which is quite remarkable considering how dangerous NASCAR racing can be at times. The best part about Junior Johnson though? His true story as a bootlegger! In fact, it’s said that he had more success avoiding police after making moonshine than on the track although I don’t think we’ll ever know if this really happened or not.

David Pearson

c32a3206 david pearson

David Pearson was best known for his incredible consistency. He won three championships and had an amazing record of winning twenty-five races in a row at one point!

Pearson, also nicknamed the Silver Fox, retired from NASCAR racing after getting into a scary crash at the beginning of 1980 which could have killed him or worse if it weren’t for all of the safety features that NASCAR implemented following this accident. Thankfully he made a full recovery and went on to become a car owner who managed drivers like Mark Martin until 2008 when he finally decided to retire fully from driving cars himself.

Red Byron

8db5ecfe red byron

Red Byron was best known for being the first-ever NASCAR champion. In fact, he won a total of eight races during his career and was one out of only two drivers to compete in every single race that year!

Byron retired from racing after 1953 but remained with NASCAR as an official until 1958 when he eventually died at age 47 due to heart problems brought on by years of smoking cigarettes which is pretty ironic given how dangerous it can be to smoke while driving a car too fast around all sorts of turns.

Bubba Wallace

2bc2879d bubba wallace

Bubba Wallace is best known for being the first black driver to compete in NASCAR’s top series since 1971. He has only been racing full-time since 2013 but is definitely one of the best drivers within his own age group and may have a shot at winning many races during his career if he keeps improving as he did from 2015 onwards!

Ryan Newman

e986a4a6 ryan newman

Ryan Newman is best known for his amazing consistency in being near the top of all races he enters. He has never finished worse than seventh place since starting with a full-time schedule in 2002 which means that he’s definitely one of those drivers who you can rely on to bring home some great results every race!

Unfortunately, this also makes it very difficult to determine just how good Ryan Newman actually is because as long as no other driver manages to finish even better than him during any particular race then there will always be complaints about whether or not NASCAR should have made their rules more flexible so that they could switch positions before the end of each event but whatever your opinion may be, I think most people will agree that Newman’s consistency is definitely one of his best qualities.

So what are the best NASCAR drivers of all time? It’s hard to say. But one thing is for sure, they’re all great racers and have made a name for themselves in this exciting sport. What makes them so good? Well, their speed certainly helps but it also has to do with how well they know the track and can anticipate what will happen next. They must be able to read other cars on the road as well as react quickly when something does go wrong. To become a champion driver takes years of study and practice (not unlike most things) but once you’ve mastered it there really isn’t anything else like racing at top speeds around an oval track!

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