Whats the difference between a top and side post battery?

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Can you use a side post battery for a top post?

Side-to-top conversion is easy if you use the correct parts. Converter posts should be installed between the sides and the topside of the batteries.

Why use a side post battery?

You’re right about the side post terminal being used to prevent corrosion. But side post terminals also help protect the battery by keeping it away from water. That’s why you see them on boats.

How do you hook up a side post battery?

This tutorial shows how to install a car stereo system. You need to know what wires go to each part of your car before you start installing them.

When did GM go to side post batteries?

The Delco ST battery was first used in 1971 for GM’s newest model year.

What size bolt goes in a side post battery?

The bolt is 3/8″ long and threads into the terminal battery.

What is a top post battery cable?

These top post auto battery cables provide a positive connection for trouble free installation and dependable service.

Can you connect the amp ground to the battery?

Grounding wires should be about 18 inches long. Run them from the amplifier to the positive side of the battery. Connect the ground wire to the negative side of the battery. This will prevent static electricity buildup.

Do you connect the amp to positive or negative?

Wiring should be kept straight. Positive and negative terminals should connect to positive and negative terminals of speakers respectively.

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What happens if you disconnect the positive terminal first?

Disconnecting the negative side of the batteries first is very important. Otherwise, there could be an electrical short if the other side was disconnected first.

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Which battery cable should be removed first?

Don’t connect the negative cable first when changing a car battery! You must connect the negative terminal last.

Are battery posts different sizes?

Marine batteries typically have two posts. The positive terminal is threaded 3/8-16, and the negative terminal is threaded 5/16-18.

What can dirty battery terminals cause?

Your battery cable is bad. The electrical current flows into your battery instead of your starter motor. The battery dies out. Your engine doesn’t start because there isn’t enough power to make it run. When your car loses electricity, your engine stalls.

What is the best battery terminal material?

Cars, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles use pure copper. They also have the highest conductivity ratings. And they are environmentally friendly.

What are post terminals?

A terminal post is the end of a battery. You remove the nut from a battery bolt, and then you lift the battery lead from the negative terminal post.

How much is it for a battery cable post?

Labor costs are estimated between $73 and $88 per hour. Parts cost between $214 and $224 per part. Taxes and fees do not factor into labor costs. Repair costs may also be included. These figures represent an average across all vehicles in the country.

Should a battery disconnect be positive or negative?

Always disconnect the positive side of the battery when you’re working on your car. The negative side of the battery might be grounded by other wires in the car, but if you cut off the positive side, then there is no supply of electricity. You’ll need to reconnect the positive side later.

How does the battery disconnect switch work on RV?

You should always turn off the power before doing any work on your RV. This prevents injury or fire if there is an electrical problem. When working on an RV, make sure to flip the switch first.

How does the battery cutoff switch work?

Battery disconnect switches help you save money when you park your car in the garage. You can buy them online or at any auto parts store. However, if you want to protect your battery from being stolen, you should get a better security system.

How often should you change your car battery?

You should replace your car battery every three years. But there are other factors that can make your battery last longer than 3 years. Your climate and driving habits can also affect how long your battery lasts.

How do you install a car battery without shocking it?

Old toothbrushes are useful tools for cleaning teeth. You should always check if there’s a battery inside before you use the toothbrush. Make sure the battery terminals are connected to the battery holder firmly. Then remove the old battery and install the new one.

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