What Kinds of Games Like Risk Are There?

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Board games like Risk are games that focus on world domination. Players take turns to either draw cards or move their armies in an attempt to capture as many territories as possible and eliminate other players from the game. There are a few different games similar to Risk, which can be confusing for newcomers and veterans alike. In essence, they are all strategy games, some are based on the topic of world war, others on the wage war, cold war, nexus ops, and similar topics of global domination. In this blog post, we will discuss strategy board games like risk and how they work!

What is Risk?


Exactly what kind of game is Risk? Risk is a game where players take turns moving their armies around the map to capture territories. Players can also draw cards, which allow them to move more than one army or use special abilities during their turn (board games similar to risk usually utilize this concept). The objective of Risk is simple: control as many territories as possible and eliminate other players from the game. It is a board strategy game that can keep you busy for several hours.

How do you Play It?


In Risk, each turn begins with drawing two cards from either your deck (if it’s your first turn) or another player’s discard pile if they went before you this round. Players then roll dice on the game board in order to determine how many troops are brought into battle for that particular territory. Dice rolls can also cause reinforcements which will add more units onto the battlefield later on down the line during battles against those same territories! Once you know what units are going on the battlefield, players then select one territory to attack. The defending player can choose any of the units they wish to defend against that particular attacking unit type. Once both players have selected their units for battle, each side rolls a die and adds up all modifiers from cards in play or reinforcements coming later down the line! The final number is added together and whoever has the highest number wins out over his opponent. If you win a battle during your turn, you get an additional chance to roll again if you want too which could lead to possibly capturing another territory or eliminating another player from contention!

Other strategy board games like Risk


There are a few board games that play similarly to Risk but have their own twist on the formula. One of Risk’s biggest competitors is the game ‘Axis and Allies’. In A&A you control an entire faction from either WWII or modern-day time periods during your turn which gives players more options as they play. Other popular games similar to risk include Game of Thrones: The Board Game where winning requires alliances with other players in order for you to win! So if you’re looking for board games similar to Risk, these might be some good places to start out at!

Axis and Allies

fa28c9f8 axis and allies

Axis and Allies was created by Larry Harris. Axis and Allies take place during WWII where players must command an entire faction in order to try to win the war against their opponent(s). Players are able to build units, research new technologies or use their allies’ abilities throughout the game if they choose to! The goal of this games like Risk is simple: eliminate all other players from contention so you can claim victory over them.

Game of Thrones Board Game

73d46659 game of thrones board game

Game of Thrones: The board game is focused on world domination by taking over territories with your armies while also making alliances with other factions along the way so you don’t eliminate each other from consideration too early into the game process! These board games are really fun for fans of any genre whether it’s fantasy or historical fiction enthusiasts alike. So if games similar to risk interest you, maybe give some games mentioned here a try!


894be4eb stratego

Stratego is a strategy board game like Risk because it uses the same concept of conquering territories with your armies in order to win. The difference between Stratego and Risk is that you are playing against an AI instead of other players where the rules are simple: destroy all pieces on your opponent’s side while protecting yours at all costs! If you’re looking for strategy Risk like games but don’t want to play with others, this might be a good board game for you since player controls are given to AI! It is one of the harder strategy games because you will need a lot of skill to outplay the AI which also makes it a pretty great game.


25e44565 monopoly

Monopoly is a classic strategy board game that can be played with friends or family. Players take turns rolling the dice and moving around the property market, buying properties when they land on them, collecting rent from other players if they own neighboring properties. If another player lands on one of their games then they have to pay rent for it! The winner is the last person standing after all others are bankrupt. Monopoly takes about an hour to play which makes it perfect for games like Risk because there’s always time in between games to strategize your next move. Monopoly is one of “The fun game” for the game night. It involves strategy and at the same time have some luck involved.

Battleship (world War)

d74557f0 battleship

Battleship is a quite different kind of board game than Risk because it does not focus on attacking. Instead, players compete against each other to sink their opponent’s battleships before they can get through and destroy the player’s flagship first. It takes about 45 minutes to play Battleship which makes it great for games with short attention spans.


5f125d09 scrabble

Scrabble is an excellent board game where players face off against each other in an attempt to use their chosen seven-letter word in the highest-scoring way possible. Players must create crosswords on the Scrabble board by placing tiles with letters that match up horizontally or vertically next to existing words, but only if they are not blocked off by another tile! The game takes around 30 minutes which makes it perfect for games like Risk because you can play multiple games within one night without getting too tired of playing the same thing over and over again.


2be793f1 chess

A classic game of Chess. Chess is not focused on world domination like most other games on our list but it is a classic strategic board game. Instead, players compete against each other to use their chosen pieces and capture the opposing player’s king piece first. It takes around an hour to play chess which makes it perfect for games with short attention spans because you can play multiple games within one night without getting too tired of playing the same thing over and over again!


bee5948d diplomacy

Diplomacy is not your average game because it focuses on negotiation instead of attacking. Players compete against each other to form alliances with as many people as possible in an attempt to sway votes and take over the world together! Diplomacy only takes around half an hour which makes it perfect for games that are short on time or games between two players who want a quick game before they go out.


2bb57d6b dominion

Dominion is a game that focuses on building an empire in the desire of global domination. Players start off with nothing and must spend their gold in order to buy different kinds of cards that they can use in the future to attack, defend, earn points, or do other things. Each player gets ten turns before another person takes over so it doesn’t take long until someone wins – this makes games between two people short and fast-paced! Dominion only takes about 30 minutes which makes it perfect for games with short attention spans because you can play multiple games within one night without getting too tired of playing the same thing over and over again!


99eec48c godstorm

It’s a board game like Risk with some interesting features. One of the game’s differentiating mechanics is that all territories start out as neutral and must be conquered in order to gain control over their resources and armies, which makes each turn that much more critical since you may lose what would usually be considered your homeland!

Settlers of Catan

802a1329 settlers of catan

The Settlers of Catan is a game that has won many awards including the prestigious Spiel des Jahres. The objective of the game is to build settlements and cities in order to produce resources, which are used for further construction or trade with other players. If you have ever played games where you collect tokens such as Monopoly but wanted more strategy involved then these games like risk will be perfect for you! This game also supports up to four players so if there are less than four people playing they can play against an AI player instead.

Blood Rage

1858af92 blood rage

Blood Rage is a game that revolves around Norse mythology. There are 3 Ages in the game, and each Age consists of rounds. The player with the most glory at the end of each round gains command over Loki, Odin, or Freyja (3 cards), which can be used to increase various stats or gain additional victory points for certain criteria. Blood Rage has 3 different types of cards: Rage cards, Action Cards and Battle Boards. This means that players can use both strategy and luck to win! The objective of Blood Rage is to gain as many victory points as possible. Points are acquired by completing quests or winning battles. Players who complete quests first will acquire more points than those who do so later.


8881016f eclipse

Eclipse is a board game similar to Risk because players take turns either moving armies or drawing cards. This enables the player with a better strategy to win in a game against those that rely more on luck. There are 4 different types of planets in Eclipse, which all provide the player with different advantages over their opponents. For example, Pluto can be used as a shield against attacks from other players and Mars gives its owner an advantage during battle. The objective of games like Risk is to accumulate victory points by colonizing planets, completing quests, and attacking other players!


62d4c402 kemet

In Kemet game players take turns either moving their armies or drawing cards. This enables the player with a better strategy to win in a game against those that rely more on luck! Kemet revolves around Egyptian mythology, and gameplay is based around the battles between the gods Horus and Set. This game is similar to Risk game because they use dice; however, there are different types of dice used in games like Kemet (combat dice, tech dice, and power dice).


96e842aa dust

For games similar to Risk, Dust Tactics is an excellent choice. Players take on the role of commanders of their own army and attempt to reduce opponents’ command values (the number on the dice) which represent their life points. The first player whose command value shows 0 at the end of a round loses. Dust Tactics is similar to Risk because players move their game pieces around the board in an attempt to eliminate opponents. While games are taking place, players can also call down airstrikes which interfere with opponents’ turns! If you are looking for a game that revolves more around strategy than luck, Dust Tactics may be perfect for you! Unlike games like Risk, each Commander has access to special abilities which they can use throughout the


58083bf4 cyclades

In Cyclades the focus is on players’ ability to negotiate with one another. Players take turns to place their armies on islands in order to collect gold and pray that other players won’t invade the same island. The winner of games like Cyclades is the player who amasses enough wealth and power to win, often by fighting mythical creatures! There are several games similar to Risk which revolve around negotiation rather than luck or strategy, but games like Cyclades are some of the most fun – games like famous risk lack this element of negotiating so it really makes Cyclades stand out!


6d4ed827 inis

Inis can be a lot of fun and offer much more than Risk. This game takes place in a Celtic setting and revolves around players’ ability to develop their coastal towns. Players who explore new lands will gain gold, ships, cattle, and olive trees which they can use to create monuments such as churches or temples. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins games similar to risk!

Cry Havoc

45b5b36b cry havoc

Cry Havoc is a game where players must move their pawns around the board to occupy new territories, which they can then use to create more soldiers. The player with the most soldiers at the end of the game wins. This game follows many of Risk’s rules but provides players with new abilities and strategies that make it unique.

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition)

38186141 a game of thrones the board game 2nd

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition), also known as AGOT 2e, is similar to games similar to Risk in that they are both games about conquering every territory on the map until you are left with one winner standing. They differ in that they have different ways of acquiring power tokens depending on what House you belong to. Each House gets a unique set of special abilities to use throughout the game. Players can also visit territories from their books and draw support from them, giving them benefits throughout the game’s creation.

Galaxy Defenders

d2e29969 galaxy defenders

Galaxy Defenders is a cooperative board game that has players defend Earth from an alien invasion, similar to RISK which has players conquer each other until there is one winner left. In Galaxy Defenders, players must work together by attacking different territory types on a map in order to beat the enemy forces without being destroyed first. This risk like game follows many rules like Risk but provides new strategies and movements for players to enjoy! These games do not need dice or a random number generator as they focus more on strategy than luck. They also revolve around world domination, which in Risk do as well. Many of these games provide players with new ways to win and specific goals that set their games apart from Risk’s games. So if you want to start an interstellar conflict and sit on the iron throne this game offers that.

Twilight Imperium (Fourth Edition)

819bf939 twilight imperium

Twilight Imperium (Fourth Edition), also referred to as TI4, combines games like Risk with games like Diplomacy. Instead of focusing on world dominance like games like Risk, this game focuses on politics and negotiations. The goal of the game is not to conquer every territory but rather win allies and convince other players to join your side instead of attacking you. This board game allows for more subtlety than games like Risk through their “Leadership” mechanic, which allows players to build structures that provide them with certain benefits or movements throughout the game. Twilight Imperium has won many awards since its publication in 1997; including multiple fast-food exclusives!

1775: Rebellion

d9c82c64 1775 rebellion

1775: Rebellion, also known as 1775: The American Revolution, is a tactical war game similar to Risk. It takes place in the United States during the American Revolution and players must fight each other in battles in order to gain control of certain territories and states on the map. At the end of the game (when one player only has in-home territory), points are given for how many territories they controlled and lost in battles.

Star Wars: Rebellion

92d7c028 star wars rebellion

Star Wars: Rebellion, also known as SWR, takes place during Episodes IV-VI when Darth Vader was attempting to eliminate Rebels across the galaxy, and it’s one of those fantasy flight games. This board game follows rules but deviates from them when it comes to combat. In games like SWR, you can set the amount of “hits” your ships take before retreating. Also, if a player loses enough units they are essentially eliminated from the game! Star Wars: Rebellion has many features that Risk does not have. Instead of only focusing on conquering territories and eliminating other players, Star Wars: Rebellion focuses more on politics than outright attacking or controlling territory. This game allows players to choose to attack others or join their side in battle by playing cards that either damage the enemy’s forces or benefit your own. If you want to Play with some of the legendary creatures recruit armies, break old alliances, and attack opponents in the new star systems

In summary, games like risk can cause a person to take more risks in their life. Risk-taking behaviors are often seen as negative because they might lead people into dangerous or risky situations. However, there is evidence that suggests these types of games may also have positive effects on the brain and increase a player’s creativity and empathy for others. If you’re looking for ways to improve your decision-making abilities or just want to have some fun with friends then playing strategy board games could be right up your alley!

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