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What does Sfachime mean in Italian?

What is a Sfacim?

Sfacim is Italian slang for semen. It’s also commonly used as an endearing term of affection.

What does Fongool in Italian mean?

Fongool is a profane insult used by Americans to describe Italians. The full phrase is go do it in an ass.

What did Bob Grant say to Mario Cuomo?

Mario is a staple of Grant’s Show. Listeners call in and say, Mario, Assenza Me! you’re real low life. T-shirts and stickers are created with anti-Cuomos messages.

What is a Mook Italian?

A fool is someone who does stupid things that make him/her look bad. In this case, the word ‘fool’ is used as an adjective meaning “insignificant” or “contemptible”.

What does BA Fungul mean in English?

Very good. Last update: 1/1/2014

Is Stunad a bad word?

Stunads are people who are very dumb and stupid.

What does Putz mean in Italian?

A moron is someone who is stupid or slow. Idiote is a person who is very ignorant. Ritardato means retarded.

What does nada mean in Italian?

Nada means nothing or nothing at all. In the first place, before anything else.

How do you say friend is feminine in Italian?

Male friends are called amici, while female friends are called amiche.

What does Goomba in Italian mean?

A friend is someone you trust and confide in. You wouldn’t tell your friends about your problems because they might judge you. Mafia means a criminal group. Mafiosi are criminals who belong to such groups.

What does compadre mean in Italian?

A compadre is someone you trust, who you consider your brother or sister. He is your best friend, but he is also someone who is there when you need him. You know that if things go wrong, he will always stick by you. He is someone who you share everything with.

When you talk about your problems, you feel better because you know that he’ll understand what you’re going through. Compadres look out for each other, even though they might not say it. They may seem like brothers, but they’re really friends.

Who is the most famous radio personality?

Radio show host Rush Limbaugh commands an audience of over 15.5 million listeners. He hosts a daily radio program and also provides political commentary and analysis. He is known for his conservative views on politics and economics.

What is a cafone?

A worker

Questions related to What is a Sfacim?

What does Fanook mean?

A douche bag is someone who has a lot of money or power but doesn’t use it wisely. He/she is often arrogant and thinks he/she is better than everyone else.

What is an Italian girlfriend called?

Fidanzata means fiance or girlfriend. The word is feminine singular and is used to refer to a woman who is engaged or married to another person. In English, you might say, “She’s my fiance,” but in Italian, you’d say, “E’ mia fidanzata” (or “E’ mia ragazza”).

What does Gagootz mean in Italian?

Googootz is also the Italian slang term for zucchini. This word is used by Italians and Italian Americans.

What does za mean in Italian?

Pizza is an Italian dish made by baking dough into a flat round shape. Za is another name for this type of pizza. A clipping is a whole word shortened while maintaining its original meaning.

What does Santa mean in Italian?

Santa Claus was born in Italy, but he came to America. He lives in New York City. He brings presents to children on Christmas Eve.

What is Grazie Ragazzi?

Grazie, ragazzo, grazie. Thank You, Newty, Thank You.

Is Prego Italian?

Italians use Prego, as short for Please, you first??? when speaking to each other. In a conversation, if two people start talking at the same time, the person who started the conversation should say Prego, to allow the other person to go ahead.

What is Che Cosa mean?

Che – what you’re eating tonight – is something. Cos’ – thing – you’re eating tonight – isn’t something.

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