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What do three dots in a row mean?

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What do 3 horizontal dots mean?

There are two ways to show more options when there is too much content. Either by showing an ellipsis (…) or by showing an overflow menu.

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What does 3 dots mean from a girl?

The ellipsis is used as a symbol for an omission or a gap in the text. In this case, the sender wants you to fill in the missing words. This is a very coy and potentially flirting message.

What do the dots mean on Facebook?

Facebook uses colored dots to indicate different events and states in its messaging and chat services. Blue dots indicate if a message was read, and green dots indicate if a friend is available for chatting.

What are the dots on Facebook posts?

Commenting dot will notify the users who comment on some posts. If someone comments on a post, then that person will be notified by commenting dot.

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How do you use three dots?

An ellipsis is used when you want to omit something from a quote. You use it when you have omitted a part of a sentence or a whole sentence.

What are the 3 dots on the back of the IPAD pro?

On the back of the iPad Pro is Apple’s smart connector. These three dots provide power and connect accessories like the Smart Keyboard.

What are the three dots on my iPad?

Those three dots are the Smart connector on the new 102 inch iPad. The previous gen of iPad works with the Apple pencil, and this one does too.

What are the 3 dots at the top of my Iphone?

Indicator lights are used to warn users about when apps use their camera or microphone. These lights appear as dots on the screen.

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