Triviador How to Add Friends Easy way

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Triviador is a distinctive game that allows you to enjoy the game more than an easy trivia game.  You can conquer territories and outbreak castles just by responding to trivia questions.  The game allows you to test your knowledge, and use premeditated energy. You can play Triviador weekly challenge by joining the game and proceed to the next league level every week.  You can play this Triviador game along with your friends and become the king of Triviador and feel like Legend. And in this quide for Triviador How to Add Friends, we will show you the easy way.

Most individuals, who start the quiz, might as well want to compete with their friends and familiar people. If it is the case, then you might be wondering “How to add friends to Triviador.”  As the developers of the game Triviador changed the game process, they removed the sending link function to a particular email address.

How to add friends Triviador:  Friends in the game Triviador are separated into two different categories that include Facebook friends and Triviador Friends.  If you want to play Triviador on FB, then any friends who have an FB account can also play Triviador as they can become your Triviador friend automatically.  If you play the game through Facebook or on the Triviador game website, also, through android or ios, you can also send invitation to other players to make Triviador Friends.  However, your Triviador friends will not be your Facebook friend.

How to add friends to Triviador?

trivador friends adding

To play the game Triviador with a friend then you need to send a link to your friend through the social network.  Once your friend receives the link he/she has to follow the registration process, and after that, they can join the duel battles for the title of the most intellectual knight of the kingdom.

You can find a list of your friends in the post office; you can find the list under the “Your Friends” tab. Also, you can send an invitation to other players and under the “Invitations” tab you can manage your invitations. Under the “Blocked Users” tab you can find a total list of players that you blocked.

Also, your Facebook friends list will be decided by the Facebook logo whereas Triviador friends are not notable. To view the profile of the player, you can click on any friend in the marked list.  If you want to cancel your friendship with a Triviador game friend, then just press on the player profile and click on the “Cancel Friendship” tab.  To unfriend a Facebook friend, all that you need to do is select “Un-friend” on the FB and click on the tab.  But, you cannot withdraw a FB friendship in Triviador.

How to add friends Triviador using invitation? Well, it is also a simple process, if you want to send an invitation to other Triviador players, just press on the invite button.  Also, this invitation can be sent to your Facebook friends who are not current players.  You can get access to the Triviador FB fan page through the website.

Through the website, you can add a new friend to Triviador or un-friend anyone at any time.  If you remove a friend from your friends’ list, then you cannot chat or see their messages in the game or lobby, and also, they cannot send you a friend request.


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