Top Movies Like Pulp Fiction: 21 Films for Your Next Couch Potato Session

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21 of top Movies Like Pulp Fiction for the perfect Potato session

The 90’s are back in style and with that comes a whole new generation of movies. This post is all about movies like Pulp Fiction, which includes 16 films for your next couch potato session! You’ll find cult classics, indie gems, and guilty pleasures on this list. What movie makes the cut? Read on to find out.


A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is a cult classic and the film that made me want to write this post. But it’s not just because of its surreal, nightmarish atmosphere. The movie showcases some especially brutal scenes involving rape, murder, violence against women/children, brainwashing among other disturbing acts. As horrifying as these scenes are they make for a memorable experience in terms of what movies like pulp fiction can do with storytelling and style. Plus it has Malcolm McDowell in his signature role as Alex DeLarge–one of the best performances I’ve ever seen on screen!


This Stanley Kubrick adaptation tells the story of teenager Alex who leads an anti-social gang near London called “Droogs” (a vernacular term meaning friends).

Reservoir Dogs

This 1992 crime-thriller is an excellent example of Tarantino’s signature style. The film focuses on the aftermath of a diamond heist gone wrong, which leads to some interesting philosophical conversations about violence and masculinity. There are also plenty of iconic moments that will stick with you long after the credits have rolled – such as when Mr Pink (Steve Buscemi) tells his story in voiceover while dressed all in white or when Freddy Newandyke (Dennis Hopper) gives us one last monologue before blowing himself up. Pulp Fiction may be more popular but Reservoir Dogs certainly deserves your time too!

Fight Club

It’s the 90s and we’re all looking for something to believe in. We want a new voice that speaks truth to power, someone who is willing to go just about as far as they need. Enter Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). He starts his own fight club – he fights terrorists every day after work – but what ensues can only be described as chaotic anarchy. There are no rules with this film; it breaks boundaries while also breaking Leonard Cohen lyrics into song form during one of its most memorable scenes. Fight Club might not seem like a movie Pulp Fiction fan would enjoy at first glance, but there are some definite similarities between these two films beyond their propensity for violence and dark humor: They both examine masculinity head-on, they both have protagonists who question their own sanity, and the twists in these movies are so good that you’ll be wondering what’s real or not.

“Are you ready for a whole new kind of man?”

-Tyler Durden


Fight Club is one of those films where I’m still trying to figure out which parts are exaggerated reality and which parts represent Tyler’s delusions, but it doesn’t matter because this film entertains on every level. This movie might seem like a sequel to Pulp Fiction at first glance – after all, there’s plenty of violence here.


Among the many other Movies Like Pulp Fiction we also Have Sacrface. Scarface is a cult classic about Cuban refugee, Tony Montana (Al Pacino), who builds an empire out of his gangster roots. The story follows him as he moves from small-time crime to smuggling narcotics into the country and finally building up enough power to challenge the national drug kingpin – all in order to fulfill this one American Dream: land on top or die trying. This movie is full of iconic quotables like “Say hello to my little friend!” that you’ll be quoting for days!


This film was originally banned in Australia because it glamorized violence but luckily it’s now playable with no restrictions if you’re over 18+. If you don’t get too addicted, Scarface takes less than two hours so…

American Psycho

Patrick Bateman is an investment banker during the day and a vicious serial killer at night. This 1991 classic from director Mary Harron, based on Bret Easton Ellis’s novel of the same name, tackles some tough issues such as misogyny in its exploration of violence against women.


The Usual Suspects

This 1994 classic from director Bryan Singer tells the story of a crippled con man who is pulled into an investigation with NYPD Detective Kujan on a boat. This film features some iconic scenes, such as when Verbal Kint (Kevin Spacey) confronts Lieutenant Bailey and says “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”



This movie has everything you would expect from a Scorsese film and is often credited for the resurgence of gangster films. This movie was made in 1990, but it feels like something out of an earlier era. James Gandolfini gives one of his most acclaimed performances as mafia associate Henry Hill who ends up turning informant against some powerful people on behalf of law enforcement personnel played by Ray Liotta and Lorraine Bracco. It’s hard to imagine this list without Goodfellas on it!


Once Upon a Time in America

This movie is one of those that has to be experienced, not described. It’s a lengthy film at over three hours long but it’s worth your time if you’re looking for movies like Pulp Fiction to watch with friends and family. This gangster epic was written by Sergio Leone who also directed the project which stars Robert De Niro and James Woods among other Hollywood icons. There are some scenes in this movie that will have people talking about them well after they leave the theater! Once Upon A Time In America on Netflix makes for an excellent choice when you want something new to stream on your next lazy weekend day or night-in binge session!


Taxi Driver

It’s a Martin Scorsese classic and this film has been considered one of the best movies ever made for decades. Robert De Niro stars as Travis Bickle, an ex-Marine who works late night shifts driving in the city. One day he sees what appears to be a young child being sexually assaulted by her pimp and takes matters into his own hands without any regard to consequences or repercussions.


The killer scenes in this movie are unforgettable and it makes you wonder how people think about violence differently now than they did when this movie was released back in 1976! Taxi Driver is available on Netflix streaming so you can watch it today if you want some more recommendations like Pulp Fiction online viewing choices! While compiling this Movies Like Pulp Fiction list we simply could not ignore this one.


In Bruges

In Bruges is a dark comedy film about two Irishmen who have to hide out in Belgium after accidentally killing an innocent bystander. The main characters are Ken and Ray, played by Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell respectively. They’re sent to the city of Bruges while they await instructions from their boss back home but quickly realize that it’s not just any town: It has canals instead of roads, chocolate shops on every corner, and medieval architecture everywhere you turn! But what should have been a peaceful retreat starts turning into something more sinister as both men become embroiled in local crime rings…

This movie is all about guilt which makes for one heck of a twist at the end! Add this underrated gem to your watchlist, and you won’t regret it.

The Hateful Eight

First on the list of Movies Like Pulp Fiction is the Hateful Eight. The Hateful Eight is the eighth film by Quentin Tarantino. It takes place in Wyoming and revolves around eight people who are stuck together during a blizzard that traps them all at Minnie’s Haberdashery, which isn’t what it seems to be on first glance…


There are three main groups of characters: there’s Major Marquis Warren (played by Samuel L. Jackson) who is an African-American Union soldier turned bounty hunter; Daisy Domergue (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh), a fugitive being transported to her hanging as scheduled when she suddenly turns up dead; John Ruth aka The Hangman aka “Justice” (played by Kurt Russell) with his prisoner claiming he wants nothing more than to make this trip as comfortable as possible; and Chris Mannix (played by Walton Goggins) who is a Southern renegade.

This film has some of the most intense dialogue we’ve seen in years, with pitch-black humor at every turn to boot! If you’re looking for something dark this winter season but don’t have time to read anything new then give The Hateful Eight movie your full attention – it’s worth it.



Trainspotting was originally published in 1993 and is based on the author’s own life. It has been adapted into a movie, which came out in 1996 to much acclaim by critics as well as receiving two Academy Awards nominations for Best Screenplay and Best British Film. The story revolves around an addiction-prone young man named Mark Renton who narrates his adventures after he leaves rehab without notice – until one day when something happened that changed him forever…

Mark discovers heroin but even though it helps numb some of the pain from losing good friends like Tommy (played by Ewen Bremner), he eventually becomes addicted himself because of its power over you once you start using it every single day. Even worse are withdrawal symptoms.


Shaft follows John Shaft, a detective who is the head of an elite police taskforce that deals with black drug dealers. He’s also responsible for protecting his own family from corrupt cops and gangsters out to kill them. The soundtrack was one of the first R&B soundtracks at Paramount Pictures in 1971, featuring Isaac Hayes as lead composer and performer on several songs including “Theme From ‘Shaft’ (Ain’t No Mountain High Enough)”, which peaked at number two on Billboard Hot 100 chart while nominated for Academy Award, Golden Globe Awards and Grammy Award.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is a 2016 American neo-noir thriller film written and directed by Peter Gould. It tells the story of Jesse Pinkman’s escape from Albuquerque, New Mexico after his life was threatened by Walter White at the end of season five in “Felina”, as he heads to El Paso with Hank Schrader in pursuit.


The movie stars Aaron Paul, who reprises his role as lead character Jesse Pinkman, Emmy award winner Laura Fraser (Breaking Bad), and Lost alum Mark Pellegrino. The cast also includes John Brotherton (Private Practice), Tony Dalton (Sin City Saints), Ron Livingston(Office Space), and James Martinez (Mighty Magiswords).

Four rooms

Four Rooms is a 1995 anthology film directed by Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. The movie tells four stories in one shared hotel on New Year’s Eve: “The Missing Ingredient” (directed by Allison Anders), “The Misbehavers” (by Alexadre Rockwell), “Thanksgiving” (Robert Rodriquez) and the award-winning segment entitled “The Man from Hollywood,” written and directed by Quentin Taratino.


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Bad Lieutenant

Bad Lieutenant is a 1992 American film that follows the life of an unorthodox New York City police detective. The movie was directed by Abel Ferrara and stars Harvey Keitel as Lt. Ralph Sarchie, who investigates cases involving demonic possession or spiritual affliction through his tumultuous career in vice and narcotics before taking the title position for homicide in Queens’ 109th Precinct

It’s been called “one of the most unsettling movies ever made” and has created a cult following over time

The soundtrack features songs from Miles Davis, Funkadelic, Terence Blanchard & Roy Ayers Ubiquity (as Blue Note All-Stars), to name a few

Sin City

Sin City is a 2005 American neo-noir action thriller film that was co-directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller. The name comes from the comic book series of the same title (also written by Miller), which tells much more explicit stories than typically seen in comics

The movie was shot on location against blue screen backgrounds to simulate an artificial look while, at times, altering perspective for dramatic effect. It stars Bruce Willis as Hartigan, Jessica Alba as Nancy Callahan (who were not involved in production during filming), Clive Owen as Dixus, Mickey Rourke as Marv with Rosario Dawson portraying Gail who also narrates throughout the whole story.

American gangsters

American Gangster is a 2007 biographical crime film directed and produced by Ridley Scott. It tells the true story of Frank Lucas, a gangster who smuggled heroin into America during the 1970s while at war with his rivals in New York City’s Harlem drug scene

The movie stars Denzel Washington as American Gangster Frank Lucas (with Edward Norton playing him as a young man) and Russell Crowe portraying Detective Richie Roberts

It was developed from an original script that director Menno Meyjes originally wrote for Universal Pictures before it became involved in another project. Screenwriter Steven Zaillian rewrote the screenplay to suit both filmmakers’ styles, while also collaborating on editing together. Variety magazine listed it as one of Hollywood’s best films of 2007, in the top ten American Gangster is a 2007 biographical crime film directed and produced by Ridley Scott. It tells the true story of Frank Lucas, a gangster who smuggled heroin into America during the 1970s while at war with his rivals in New York City’s Harlem drug scene.

The Boondock Saints

The Boondock Saints is a 1999 American cult film directed by Troy Duffy. The movie tells the story of Irish-American fraternal twins Connor and Murphy MacManus, who are raised in Boston’s Charlestown neighborhood with their father but move back to Ireland as adults


When they return to America, they discover that organized crime has taken over in what was once a quiet suburbia. They subsequently take it upon themselves to rid the city of criminals while being stalked by FBI agent Paul Smecker (played by Willem Dafoe), who originally investigated them for murder before realizing he made an error.


Snatch is a great film for those who enjoy mobster movies, but it also has an element of comedy that makes it stand out from the rest. The movie will keep you guessing until the very end and features some memorable performances by Brad Pitt, Benicio Del Toro, and Jason Statham. Snatch takes its title from the underworld slang word which means to steal something or take someone hostage.

True Romance

We are ending the Movies Like Pulp Fiction list with the movie True Romance. That is a cult classic that was directed, written and co-produced by Quentin Tarantino. The movie deals with the themes of romance, loyalty and rough violence for an entertaining film that will keep you captivated from start to finish! True Romance stars Christian Slater as Clarence Worley who falls in love with Alabama Whitman played by Patricia Arquette.


If you’re looking for a movie to watch this weekend, we’ve rounded up 20 more movies like Pulp Fiction. These films may not be as widely known or appreciated but they all have one thing in common with Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece: They’ll make your brain work overtime trying to keep up with the plot twists and turns! Check out our list of top movies like Pulp Fiction below and let us know which ones you plan on watching first by leaving a comment. Which film is next on your list? If you do not like any from this list you can check the list of John Wayne movies

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