Top Movies Like 50 Shades of Grey – Dive In To The World of Sex and Power!

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50 Shades of Grey is a new movie that has taken over the world, but what are some similar movies? In this post, I will list top movies like 50 shades of grey and give you an idea about each. Hopefully, this blog post will help get your creative juices flowing!


Why are these movies so popular?


In order to narrow down your choices, I will look at the reasons why these movies have been successful. Some common themes include: being a story that people can relate with, showcasing BDSM relationships in an accurate way, portraying strong women who know what they want from their lives, and men who respect those desires instead of pressuring for something else, etc. That’s just a few examples but you get the idea – not one specific theme is going to be the reason behind all popular sex-positive stories out there. So it could be anything really!

The Story of O

First on the list of Movies Like 50 Shades of Grey is the Story of O. The Story of O is a movie similar to 50 shades, but with lots more BDSM. It’s about a photographer named Anne who has her freedom taken from her by being forced into a world where women are treated like objects and sex isn’t just for pleasure! This film will get your heart pumping!


9 1/2 Weeks

This film is about a beautiful and mysterious fashion model, Elizabeth (Kim Basinger) who ends up getting involved with an ad executive named John. The movie follows them as they begin to experiment more with their relationship by developing some unusual sexual arrangements! This erotic thriller will have you on the edge of your seat!


Eyes Wide Shut

Another great movie on the Movies Like 50 Shades of Grey list is Eyes Wide Shut. This movie is a Kubrick classic and one of his last movies.

The acting in this film is superb, with Tom Cruise doing an excellent job playing Dr. Bill Harford: a doctor who’s married to the lovely Alice (played by Nicole Kidman). The two live comfortably in New York City thanks to their successful careers, but when they attend a party hosted by wealthy friends Victor Ziegler (Sydney Pollack) and wife Marion (Marie Richardson), things start getting complicated for them both. After witnessing something that he wasn’t meant to see at the orgy-like event, Dr. Harford embarks on an investigation into what happened there…and gets himself involved in some dangerous along the way!


Basic Instinct

Let’s continue this Movies Like 50 Shades of Grey list with a classic movie that was released in the 90s. This erotic thriller features Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, who are both fantastic actors. The chemistry between them is electric!


In this film, Catherine Trammell (Sharon Stone) kills her lover with an ice pick following sexual intercourse. Detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas), investigates the case by interviewing other men from Catherine’s life as well as those close to Anne and David about their relationship dynamics. It turns out everyone had a motive!


Last Tango in Paris

– This is a great movie that shows the power dynamic between two people. It’s even more prominent because Marlon Brando’s character uses physical domination to win over Maria Schneider’s character in this film!


American Beauty

This is a great movie about lust and desire. It also shows how the power dynamic in relationships can play out over time, but both characters have their own desires that they want to be fulfilled!


The Graduate

This movie is also about lust and desire, but it shows how the power dynamic in relationships shift over time. It’s a great film that will make you think!


A Dangerous Method

A young woman who is studying to be a doctor begins an affair with her psychotic mentor. It seems like the story of 50 shades, but this movie has more depth and focuses on psychoanalysis. This might not be your cup of tea if you want something sexy – it’s definitely artsy!


-“I think I’m developing feelings for him.”

-“Of course you are; he shares all his ideas with you. He doesn’t hide anything about himself because that would inhibit the process.”


A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is about a group of young men who commit violent crimes. Sound familiar? It’s not just the violence that makes this movie similar, though – it also has sexual content and an anti-hero protagonist!


-“You see this watch?”


-“Yes.” “It’s to be given to you when we have finished with your training. That will leave only one thing I shall have to explain before you go… What are my two little gifts meant for?”  He moved up close. His left hand closed on her right wrist; his right hand caught her by the nape of her neck.”


La Belle Noiseuse

This 1991 French drama was directed by Michel Hazanavicius. It is a story about an artist who rekindles his love for painting when he returns to the same model that inspired him years before. The movie is a prime example of an artist using the female body as his muse.


This 2011 Argentinean drama was directed by Lucía Puenzo and stars Inés Efron, who will be familiar to fans of movies like 50 shades of grey because she also appeared in XXY.


Nina Forever

This British romantic comedy-horror film is a story about a woman who dies and comes back as a ghost to help her boyfriend get over her. It will make you laugh, cry, and think twice before passing by the cemetery at night!


This 2010 Brazilian thriller was directed by José Joffily. It stars Leandra Leal as Bia whose husband invites his mistress over for dinner one day after which she goes missing without a trace. The movie has been described as “a masterpiece of sharp dialogue” that leaves viewers on their toes until the very end.


One commonality between movies like 50 shades of grey is BDSM because it’s an integral aspect that cannot be removed from books or movies similar to 50 shades of gray.


The Draughtsman’s Contract

The Draughtsman’s Contract is a 1982 British drama film directed by Peter Greenaway. This movie tells the story of an artist and his contract with a wealthy family in 17th century England. The plot follows him as he negotiates on how to proceed while painting their portraits, revealing that he has been hired for something more sinister than just artistry.


This move is not centered around dominance/submission but there are some key elements where someone could see it through this lens which makes it very similar to 50 Shades of Grey!


Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name is a 2017 American romantic drama film directed by Luca Guadagnino. Set in the year 1983, it tells the story of Elio Perlman (Timothee Chalamet), a 17-year-old living in Italy with his family who falls in love with visiting 24-year old grad student Oliver (Armie Hammer) and experiences all the feelings you could imagine for this type of relationship!


This movie has won many awards including Best Picture at The Academy Awards 2018 which should give some evidence about how good the movie actually is… If you like 50 Shades Of Grey I highly recommend checking out Call me by your name!


Body Heat

Body Heat is a 1981 American neo-noir film written and directed by Lawrence Kasdan. Set in Florida, it stars William Hurt as an attorney involved in a plot to murder his rich lover (Kathleen Turner) for her money. He then gets tangled up with another woman who has similar intentions…


There are quite some differences between this movie and 50 Shades of Grey but the core concept here involves sex-for-money which makes them pretty similar! The style of Body heat also captures that older atmosphere so I would recommend watching if you want something more historical compared to fifty shades.


As mentioned earlier there are many movies like 50 Shades Of Grey out there, hopefully, my blog post will help inspire your pick! If you liked these


Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love is a 1996 Indian English-language historical romance film written and directed by Mira Nair. It follows the love affair between an Indian prince (Naveen Andrews) and a courtesan (Indira Varma).


This movie tells the story of two lovers in 16th century India as they try to find happiness together even though their relationship goes against tradition which makes it very interesting! If you like 50 Shades Of Grey I recommend checking out Kama Sutra: A tale of love, maybe not immediately but at least after reading this blog post!


The Duke of Burgundy

The Duke of Burgundy is a 2014 British drama film written and directed by Peter Strickland. It tells the story of two female lovers who live out their sexual fantasies in dominant/submissive relationships which they both accept as natural! This movie might not have that many sex scenes but it’s definitely worth watching if you want to see something more sophisticated…


Endings, Beginnings

This movie is very different from 50 shades of grey, but offers a similar type of story. There are many great movies like 50 shades that go into detail about relationships with BDSM elements to them! If you liked watching Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades, then I would definitely recommend Broken City . This film stars Mark Wahlberg as an ex-cop who was brought up on charges for corruption within his department. He begins working closely with the mayor’s wife Cathleen Miller (Catherine Zeta Jones) – their relationship turns sour when he catches her husband doing something illegal during what seems to be just another investigation at first glance. The chemistry between these actors is incredible.


Stranger By the Lake

This French film is probably one of the most riveting movies like 50 Shades out there. A summer at a gay cruising lake turns deadly when Franck picks up Michel, an attractive stranger with whom he has sex in the woods. Later on, Franck sees his new friend’s dead body floating face down – but no one will believe him because they all know it was just another hookup gone wrong – or so they think! Not only does this movie discuss sexuality and consent (similar to 50 shades), but also discusses how easy it can be for people to disappear without anyone noticing…


If you’re looking for something that shows more than just romance between two characters, then Stranger by the Lake should definitely be your next go-to movie like 50 Shades of grey.


Belle De Jour

A French film about a woman who becomes tired of her monotonous married life. She is bored with cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids all day long. When she meets an interesting man in Soho while grocery shopping for food, she begins to explore sex outside marriage and starts working as a prostitute by night after making deals with the man so that he doesn’t reveal anything to anyone including her husband! This movie will show you what prostitution really looks like behind closed doors which you may not be able to see through 50 Shades Of Gray or other movies similar to it. It has some very graphic scenes that aren’t acceptable for young viewers, but older teenagers should definitely watch this once.

Sex, Lies, and Videotape

A film that has received critical acclaim, Sex, Lies and Videotape features an intelligent story about relationships. This movie shows the audience how fragile human nature can be in intimate situations.



This film shows the audience how damaging sexual addiction can be. It is a great movie that will make you think about your own relationship with sex, intimacy, and love.


Shame also stars two-time Academy Award nominee Michael Fassbender as well as Carey Mulligan who has been nominated for an Emmy award and many other accolades in her career!


Baby Doll (1956)

This classic film is about a man who marries an unstable woman with the intent of sexually dominating her. What makes this movie like 50 shades is that it shows how power can change people and make them do things they normally wouldn’t be capable of doing! It also has some pretty steamy scenes, since we’re on the topic of movies like 50 Shades Of Grey. You should definitely check out Baby Doll if you enjoyed Fifty Shades!

The Last Seduction

This is a great movie if you’re looking for something similar to 50 shades of grey. The Last Seduction stars Linda Fiorentino as Bridget Gregory, the ultimate femme fatale! She’s beautiful and confident with her sexuality but can quickly turn on someone who tries to take advantage of her. If you like movies about strong women overcoming their obstacles in life, this could be your next favorite film!



Possession is an erotic thriller that shows what happens between two people when pleasure gets blurred by obsession…and how far one will go for love. Anne (Isabelle Adjani) seduces men into selling their belongings so she can buy precious antique books written by her husband.


Blue Is the Warmest Color

Blue is the Warmest Color is a French film that tells an intense love story between two young women. It’s very similar to 50 Shades as it also explores sexuality and depicts BDSM relationships.


Boogie Nights

Boogie Nights is a 1997 drama about the rise and fall of porn star Dirk Diggler. It’s similar to 50 Shades in that it explores sexuality but also focuses on more than just sex.


This film shows how people get caught up in addiction which can be dangerous; very relatable to Fifty Shades!


The Handmaiden

This Korean Drama that is directed by Park Chan-wook is the last of Movies Like 50 Shades of Grey on our list. It was released in 2016 and has received mixed reviews, however, it does have some great special effects like 50 shades of grey. The Handmaiden stars Kim Min-hee as Sookja who works for Hideko (Kim Tae-ri) to make enough money so she can pay off her uncle’s debts. However, their situation changes drastically when Count Fujiwara enters the picture looking for an heir!

If you are looking for movies similar to 50 Shades of Grey, the list above is a great place to start. From Korean Dramas to Romance Classics, there are plenty of amazing films that have some elements in common with Fifty Shades! If you love these types of movies and want more recommendations, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team would be happy to provide guidance on how people think about their purchasing decisions at different stages in the lead funnel so we can help you create an effective digital marketing strategy that drives sales without being too pushy or aggressive. Do any of these cognitive neuroscience principles resonate with what your customers might be thinking? Let us know which ones do and why they appeal to them using this article as a starting point!

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