The Worst and Best Korean Anime Series

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The Best Korean Anime Series! There are so many good anime series out there, but which ones are the best? I am here to tell you about some of the best Korean anime series.

Kimi no Na wa Best Korean

Kim’s Convenience is a hilarious and heartwarming story about two very different generations of the Kim family. Patrick, an uptight dad with traditional values, has trouble understanding his daughter Janet who doesn’t care much for her Asian heritage or even speaking English. However, when you watch this animated series it is clear that these are two characters who love each other unconditionally despite their differences. They both know they can rely on one another no matter what challenges arise in life! This show was so popular that not only did people want to see more episodes but there were talks of making a movie as well. You have got to check out Kim’s Convenience. Wondering what would be your name if you were Korean? In that case, check out our what is my Korean name quiz and find out

Death Note

“Death Note” is a fantastic anime series based on the popular manga of the same title. In “Death Note”, you follow high school student Light Yagami who comes into possession of a notebook that gives him the power to kill anyone whose name he writes down in it as long as he knows their face and has seen them within the last 40 seconds! This leads Light to try and rid the world of crime by killing off criminals with this mysterious book. But things take an unexpected turn when someone else finds out about his secret actions…This thrilling show will keep you at edge throughout all 12 episodes which are streaming now on Netflix. Best part? There are even more seasons coming soon! Stay tuned for updates regarding this awesome new animated series. Fans of anime usually love other things from Korena culture like k pop bands, if you are one of those you would love our monsta x quiz.

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi Best

“Boku Dake ga Inai Machi” or “Erased” is a fantastic anime series about Satoru who has the ability to go back in time before tragic events happen. The story starts off with Satoru as an adult working as a pizza delivery guy and one day he gets into a terrible accident while trying to deliver pizza. However, when he wakes up his body is now that of his 12-year old self! He soon realizes this means that everyone around him can remember what happened on the same fateful night all those years ago…with only 30 minutes until it happens again! What follows is an exciting new adventure where you follow along watching not knowing whether there will be more tragedies ahead for poor Satoru or if everything turns out alright in the end. Best of all? “Erased” is streaming now on Netflix so you have no excuse not to watch it!

Code Geass Best

“Code Geass” is an anime series about a boy named Lelouch who finds out he has the power of getting people to follow his orders. This sounds like trouble for Lelouch until one day when he gets caught up in a terrorist attack. He manages to save a young girl’s life during this incident but soon discovers that it was all orchestrated by him! The terrorists are actually part of his own resistance group and they have just been executing some secret missions on behalf of Lelouch! Best thing? They don’t know what their leader looks like or even what name he goes by…all they know is that someone with great authority gave them these tasks before disappearing into the shadows again.

Cowboy Bebop Best

“Cowboy Bebop” is an anime series about a group of bounty hunters who travel the galaxy chasing down criminals and other individuals on their list. This ragtag team consists of Spike, Faye, Jet, Ed, and Ein (a Corgi dog) that are always getting into all sorts of trouble while trying to capture one criminal after another! Best part? There are even more seasons coming soon! Stay tuned for updates regarding this awesome new best Korean anime series.

Semi wa Magic Cube

“Semi wa Magic Cube” is a fantastic anime series about this kid named Jin who gets sent to the mysterious island of magic cubes after getting into some trouble with bullies at school. Best part? In order for him to come home, he needs to find his way out by solving all the puzzles on each one of these cube islands! This thrilling show will keep you at edge throughout all 12 episodes which are streaming now on Netflix.

Ghost Messenger

One of my all-time favorite Korean cartoon shows is “Ghost Messenger”. It’s a funny and heartfelt story about an old man who dies shortly after meeting his long-lost niece for the first time in years. He leaves her with one very strange request: he wants her to deliver letters from him on Halloween night to people that may have wronged him when he was alive. If she does this, then someday they will receive a great fortune in return! But can she really trust what someone tells her as truth if they just might be trying to trick or discourage her from completing her task? It’s a great anime series with some really funny moments as well.

Airing on Korean television in 2012, “Ghost Messenger” has appeared at various animation festivals and won the Best Animated Short Film Award during the Boston International Children’s Film Festival. Additionally, it also received the Best Animation Grand Prize for TV Drama Series by Korea Content Awards in 2013. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes comedy mixed with just enough drama!

Flowering Heart

“Flowering Heart”, on the other hand, is a little more serious of an anime series. It tells the story of two girls who are both aiming to become Best Actress at their school play: one because she wants to prove that even unpopular students can be cast in lead roles while another just wants to win over her crush’s attention and affection. But when they get caught up in a supernatural incident involving magical seeds, things take quite a different turn! I’ve heard “Flowering Heart” described as being like “Frozen”.

I think this Korean anime cartoon show deserves some credit for taking something so basic (the idea of magic seeds) and turning it into such an amazing plot twist with equally interesting characters.

Badaui Jeonseol Jangbogo

“Badaui Jeonseol Jangbogo”, or “Mysterious Legend of the Iron King’s Castle” in English, is a really fun anime series about two kids who end up going through some strange events after they encounter an old man. I won’t say what happens exactly because it will give away too much! But you’ll be glad to know that this show has quite a bit of comedy and drama mixed together as well as great action scenes with awesome fight animations. Best of all, there are many different characters so everyone can find one (or more) characters that they like within this Korean cartoon television program.

Jang Geum’s Dream

There have been some amazing Korean animated television programs coming out recently that are really worth watching. One of these is “Jang Geum’s Dream”. It tells the story of a girl who grew up in an orphanage and whose dream was to become a doctor someday even though there were many obstacles preventing her from getting into medical school or becoming a nurse. The show has great characters, beautiful animation sequences, and teaches children that they can achieve whatever goals they set for themselves as long as they never give up! I would definitely recommend this anime series to everyone since it shows different types of people overcoming their problems together through teamwork.

The Haunted House: The Secret of the Ghost Ball

I think that one of the most interesting Korean cartoon television shows is “The Haunted House: The Secret of the Ghost Ball”. It’s a beautiful anime series about an orphaned girl who moves into her grandfather’s home with some strange history. She sees so many ghostly figures and starts to wonder what happened in this place before she arrived. However, there are many secrets hidden within its walls…

This show has been praised for not only having great animation sequences but also creating suspenseful scenes where you never know which character may be next! Best of all, since it can be found on YouTube along with other popular online streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu+, anyone can watch it at any time they want to.

Shining Star

The Best Korean anime cartoon I’ve ever seen is called “Shining Star”. It’s an amazing anime series about two girls who encounter otherworldly forces after they mess around in a forest. But what really makes this show stand out from others like it are the characters and their development throughout the story.

I think that one of my favorite aspects of the animation was how friendly all these creatures seemed to be even though some were dangerous, but you never know when someone might turn on them as well! This show may have some scary moments so it isn’t for kids under 12 years old. However, if you’re looking for something more intense than most similar shows then this is definitely worth watching!

Element Hunters

One of the Best Korean anime shows in recent years is called “Element Hunters”. It’s about an elite team that has to protect a young woman and her son from various enemies who wish to do them harm. The characters are all interesting, have unique abilities, and grow throughout the story as they defeat one enemy after another. There are also many surprising twists along the way so you never know what may happen next!

This show even had me wondering whether or not some people were really on their side at first since there was always something suspicious but it did answer most of those questions by the end. If I had any complaints then it would be regarding some parts near the beginning where things seemed too slow-paced compared with other similar programs such as “Shining Star” and “Jang Geum’s Dream”, but it does pick up the pace after a couple of episodes so you don’t have to worry about that anymore.


Of all the Best Korean anime shows, I’ve ever seen, the one that really stood out was called “Noblesse: Awakening”. It’s a great anime series about an immortal noble who is awakened after 820 years of being in suspended animation. He spends his time trying to find other Nobles like him and battling many evil enemies along the way while also living a relatively normal life as well. The main character has some interesting abilities at first but he does gain more experience throughout the story so they don’t get too boring if you want to re-watch this show over again sometime. What makes this program different from others of its kind are not only these additional powers but how everything ties together by the end even include some unexpected plot twists

Tower of God

One of the Best Korean anime shows to come out in recent years is “Tower of God”. It’s a great show about a boy who wakes up inside a mysterious tower with an unknown past. He has no memories but he does have the ability to climb this structure since it was built by those who wish for him and their loved ones dead. There are many strange characters within this building such as one person posing as another, some helpful while others not so much…

There are several awesome action scenes along the way that really makes you want more! I also enjoyed how every character had something interesting or unique about them even if they were pretty minor at first like when we find out where Yuri came from before she met her tragic fate near the end.

If I had to complain about anything then it would either involve some of the side stories that took place outside of this tower and how they didn’t really seem like much at first… But even those events were still interesting in their own way when you consider what might have happened if someone else was chosen instead. Also for Boxing animes look at The Best Boxing Anime list.

The God of Highschool

This Best Korean anime show is about a teenager who goes to school for the first time in his life and he’s clearly out of place since everyone else has supernatural abilities. It also doesn’t help that they have this competition where students try to kill each other so it can be even harder when you don’t know what your own power may be if any at all!

While I enjoyed some of these aspects, there were times where events could drag on longer than needed especially with repetitive conversations here and there. However, this was still an entertaining Korean anime series because not only does it get more intense as things progress but we do learn more about many characters along the way such as why Jin Mo-Ri became one of those chosen by the god of high school…

Yobi, The Five Tailed Fox

The Best Korean anime shows bring us to one of my favorites which is about a young girl who used to be human but became this fox-like creature after an accident. She does have the ability to transform back and forth between these forms, even if it takes some time for her body parts to return each time she changes…

This show has many interesting characters such as those with tails like Yobi who are either helpful or dangerous depending on their mood at that moment. There’s also another character named Yongbi whose abilities make him look almost invincible in battle most times except that he doesn’t want much help from others unless they pay him enough money first!I would say the only real complaint I had was that there was too little action.

Seoul Station

This Korean anime show is about a young girl and her sick brother who are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. It’s also pretty depressing at times because we’re basically watching these characters struggle with what little they have in this world that has come to an end….

I would say my biggest complaint was how slow things move along for a while but it does get more interesting as you get near the middle of the series once some zombies attack their hideout while others try to find any survivors left behind. I did enjoy those moments when one character finally gets rid of all his worries by snapping someone else’s neck… Even if he didn’t seem like such a bad person before then!


Another Korean anime series is about this young girl who lives with her step-family and she doesn’t enjoy any of their company until she learns the truth which has been kept hidden from them for so long.

The Korean Anime shows are often very emotional like I was expecting but not as much as what we got here since things get more intense near the middle after some events occur that really make you feel bad for everyone involved. It’s also pretty sad when you consider how they were all treated at one time or another, especially by a certain character whose hatred eventually gets him into trouble….

I would say my biggest complaint involves an event later on where it seems to drag out longer than needed just to show us something important…

Wonderful Days

This Korean anime show is about a world where time has stopped in some city and that’s bad news for everyone since they have no electricity or food.

I had some mixed feelings when it came to Wonderful Days because the characters are interesting but sometimes things go from one event to another without any explanation just like we see here. It also doesn’t help when someone dies with little fanfare either as if there was nothing special at all….

Another problem I had involved the main character who does change during his quest but not enough so, especially considering he made such a promise before something terrible happened…

However, what annoyed me the most of all were those times where events would drag on longer than needed.

Green Days: Dinosaur and I

This is about a young man who’s trying to survive the zombie apocalypse with his friends and they all realize that it won’t be easy since zombies are everywhere.

“Green Days: Dinosaur and I” wasn’t as good as other Korean anime shows in my opinion because we never learn much if anything at all about any of our characters beyond what lies ahead for them like here where one character tries to find out more information from someone else but doesn’t get anywhere….I would say my biggest complaint involved how little time was spent on developing each new area or event, especially when things happen after another without an explanation along with some events feeling rushed just so something could happen.

The Fake

This is about a young musician who gets wrapped up in some trouble when he decides to help out his former friend after years of being apart.

The “Fake” is a Korean anime show I felt mixed feelings for because sometimes the characters would have good moments but other times they make bad decisions like we see here and there’s also very little action involved with this series….I didn’t mind “The Fake” as much since it wasn’t too long or boring, just enough time passes by without anything truly amazing happening which can be said for most shows like this though…

The Worst and Best Korean Anime Series: There are many Korean animated series out there that have garnered a lot of attention. Whether it is because they are funny, sad, or even just plain weird; these shows have managed to capture the hearts of viewers all around the world. We wanted to share with you our personal list for  Worst and The Best Korean anime series.

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