The Top 11 Best Christian Movies of All Time

best christian movies of all time

What makes a Christian movie great? There are many movies out there that claim to be Christian based, but the best Christian movies of all time will have a lot more than just religious themes. They will also feature moral and ethical values such as courage, hope, love, forgiveness, and faith. In this blog post, I want to do my best in order to count down what I believe are the 10 best Christian movies of all time.

1.The Passion of Christ

The first one is  The Passion of Christ. This is a story that was told by Mel Gibson, and it has been an inspiration to many people over the years because of its intense depiction of Jesus suffering on his final day before being crucified. It was so powerful for some viewers that they would often be brought to tears as well as feeling a sense of spiritual awakening after watching this movie

2. The Pajama Game

The second one is The Pajama Game with Doris Day. There’s comedy in here but also moral values such as justice, fairness, and hard work which will make you laugh even more when you see how ridiculous life can be at times. When we think about what makes a great Christian film then we should always include comedies like these.

3.The Shack

The third one is the  Shack. The Shack tells the story of a man who has an experience with God at a time in his life when he needs it most and this changes everything for him, especially how he views himself

It’s based on the best selling novel by William P. Young about finding peace as you journey into your deepest longings and fears to find healing and hope again.

The book is sold over 12 million copies around the world because it was so inspirational but also comforting since people can relate to dealing with their personal struggles that they may be facing in life right now which many viewers found helpful.

4. A Man Called Ove

A Man Called Ove is a Swedish film about an old man who is grumpy and doesn’t want to have anything to do with anyone. This all changes when one day he gets into his car and decides to drive away from his home because of the construction that’s going on outside

But this causes him confusion as he keeps driving in circles but then eventually drives past someone else’s house, sees a dog walker whom he had met before at other times so they decide to talk for a while which puts Ove in such a good mood that it continues throughout the whole movie.

Ove has found something new like seeing some familiar faces every now and again which gives him joy instead of being frustrated or feeling alone during these difficult moments.

5. Fireproof

We Continue with Fireproof. This is a Christian Romance drama film in which the story follows the marital problems of two people, who are Christians themselves. The basis and message of this movie shows how faith can rebuild what’s broken.

The main character has his flaws-he will be negative about things or react violently to situations but he does have good qualities too that makes him stand out from others around him. He loves deeply and cares for those close to him deeply while at the same time being very determined when it comes to finding solutions no matter how hard they might be

This was such an inspirational movie with some really deep messages within each scene showing that marriage takes work on both parts but also shows you that even if your spouse may not share your beliefs there are ways to live together.

6. War Room

This movie is about a couple who get in over their heads with debt and start to lose hope The room they live in, the War Room becomes their space where God can work through them. They make decisions that turn things around for themselves from not giving up on each other or quitting jobs because of hardship. This movie has some really good messages-the power of prayer, trusting God’s plan even when you don’t understand it, and finding your own path when life takes hard turns

It shows how important community is as well-having people there to help support you during difficult times like being someone else’s shoulder to lean on or just having friends nearby go out with at night. It also talks about forgiveness which we all need more than

7. Facing the Giants

After Wa Room, we’re going to talk about a movie that’s not as well-known but just as powerful and important. Facing the Giants is based on a true story, set in Texas with an underdog high school football team:

Coach Grant Taylor (played by Alex Kendrick) was hired at West Monroe High School after his predecessor had been fired for inappropriate conduct with students. Coach Taylor takes over and tries to change things up, adding long practices and stricter discipline like making kids run laps if they’re late or wear uniforms.

At first, it seems he might be too tough for some of the players, but eventually, everyone starts buying into this new plan because they want to prove themselves under their new coach’s tutelage

8. Miracle

A movie about love and hope. Billy is a mechanic who falls in love with Charlene and they decide to get married, but the wedding day turns sour when one of his best friends dies

The movie has more than a few happy moments as well; there’s some humor in it too

The miracle was directed by Gavin O’Connor from a screenplay written by Mike Rich. It stars Kurt Russell as coach Herb Brooks (the Miracle on Ice hockey team captain) and Patricia Clarkson as Brooks’ wife Karen, alongside Noah Emmerich, Patrick Swayze, Richard Jenkins, Terence Kelly, Camilla Belle, and Matt Dillon

The film follows Andy Stitzer trying to reach out into the world through online dating after struggling for years due to social anxiety disorder.

9. God’s Not Dead

God’s not dead is a Christian movie that tells the story of college student Josh Wheaton, who attends an evangelical university and is challenged by his philosophy professor.

It’s based on Rice Broocks’ best-selling book God’s Not Dead: Evidence for God in An Age of Uncertainty.

Josh has been told he must either deny his faith or face dismissal from the school at which he studies, under pressure to prove Christianity wrong in order to save himself

The movie starts with atheist Professor Radisson challenging one statement made by Jesus Christ–“I am He.” And so begins Josh’s journey as he tries to find proof about whether “God Is Real.” As we see him doing this, we also watch him grow closer and closer to other Christians.

10. Heaven Is For Real

Two more to finish the list and one of them is Heaven is for real. Heaven for Real is a Christian film based on a true story.

It’s about the journey of Todd Burpo, whose son Colton had an operation to remove his appendix and died during surgery but later claimed he visited Heaven and met Jesus.

This is one of best Christian films list because it has much emotion in it that makes us believe what this family went through

The most emotional scene was when Todd picks up Colton from school after returning home from being hospitalized for appendicitis only to find that kids are calling him “Jesus” or “God”. The final scenes show how our lives can impact others positively as well as give hope to those who have lost loved ones by showing them love with their life stories always available online.

11. 127 Hours

And the last on the list is the movie – 127 hours, which is about a guy who gets stuck during his canyoning trip and has to cut off his arm with an axe in order not to die.

This best Christian film will show you that even if we are going through hard times, it will be for nothing because there’s always someone out there praying for us or thinking of those thoughts as well.

The director Danny Boyle tried to use certain techniques like camera movements and close-ups on James Franco’s face when he was struggling so viewers have more empathy towards him. It also shows how people go through tough situations but still come back strong at the end especially after they do something good just once before they die.

Whether you are a Christian or not, these films will touch your heart and make you think about what really matters. The best place to find new movies that have been released in theaters is on our blog! We review all of the latest releases and rank them by how good they were found to be. As we’re always looking for more top 10 lists, please comment below if there are any other genres or topics you would like us to cover as well. Thank you so much for reading this list and don’t forget to bookmark our site with one click!

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