The Best Things to Do in Broadstairs

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The town of Broadstairs is a historic coastal town in Kent, situated on the North Sea. It has beautiful beaches and quaint streets. The Broadstairs things to do are plenty! Visit the Broadstairs lighthouse and see some of the best views of Broadstairs. It’s a coastal town so there are plenty of walks through beautiful scenery to do as well! There is also an old steam train that you can visit which was built in 1845, called the North Downs Steam Railway.

Visit the Broadstairs Maritime Museum

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The Broadstairs Maritime Museum is a great place to learn about the local history and culture. It has many artifacts from the past including boats, fishing equipment, and old photos. There is also a cafe and gift shop if you would like some refreshments or souvenirs.

Visit Broadstairs Beach

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Broadstairs beach is a great place to relax and soak up the sun. It has deckchairs available for hire as well as many stalls such as The ice cream Lady, kebab shop, and fish & chip shop. There are also cafes if you would like to sit down with a drink or something to eat whilst enjoying the seaside views! The Broadstairs beaches are beautiful and have a lot of different things to do. It’s perfect to take children, especially in summer when there are plenty of other people around too.

Watch a play at the Theatre Royal

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The Broadstairs theatre royal is a great place to watch some entertainment. They have shows playing every day ranging from classic plays, musicals, and opera!

Take a stroll along the promenade

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If you want to take a nice stroll and enjoy the Broadstairs views, then head down Broadstairs promenade. It is filled with beautiful flowers and has stunning sea views!

Catch up with friends for coffee or lunch in one of our cafés or restaurants

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There are many Broadstairs cafes and restaurants that offer lovely food, friendly service, and a cozy environment. It is a great place to meet with friends for coffee or lunch!

Visit some galleries and antique shops on Marine Parade

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Broadstairs has several art galleries and antique shops you can visit. There are also several antique shops right on Broadstairs seafront, so if you’re looking for antiques this is the place to be!

Explore The Canterbury Tales trail around town, which includes Chaucer’s birthplace, his schoolroom and other historic buildings from his time

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There is a Chaucer’s trail around the town which you can follow and learn all about Broadstairs history, including where Shakespeare and Dick Van Dyke were born. It includes historic buildings like St Peters Church (Chaucer’s birthplace) as well as other important landmarks from his time in Broadstairs. So if you’re interested in learning more about Broadstairs rich history then this is the Broadstairs thing for you!

Walk around the town to see all of the old buildings and streets

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There are lots of Broadstairs things to do that aren’t necessarily main attractions in Broadstairs, but still worth exploring and visiting while you’re there! For example, walking around the town is a great way to see all the old buildings and streets with a significant history behind them. There are also some beautiful churches on Broadstairs seafront if you want to explore more than just beaches while your visit Broadstairs historic town center. There’s plenty for everyone no matter what type of Broadstairs thing they like best!

Have a stroll on the pier and enjoy some fish and chips

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After Broadstairs things to do are all done for the day, it’s time to relax! Broadstairs pier is a great way to spend some hours after your Broadstairs things filled a day. You can enjoy fish and chips or even go on rides while you watch the sunset over Broadstairs bay. It truly is one of the best attractions!

Go for a walk along The Leas, which is one of England’s best-preserved Victorian promenades

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If Broadstairs things to do are all done for the day, there is still plenty more Broadstairs has to offer! One of the best attractions is The Leas which is a historic Victorian promenade and cliff walk. It was developed in 1874 and offers some amazing views over Broadstairs bay. You can go on walks along with it or simply sit down and enjoy the view while you eat lunch after your busy day. Broadstairs really does have something for everyone no matter what they want!

Eat ice cream from Bannister’s or go to Sullivan’s for more traditional English fare like bangers and mash with peas and gravy (or try it without)

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After Broadstairs things to do are done, it’s time for lunch! There are several restaurants that offer traditional English fare like bangers and mash with peas and gravy. Bannister’s is a great place to get ice cream after your meal if you’re craving something sweet or Sullivan’s offers traditional tea rooms where you can have afternoon tea or simply sit down at the bar for dinner.

Explore local shops and restaurants

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Broadstairs is also famous for its local shops and restaurants. There are lots of local shops and restaurants located all around the town, so make sure to check them out while you’re there!

Take a walk in Queen Elizabeth Country Park

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Also, check out Queen Elizabeth Country Park which is located near Broadstairs town center. You might not expect it, but it’s made up of beautiful landscapes and offers some great walking trails through the park that are perfect for your morning exercise or just getting away from all tourists while you explore nature!

Watch the sunset over Ramsgate Harbour from West Cliff Beach

90bd3751 ramsgate harbour from west cliff beach

There is a lot of historic attractions that you can visit! One of them is West Cliff Beach which offers some amazing views over Ramsgate Harbour. You could also check out the lighthouse on top of Broadstairs Town Hall once it gets dark to watch one of the best sunsets while you have your tea or dinner after a long day. There truly is something for everyone in this tourist destination so make sure not to miss anything before leaving!

Learn about life at sea onboard HMS Warrior 1860-1910, Britain’s first ironclad warship

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See the Broadstairs lifeboat which has saved over 500 lives since it was first built in 1893. Visit Broadstairs fort, a beautiful old fort with great views across the bay and an underground cafe called The Old Battery Cafe where you can have lunch or tea! There are even more things to do in Broadstairs so please continue reading for them below.

Revolution Skatepark and Climbing Centre

8d995782 revolution skatepark

It is great for kids. The Broadstairs skatepark is the UK’s largest outdoor concrete skate park and it’s fun all year round thanks to its fantastic covered indoor section! There are climbing walls, trampolines, a dedicated BMX track plus much more at Revolution Broadstairs so come along with your friends!

Lillyputt Minigolf

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It is great fun for adults and kids. Lillyputt has 18 holes of crazy golf that you can play indoors in the arcade with a cup of tea or coffee from one of their cafes! You will never get bored here thanks to its interactive features and even more things to do like bowling, pool and traditional games such as skittles! Come along and enjoy all these wonderful activities plus much more at Revolution Broadstairs, high street.

The Turner and Dickens Walk

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The Turner and Dickens walk is a beautiful path that will take you from the town center to the harbor where you can enjoy views of the sea! It’s great for walking with friends or family.

Broadstairs is a beautiful place to visit if you’re looking for history, food, and drink, or just a relaxing break from the hustle of London. We hope that this blog post has given you some ideas about what Broadstairs things to do! Now go explore it yourself!

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