The Best Rumba Songs,Top List of 22

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Rumba is best known as a dance that was developed in Cuba. It has been popular for many years and continues to grow in popularity today. Rumba songs have also grown in popularity over the years, with some of them still being played on the radio and others becoming classics that are best remembered from their film appearances.

Below you will find the 22 best rumba songs of all time!

“Que Rico El Mambo” – Tito Puente

This song is best known for its early 1950s release and the catchy melody that stuck in your head. It was a hit on the charts, where it reached number one on Billboard’s Latin chart. The tune of this rumba song made people want to get up from their seats and dance along!

The best thing about “Que Rico El Mambo” by Tito Puente is not only because of having an easy beat but there are lyrics that make you want to move along with them too! This makes it even more fun when listening.

“Sabor a Mi” – Celia Cruz

“Sabor a Mi” is best known for the Cuban singer Celia Cruz, who popularized this song. The best thing about it is that she has an amazing voice and makes you want to move your hips with every beat!

This rumba song was released in 1956 and proved to be just as successful then like it still does today. This tune will make you feel good inside too because of how playful the lyrics are! It’s such a catchy melody that sticks in your head long after listening.

“El Sonero Mayor” – Willie Colon

This classic rumba song by Willie Colon is best known as a tribute to the late Cuban singer Perez Prado.The best thing about “El Sonero Mayor” is that it has an upbeat melody and fun lyrics, in addition to being catchy! The music video for this particular song also features Celia Cruz which of course makes it worth watching too. This was released in 1977 on his album El Malo with other great songs like “Aguanile.”

The best part about this tune is how easy going the tempo is- making you want to dance along without even realizing it! It’s not overly fast or slow but just right so any person can bop their head along and enjoy themselves.

“Donde Esta el Amor?”- Tito Nieves

“Donde Esta el Amor?” is best known for the Puerto Rican singer Tito Nieves, who popularized this song. The best thing about it is that he has an amazing voice and makes you want to move your hips with every beat! This rumba song was released in 1977 on his album of the same name. This tune will make you feel good inside too because of how playful the lyrics are! It’s such a catchy melody that sticks in your head long after listening.

“Cucurrucucu Paloma” – Dizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra with Charlie Parker, Max Roach, Kenny Clark

“Cucurrucucu Paloma” – Dizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra with Charlie Parker, Max Roach, Kenny Clark

This song is best known for its jazz elements. It was originally composed in the 1940s, but it became more popular when it appeared on a PBS special called “Jazz” in 1959. This song has become best remembered from that appearance, though many people don’t know about this original version by Dizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra with Charlie Parker, Max Roach, Kenny Clark, and Roy Haynes.

“Guantanamera” (version by Ibrahim Ferrer) – Compay Segundo y Los Cubanos Postizos

This is a classic song that was written in 1918 by José Fernández Marín and has been popular ever since. It became best known to many people thanks to the 1961 version sung by Cuban singer Celia Cruz. This particular rendition of the song takes on a slower, more mournful feel than other versions do but still manages to be lighthearted at times as well.

 “Rumba Que Me Gustas” by Juan Luis Guerra

“Rumba Que Me Gustas” by Juan Luis Guerra is an amazing song that features a rousing chorus of the best singers in Puerto Rico.This is one of my favorite songs on this list because it has such a beautiful and emotional melody to accompany its lyrics about finding someone who truly loves you for being your true self, which makes it perfect for listening to even when you are not dancing. The best part about “Rumba Que Me Gustas,” however, is that while all these other artists have just one or two verses, Guerra sings each verse three times so there’s more than enough singing involved!

“Por Un Beso” by Elvis Crespo

Elvis Crespo’s “Por Un Beso” is the best rumba song because it has been one of the most popular dance songs over the last decade. It was released in 2000 but remains a best seller even today. This best-selling Latin pop track features infectious percussion and simple keyboard melodies that make it perfect for dancing to at any party or event! The lyrics are also great and tell a compelling story about someone who will do anything just for one kiss from their beloved. This song may be best remembered by its catchy beat than its lyrics though, so don’t expect too much depth with this tune!

“Besame Mucho” by The Beatles

Besame Mucho is best known for its inclusion in the film “A Hard Day’s Night.” The Beatles recorded it on July 13, 1963. This song was written by an unknown author and first published in 1939. It became popular with Latino audiences because of its association with rumba dance moves. Later versions of this song have been performed by a number of different artists including Jimmie Lunceford and John Lennon. The lyrics are about romantic love and can be translated to mean “please kiss me”. Listeners will feel as if they are hearing the voice from their own thoughts when listening to these words: “so close that we’re one/I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything before”

“Cuando Te Llegue La Rumba – Remix” by Tito Puente Jr., Marc Anthony, and Ruben Blades

This song is best recognized as the theme for “La Boda de Rosa Blanca,” a soap opera that aired on Telemundo from 1999 to 2005. It was also featured in the 2002 movie, “The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse.”

We’ll start with this catchy tune! Released in 2000, it features Marc Anthony singing lead vocals and Tito Puente Jr. providing percussion. This remix incorporates heavy horns sounds into its mix for an upbeat sound perfect for any dance floor or party scene.

“Tu Foto En El Bano (Remix)” by Chico Mann and Nickodemus

The best-known rumba song is “Tu Foto En El Bano (Remix)” by Chico Mann and Nickodemus. It’s a cover of Los Van Van’s 1978 hit single Tu Foto En El Bano, which has been described as the best-selling Cuban track of all time. Featuring both an original verse from Los Van Van plus some additional verses written for this remix, this version was hugely popular in the queer Latinx community during its release with DJs spinning it at parties year-round. The lyrics were often interpreted to be about being outed or ‘caught.’

“Que Viva La Rumba” by Celia Cruz and Papo Sanchez

“Que Viva La Rumba” by Celia Cruz and Papo Sanchez is one of the best rumba songs to date. It was released in 1979, which makes it a classic from Cuba’s golden era of music. The song has been featured on many compilations over the years and still remains popular with dancers all around the world today.ou might have misunderstood.”

“Rumbo al Sur” by Tito Puente Jr.

The best and most popular rumba song of all time is “Rumbo al Sur” by Tito Puente Jr. This sonora style track features a great melody that you will not be able to get out of your head for weeks!

“La Negra Tiene Tumbao” by Willie Colon and Ruben Blades

This rumba song is best recognized for its use in the film, “Once Upon a Time in America.” Blades wrote and performed this piece that features melodic vocals from Colon. The song offers an upbeat rhythm with lyrics about how women have to deal with their husbands leaving them while they go out.

The best part of this song is when it breaks into a brief tango section before returning back to the original melody.

“Oye Como Va” by Santana

This song is best known for its guitar solo and instantly recognizable Afro-Cuban rhythm.

“Oye Como Va”, which means “Listen how it goes” in English, was originally written by Tito Puente as a cha-cha but later adapted into the more popular style of rumba. This version went on to be Santana’s best-selling single ever!

The song tells the story about an invitation to go out from a girl who knows the singer wants her because he has been watching her dance all night long. The music video also features salsa dancing with some cameo appearances by legendary dancers like Celia Cruz and Willie Colon. It reached number 12 on Billboard Hot 100 chart and won three Grammy Awards.

“El Mambo de la Rosa” by Perez Prado

This song is best known for its appearance in the 1954 film “The Barefoot Contessa”. It has a Latin jazz feel that never fails to put you on your feet. The lyrics are written by Prado and were given an English title of “Rose’s Mambo” when it appeared in the film.

“Merengue Del Este Coast (Cancion Criolla)” by Joe Arroyo, Hector Lavoe, Ray Barretto and Willie Colon

This song is best known for its music video that features the famous Cuban singer Celia Cruz. The clip shows an argument between two women, which eventually leads to a dance-off where both of them show off their best moves and finally make up by sharing drinks as friends.

The percussion in this track is great, with Latin rhythms merging beautifully with jazz sounds. It’s not hard to see why it was so popular during its time!

“Mambo No. 5” by Lou Bega

Lou Bega’s best-known song is “Mambo No. Five” which made the top 20 best rumba songs list. The lyrics were written in Spanish and English, making it a mixture of both languages that many people love to listen too!

The song was originally called Merengue Number Five and had been around for some time before Lou Bega remixed it and added his own style.

“Ritmo de la Noche” by Celia Cruz

This song is best known for being the first track on Celia Cruz’s “Celia en New York” album. It was released in 1988 and combines a rumba beat with salsa music. The lyrics of are about what goes best at night, namely dancing, resting, or making love!

You will find it best to dance this one up close to your partner as you enjoy all that makes nighttime so special. A great way to end an evening out on the town!

“Conga” by Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine

Conga is best known as a dance that was developed in Cuba. The song, which is best remembered for its film appearance where it became the anthem of Miami and Latin America in particular, has grown to be one of Gloria Estefan’s most popular songs with almost 30 million copies sold worldwide.

“Tequila” by The Champs

This best-selling instrumental song has been covered by dozens of artists since its release in 1958. It is one of the best rumba songs because it sounds cheerful and happy, while also being a great celebratory tune. The Champs are best known for their hits “El Loco Cha Cha” and “The Watusi.”

“Lambada (Hip Hop Remix)” by Kaoma and Manu Dibango “La Cucaracha Rumba!” by Los Reyes del Mambo

“Lambada,” best known for its 1990s dance craze, is a best-selling single by French band Kaoma. The song was originally released in 1987 as “Cola Coca.” Manu Dibango’s “La Cucaracha Rumba!” became best remembered from his 1992 album of the same name which also features other well-known rumba songs like “Yaya Diana y Albertino.” This best rumba song has been remixed several times over the years and continues to be popular today, especially with hip-hop fans.

The rumba is a very lively and flirtatious dance that has many different variations depending on the country or island it originates from. Rumba songs are always popular because they make you want to get up and have some fun! You can find great music for your next party by listening to these 22 of the best rumba songs below. What’s your favorite?

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