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The BEST Hip Hop Dance Movies: Guide to All the Latest and Greatest

BEST Hip Hop Dance Movies

Hip-hop dance movies have come a long way since the days of Breakin’ and Beat Street. With so many hip hop dance movies out there, it can be hard to figure out which ones are worth watching. I’ve compiled a list of my personal favorites for you to enjoy! Soo without further ado here is the list of my

BEST Hip Hop Dance Movies.


  1. “Step up”

My favorite hip hop movie is “Step up.” This movie is about a young man who moves from the country to Brooklyn and finds himself at odds with the local dance crew when he falls for one of its members. The group agrees to allow him in their ranks if he can step it up by winning regional battles.

The film was a box office success, grossing $114 million worldwide against production costs of only $11 million. It spawned three sequels: Step Up (2008), Step Up Revolution (2012) and Step Up All In (2014).


  1. “Save the last dance”


My second favorite hip hop movie is “Save the last dance.” This film stars Julia Stiles as Sara, a high school student who dreams of becoming an accomplished dancer. She meets Tony (Sean Patrick Thomas), a fellow student from her performing arts class and they soon form a strong friendship that turns into romance.


The two then discover that their individual cultures forbid interracial dating, causing them to break up but still carry out their dream together – by dancing in underground clubs back home where no one will know about their secret relationship. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards including Best Picture and won for its screenplay adaptation written by Tom Eyen.


  1. “Stomp the Yard”

In Third place is Stomp the Yard. The film tells the tale of DJ Williams, a high school senior from an underprivileged family who is talented in hip-hop dancing. When he learns that his mother has been diagnosed with cancer and can no longer work to provide for their needs – like medical bills for her treatment – DJ decides to sell drugs on the side of town where he won’t be caught by law enforcement officials.


After viewing a dance competition flyer at his friend’s house, he enters and quickly becomes one of four finalists out of hundreds competing because there are only two slots open on stage per event; being lucky enough to have both DJs playing music during this time slot was not intentional but it helps him advance through rounds as more people start to notice him because of the music.


  1. “You Got Served”


Fourth on my list of hip-hop dance movies is You Got Served. This movie hit theaters in 2004, and it was the first film to be entirely about hip hop dancing; the story follows a group of friends who are all aspiring dancers but they find themselves stuck in limbo when one goes pro before anyone else does.

This movie has been heavily criticized by some for not being true to real life because there’s no way that people could make something this cheesy happen like what happens at the end – I don’t know if Ian would agree with me on that or not!

I have never seen any other reviews where someone says, “You’ve got served.”

A good number of critics say that this film did more harm than good considering the number of people it influenced to start dancing.

  1. “Dance Flick”


The next one on the list is “Dance Flick.”

It’s a comedy about Kev, who lives with his mom and has been in love with the same girl for most of his life.

He struggles to keep up with hip-hop dancers on the dance floor until he meets this guy named Robby that teaches him how to really get down.

This one is great if you’re looking for something funny because it contains lots of laughs throughout its duration; also, it does have some pretty good dancing scenes despite its title!


“Dance Flick” was released into theaters on September 18th, 2008 so I would recommend checking out reviews from 2009 or 2010 – there are plenty available online.


  1. “Honey 2”

Honey is back and this time she’s a hip-hop dancer.

The sequel to “Honey” was released in 2011 with Sean Michael Doherty directing the film and starring Naturi Naughton as Honey Daniels.

It follows her life after she overcomes death, which leads her on an emotional journey that shows she doesn’t have anything left to lose so there’s no telling what will happen next!

There are tons of dance scenes throughout, but you’ll also see some great acting from star power like Brandy Norwood, David Moscow, Vivica Fox; just to name a few. If you’re not into dramas or comedies, then I would recommend seeking out something else because it can be quite slow.


  1. “(500) Days of Summer (film)”


The next one on our list is “(500) Days of Summer (film).”

This movie is a romantic dramedy that follows the life and love of Tom, who falls head over heels for his boss named Summer.

He sees her as perfect in every way but she doesn’t feel the same, so their relationship becomes complicated quickly.

If you’re looking for an emotional roller coaster with romance along your journey, then this would be great because not only does it have some pretty good dancing scenes like “Dance Flick” – there’s also tons of heartbreak to go around!

“(500) Days of Summer (film)” was released into theaters on July 17th, 2009 so I would recommend checking out reviews from 2010 or 2011

  1. “Carmen: A Hip-Hopera (2001)”

A hip-hopera is a piece of art that combines all the elements (music, singing or rapping, dance) into one giant production. This movie has been called “The Hip Hop Nutcracker” because it shows how there are always different ways to make hip hop and you can mix in other genres like opera with your own version.


It tells the story of Carmen who feels suppressed by her mother, so she escapes through a series of schemes until love arises – but then tragedy strikes! While this might not be as heartwarming as “(500) Days Of Summer”, it does show some great dancing moves and should appeal to those looking for more traditional moves than bboying.


  1. “Paper Soldiers (2000)”

The Paper Soldiers is a hip-hop dance movie from the late 90s.

It doesn’t have as much of an emotional storyline, but it does give you some great moves to try out.

In this film, Nikki (played by Shenese Howard) has to come up against her childhood crush and disapproving mother in order to pursue her dream: being a dancer on TV!

This becomes difficult when she’s accused of stealing money at work and even more so once she falls for a famous rap artist’s son – who might not be willing to wait around while she tries to climb the ranks.


  1. “Streets is Watching” (1998)”


The Streets is Watching is one of the earlier hip-hop movies, in that it came out in 1998.

It follows two boys from Brooklyn who are always fighting on the streets and what they have to do when a stranger comes into their neighborhood with his crew.

In this film, there are some great dance moves but also gang violence so if you’re not ready for something like that then don’t watch!

If you are looking for more traditional hip-hop dancing without any street fighting and gunplay then this movie is perfect for you.

This list is far from exhaustive, but these are some of my favorites. There’s something for everyone! What hip hop dance movies do you love? Let me know in a comment below and I’ll add them to the list. I always appreciate feedback so don’t forget to leave it. Thanks! 🙂

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