The Best Chinese Anime for Every Kind of Audience 35+

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I’m writing this blog post because I want to make the best Chinese anime list for my audience. There are so many great Chinese anime out there, but it’s hard to know which one is best for each person. Learning about different types of people and their interests will help you figure out what best suits your needs!

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

A best Chinese anime list wouldn’t be complete without this long-running classic. LoGH is a space opera that tells the story of two military commanders, Reinhard von Lohengramm and Yang Wenli. The show’s focus on strategy makes it an intellectual delight to watch! If you’re into deep plots with complex characters then check out LoGH.

Death Parade

Death Parade is best for people who like anime with a dark twist! The show follows two dead strangers and the bartender responsible for judging their lives. There’s nothing quite like watching strangers be judged based on how they lived, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to watch! If you’re into psychological anime with lots of plot twists, check out Death Parade.

The King of Fighters: Destiny

Clashes between fighters from different worlds is the focus of The King of Fighters: Destiny. Each episode shows another battle between characters with their unique abilities and backstories. If you’re into fast-paced action, check out this best Chinese anime today!

Ghost in the Shell

This Chinese anime is the perfect choice for people who like sci-fi and action. It takes place in 2029 when cyborgs and robots live alongside humans and technology has become all-pervasive throughout society. Protagonist Kusanagi Motoko works for Section Nine security agency, tracking down a hacker known as “The Puppet Master.” It’s worth mentioning that this Chinese anime isn’t dubbed! If you want to know what they’re saying without reading subtitles (which can be annoying), then check out Ghost In The Shell: Arise English dub instead. That way fits better with your language learning goals!


This Chinese anime was created by famous Japanese director Fukuda Koji of Crying Freeman fame. It’s a very unique movie where Chinese anime meets sci-fi and horror. The story is set in the near future when geishas are robots who dress up as humans to blend in with normal society. They can use advanced weapons hidden inside their bodies for combat or defense if they need it! In this particular Chinese anime, there’s a secret war going on between two rival groups of Geisha Girls: one that wants to live freely outside of government control and another working directly for them.

Monkey King: Hero is Back

If you’re looking for the Best Chinese anime that’s suitable for children, then this is a perfect choice. It was released in July 2015 and it covers a lot of modern-day issues such as bullying and there are plenty of fun songs too! The protagonist is an elementary school student named Sun Wukong (who has no friends!) After he gets bullied by his classmates, he comes across a magic staff that gives him superpowers like flight and shapeshifting. With these new abilities in hand, he vows to protect all kids from bullies everywhere!


Akira is Chinese anime that’s best for people who like action and adventure movies. It takes place in 2019 when Tokyo has become a multi-leveled city with advanced technologies after World War III which left Japan devastated. Tetsuo Shima is one of the gang members living on the streets there; he gets injured during an anti-government protest and discovers his psychic powers as well as other kids like him (whose leader Takashi could be called “evil”!) This Chinese anime was directed by Otomo Katsuhiro whose previous works include Steamboy and Memories. In fact, it received so much attention from western audiences at its premiere that Warner Bros had to make an English dub!

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is Chinese anime for those who like fantasy and adventure. It’s set in the Muromachi period (between 1336 to 1573) as Japan starts expanding contact with other countries such as China, Korea, and Europe through trade. San plays a pivotal role because she’s an outcast; her parents were killed by wolves after they tried hunting them down. She doesn’t use weapons but instead has powers of compassion and healing which help others fight against supernatural creatures!

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

This Chinese anime is great for people who like action and fantasy. It takes place in the Guangzhoushi region of China, where a young man named Yang Dingtian possesses incredible strength and hunting skills! He gets tricked into signing up to take part in The Grandmaster’s demonic cultivation training program because he wants power so that nobody can look down on him anymore…But once inside this anime, demons start taking over his body which makes it difficult for him to control himself. Luckily there are other students at school who become friends with him; they’re determined to help get rid of the evil spirits from the protagonist by any means necessary.

My Neighbor Totoro

This is a Miyazaki classic. It’s best for people who want to escape into the magical realm of anime and forget about real-life problems. This story features two young sisters (Satsuki, Mei) in 1950s Japan as they move with their father to be near their mother after she falls ill at a hospital nearby. The plot mostly revolves around Satsuki and Mei discovering Monster Totoro, along with his smaller twin children known as Mochi-Totoro, forest spirits that live in an enormous camphor tree next to their new home.

Fullmetal Alchemist

This Chinese anime is best for people who love action, fantasy, and a story of brotherhood. Fullmetal Alchemist follows two brothers Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric as they practice alchemy in order to resurrect their mother from the dead. Their attempt goes wrong, however, causing Ed’s right arm and left leg to be lost.


This Chinese anime is best for people who love ninjas, action, and fantasy. Naruto Shippuden follows the life of a ninja in training named Uzumaki Naruto as he learns that his best friend (Uchiha Sasuke) has become an international pariah after attempting to destroy Konoha village when they were children. Along with Sakura Haruno, one of their classmates at Ninja Academy, Naruto becomes determined not only to bring back Sasuke but also restore his popularity among the villagers.

Attack on Titan

This Chinese anime is best for people who love action, horror, and fiction. Attack on Titan centers around the adventures of Eren Yeager, his foster sister Mikasa Ackerman, and their friend Armin Arlert when they join the military to fight against giant man-eating humanoids known as Titans in an alternative world where humanity has been driven to near extinction by these creatures following a sudden attack one hundred years before the story’s opening scene.

Dragonball Z

This Chinese anime is best for people who love action, suspense, and adventure. Dragon Ball Z follows the adventures of Son Goku as he trains in martial arts with his companions to defend Earth against an assortment of villains ranging from intergalactic space fighters and conquerors, unnaturally powerful androids made by a man named Dr. Gero, Saiyans (originally depicted as villainous characters) seeking revenge against Saiyans who destroyed their home planet, Majin Buu’s menacing cohorts such as Evil Buu & Kid Buu that were spawned from Mr. Satan’s adopted son Majin Buu when he was eaten by them after turning into candy due to absorbing Gotenks’ Super Saiyan power.

Guomin Laogong Dai Huijia

This Chinese anime is best for people who love action and romance. Guomin Laogong Dai Huijia follows two Beijing Opera performers as they meet a mysterious girl named Xiaoyu, embarking on an adventure to find the secret of her birth while becoming entangled in a conspiracy that threatens their nation’s rebels during China’s Warlord Era (1916-1928).

Sailor Moon

This Chinese anime is best for people who love magic, friendship, and adventure. Sailor Moon follows a young schoolgirl named Usagi Tsukino as she transforms into the titular character to search for a princess and fight against evil forces based throughout Earth and the universe with her fellow sailor soldiers known as the Sailor Soldiers.

The Silver Guardian

This Chinese anime is best for people who love action, mystery, and adventure. The Silver Guardian follows a young man named Riku Suigin who has no memories of his past as he wakes up in an industrial complex on the floor finding out that he must escape before they kill him due to being sent by someone known as “Grimoire.” As he escapes with his life while solving the puzzles within the facility, it’s revealed that this place was built over what used to be Tokyo where Grimoires were once common until one day when all but four mysteriously disappeared along with its creators which led everyone into thinking they committed suicide after unleashing something dangerous.

One Piece

This Chinese anime is best for people who love adventure, action, and comedy. One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy as he explores the ocean in search of the world’s ultimate treasure known as “One Piece” while forming his own pirate crew named The Straw Hats along with befriending many allies including former enemies such as Buggy The Clown to eventually becoming one of the pirates’ most dangerous adversaries within this fictional world filled with amazing powers and intriguing characters ranging from Shanks; a powerful Red-Haired Pirates captain who gave Luffy his signature straw hat or Brook; a living skeleton musician whose body was cursed by an evil demon after stealing it from him that will come to terms with what’s important in life soon enough.

The Legend of Qin

This Chinese anime is best for people who love mystery, magic, and adventure. The Legend of Qin follows two teenagers named Xiao Yan & Ying as they enter the Cloud Forest to search for a legendary magical scroll that will allow them to fulfill their dreams within the Emperor’s Academy only to find themselves entangled in an ancient conspiracy where three factions are fighting each other over this artifact while discovering forbidden truths about it which could change everything once discovered by young students with special abilities like theirs.

Brave Story

This Chinese anime is best for people who love magic and adventure. Brave Story follows a young boy named Wataru Mitani as he’s transported into an alternate dimension of his world where everything looks similar yet different to his own with the exception that everyone in it has some sort of magical power while becoming involved with this parallel society filled with secrets such as one girl living there by herself or another man searching for someone outside after being imprisoned within its walls until they run across him & get caught up in trouble skirting around their laws before coming face-to-face against the evil ruler seeking revenge on them all.

Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo is a great anime for people who are interested in action. Samurai Champloo tells the story of two characters, Jin and Fuu, as they try to find “the samurai that smells like sunflowers.” The best part about it, however? It’s set in Edo-period Japan with hip-hop music! My favorite character would have to be Mugen – he’s an incredible fighter! If you don’t care too much about strong fighting themes this isn’t the best Chinese anime for you. But if you’re okay with mild violence then go ahead & watch away!

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is a space western set in the year 2071. The best part? All of this takes place on Mars! It follows Spike and his gang of bounty hunters as they try to make ends meet & find some cash along the way. I like Cowboy Bebop because it has more psychological themes than Samurai Champloo: you get to learn about each character’s past, motivations, etc… I also really appreciate how well-thought out everything was – from all their backgrounds to every single episode; there isn’t one detail that wasn’t planned purposefully. However, if you are not into sci-fi this best Chinese anime might not be for you.

Jie Mo Ren

This Chinese anime is a great one for people who want to watch something very different. Jie Mo Ren, which literally translates into “Martial Arts Hero,” tells the story of a young man named Lei Yu Feng as he tries to get revenge on his parents’ killer Zhang San Feng. In terms of storyline, this Chinese anime has everything you need: from suspenseful fight scenes & emotional moments between characters to romance and even comedy! I wasn’t expecting any laughs while watching it but there were some pretty funny parts for sure.

Heibai Wushang

This Chinese anime is for people who are interested in the supernatural. Heibai Wushang, which translates to “White-Haired Witch,” tells the story of a young man named Nie Feng as he tries to take down an evil witch that killed his parents. The best part? His special weapon is his long white hair! If you like magic or fantasy then this Chinese anime might be for you; however, if your main thing is romance it’s probably not – there isn’t much emphasis on relationships at all. All in all, I think it was worth watching & really enjoyed every bit of it 🙂

Wo De Ni Tian Shen Qi

This Chinese anime is great for fans of romance and comedy. Wo De Ni Tian Shen Qi, which means “My Celestial Husband,” tells the story of a young woman named Bi Yao as she tries to find her celestial husband that was chosen by the stars when they were born. The best part about this best Chinese anime is how hilarious it can be – there are some really funny parts & characters in here! I like watching shows with good comedic timing so this one definitely hit the spot 😉 But if you don’t care too much about romance then go ahead and give it a try!

Lu Shidai

This Chinese anime is great for people who want to watch something historical. Lu Shidai, which literally translates into “Lu Family Rules,” tells the story of a young man named Bai Ze as he takes over his family’s mafia business and tries to become THE boss! I really loved this best Chinese anime because it has so many different themes: there are crime & romance elements in here, but also some pretty intense action scenes too. It was fun watching all the characters do what they did best – whether that be fighting or strategizing about their next move 😛

Spirited Away (Hayao Miyazaki)

Spirited Away is a classic Chinese anime that needs no introduction. It tells the story of Chihiro as she tries to save her parents by working at a magical bathhouse for spirits and gods. Hayao Miyazaki’s is one of my favorites because it has such an interesting storyline: not only do you get to follow our protagonist on this journey but there are all these other characters too, each with their own unique personality traits & quirks! I love how detailed everything was – from the environment & scenery to every single character; nothing felt unnecessary or left out. This Chinese anime also gets bonus points for having such amazing voice actors.

Chu Feng

This Chinese anime is perfect for fans of sci-fi and action! Chu Feng: B.E.D, which literally translates into “Chu F*ck Everything Dude,” tells the story of a young man named Da Fei as he tries to save Earth from aliens by becoming an android himself – yep you read that right! And we aren’t talking about any average Joe here; no siree this Chinese anime hero has some serious skills…he can fight with his bare hands & shoot lasers out too. If you like shows where people get superpowers then I would definitely check this one out because it’s full of those scenes.


This Chinese anime is great for people who like ghost stories! Spiritpact tells the story of a young man named Tanmoku Ki as he forms a pact with Yoh: an old spirit that wants to be his partner. With each day they grow closer and develop feelings for one another, but there’s just one little problem: Yoh already has a girlfriend…If you’re into romance then this Chinese anime might not disappoint – it definitely had me rooting for those two since episode one 😉 But if your thing isn’t so many relationship-based shows then I would say go ahead and skip on over because it does focus more heavily on the supernatural side rather than other genres such as action or comedy.

Lan Mo De Hua

This Best Chinese Anime is great for people who want to watch something that’s a little different. Lan Mo De Hua, which literally translates into “The Flower Through The Wall,” tells the story of a young woman named Bai Xue as she starts living with her boyfriend in his home. But one day when he leaves for work and never comes back…it isn’t long before she finds out what really happened! If you like shows where there’s some mystery involved then this Chinese anime would be perfect because it constantly keeps you guessing – I was so intrigued & completely hooked from episode one all the way till the very end; I couldn’t stop watching if I tried. It also has such an interesting plotline it touches on topics such as: what happens when you die, or how far would you go to be with someone who’s no longer alive? So if those ideas interest you then I suggest giving this Chinese anime a shot.

Battle Through The Heavens

This is the Best Chinese Anime for people who love the action! It’s about Lin Feng, a young man with no parents. He shows kindness to all living things and loves his best friend Meng Qing more than anything in the world. This Chinese anime will suck you in from start to finish thanks to its amazing plotline and characters!

Throne of Elves

This Chinese anime is great for those who love the mystical and magical. Throne of Elves takes place in another world, where elves are fighting to regain their power over all other species. This story follows three best friends that take destiny into their own hands!

White Snake

This Chinese anime is perfect for fantasy fans! You get to meet Bai Su Zhen, the white snake demon. She’s able to change into human form and falls in love with a man named Xu Xian who doesn’t know she isn’t really human. This Chinese anime shows you what happens when you fall in love but aren’t on the same page about everything else!


The best Chinese anime for you depends on what type of person you are. The Chinese Anime that we mentioned before should be enough to give anyone a good idea of the types out there and get them started. If these don’t seem like your style, then feel free to search more! We’re confident that no matter who you are or what interests you have, there’s an amazing best Chinese anime waiting for someone just like YOU.

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