The Best Boxing Anime of All Time: A Detailed List

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Here’s a list of boxing anime I recommend. As boxing is one of my favorite sports, this was a hard list to make. There are so many great boxing anime out there that it was difficult to narrow down the field! However, I’ve managed to do it and present you with what I think is an excellent selection for boxing fans everywhere.


  1. Hajime no Ippo

This boxing anime is a classic! It was one of the first boxing anime ever made and it’s still going strong today. Hajime no Ippo follows Makunouchi Ippo, an extremely shy high school student who has never had any luck with girls or sports until he meets Takamura, his senpai from class who encourages him to box. Together they begin training at Kamogawa gymnasium where our protagonist gradually learns how to stand up for himself through boxing matches against different opponents as well as learning about life lessons along the way. This boxing anime is definitely worth your time if you like boxing shows with great characters!


  1. Ashita No Joe

This boxing anime is based on a manga of the same name. It was made into an anime in 1968 by TMS entertainment and it’s considered to be one of the most influential sports anime ever released! The story follows Joe Yabuki, a talented young boxer who grew up living as an orphan with his sister after their parents abandoned them for gambling debts. He joins Rikiishi gymnasium where he trains vigorously while being inspired by former boxing champion Danpei Tange who saw potential in him early on. Unfortunately, this boxing anime has some rather dark themes such as poverty, death, and revenge which might not sit well with more sensitive viewers but don’t let that turn you away from watching this classic boxing show!


  1. Hajime no Ippo Returns

While Hajime no Ippo is a boxing anime classic, it does have some sequel issues. That’s why I recommend you watch this one instead! The story continues where the original left off with Makunouchi Ippo, now a high school senior at Miyagami High School in Tokyo who dreams of winning an individual title for his boxing club by entering the annual national boxing tournament held there. He enters Raimon gymnasium to train under coach Sanada and eventually challenges Takamura Mamoru once again since their rematch was never shown in the first season (but only after Takamura wins his match against Bryan Hawk). If you loved Hajime no Ippo but were disappointed by its sequels then definitely give the show a try!


  1. Keiji Jiban

Keiji Jiban is a boxing anime based on the true story of Japanese boxing champion Keijiro Miyata. The manga was made into an anime in 1993, and while it’s not one of my favorites I think that this boxing anime deserves more attention than it gets! This show has everything you could want from a boxing anime: boxing matches with unique opponents, high school drama between friends/rivals at Saint Hilary High School where our protagonist Haruo “Rock” Tsukishima attends as well as his love interest and sister respectively (though she doesn’t know he’s her brother), intense training sequences which demonstrate how hard working they are to become better boxers, enemies who challenge them but ultimately fall short because their heart isn’t really in it, boxing matches that leave you on the edge of your seat and make you excited to see more! So if you’re a boxing anime fan looking for something new then definitely check this show out!


  1. Fighting Spirit

This boxing anime is definitely a classic! It’s been airing since 2004 and it follows Ippo Makunouchi, an up-and-coming high school boxer who lacks self-confidence. His life changes when he meets Takamura Mamoru at the Kamogawa boxing gym where they begin to train together while learning about boxing techniques along the way. The story continues with their development in both boxing skills and character as well as all of their opponent challenges along the way until we reach one final fight that will leave you on your seat cheering for more! This show isn’t without its faults but if you’re looking for something old school then Fighting Spirit might be what you’re looking for!


  1. Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple

This boxing anime is based on a manga with the same name. The story follows Kenichi Shirahama, an average 16-year old high school student who’s been bullied his whole life which has led him to distrust others and lack self-confidence. A fateful encounter on the rooftop of an apartment complex changes everything when he meets Miu Furinji, daughter of a family that trains in ancient martial arts known as “Shinto” (or more commonly referred to simply as “Might”). After being rescued by her from another bully attack at school she decides that she wants Kenichi to be her disciple so that he can become stronger and hopefully learn how to defend himself someday!


  1. Baki the Grappler

This boxing anime is based on a manga by Keisuke Itagaki. The story takes place in the near future where an incredibly strong young man named Baki Hanma trains to surpass his father, Yujiro Hanma, who’s considered the strongest fighter of all time! His training leads him throughout Japan and around the world as he fights fighters from every country while learning about their cultures and traditions along the way. This boxing anime has great action sequences that will leave you excited for more with each fight and it keeps up its momentum until we reach a final match between our protagonist Baki against one of his greatest opponents yet which leaves us wanting more!


  1. Hajime no Ippo II – New Challenger, Rising Dragon!

This boxing anime is the sequel to Hajime no Ippo, one of my favorite boxing anime! It takes place about a year after where we left off, with our protagonist Makunouchi still boxing and improving his skills so that he can be strong enough to protect Kumi-Kumiko. However, this time around it’s not just him who has grown stronger but everyone else as well including new characters like Takamura Mamoru (the main character from Fighting Spirit) who shows up in order to help train Makunouchi for upcoming matches soon while demonstrating how much they’ve improved since their last match together!


  1. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

This boxing anime is based on a film with the same name which can be watched in English here. It begins when our protagonist Makoto Konno discovers her ability to suddenly travel through time while running late for school. Using this newfound power she decides to use it well and continuously re-do things that didn’t go according to plan like studying more, calling home earlier, etc., but soon realizes that even though you might be able to fix one mistake there will always be consequences later on! This boxing anime has a great story along with some nice animation although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend watching both of them back-to-back since they are different stories overall (the movie being an adaptation from a novel).


  1. Vivid Strike!

This boxing anime is based on a video game with the same name and takes place in a world where people called “Vivid” have special abilities that they use to fight against otherworldly beings known as “Cepters.” The story follows Fuka Reventon, who’s been practicing boxing after being inspired by her idol, Rio Kazama. However, this time around she gets involved in an incident when certain circumstances lead her into joining forces with Takuto Meyers–a young man whose goal is to become one of the strongest fighters using his powerful ability known as “Eagle Vision.”  This boxing anime has great animation along with some nice voice acting but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend playing the video games first.


  1. Katsu!

This boxing anime is based on a manga by Ikki Kajiwara and Naoki Tsuji with illustrations by Noboru Kawasaki. It takes place in the 1930s when Japan was going through some major economic problems due to low crop yields that led to people being forced into working for factories or other companies just so they could make enough money to survive. However, it’s during this time of despair that our protagonist Ryuuhei Sawamura enters the boxing world after dropping out of school where he hopes to one day become strong enough–and wealthy enough–to help support his family back at home!


  1. Fist of the North Star (TV Series)

This boxing anime is based on a manga by Buronson which ran from 1983 to 1988. It takes place in the year 199x where a nuclear war has destroyed most of the civilization with many people now living as scavengers and bandits who terrorize those around them. But one day our protagonist Kenshiro stumbles upon two men arguing over water, only for him to discover that they were being manipulated into fighting each other by an organization known as “Mamiya’s Gang” who are looking for survivors strong enough to join their ranks!


  1. Meglobox

This boxing anime is based on a manga by Ikki Kajiwara and Naoki Tsuji with illustrations by Noboru Kawasaki. It begins when our protagonist Hiroshi Tsukishima’s boxing career ends after he sustains an injury during the final match of his high school career, but despite this setback, he manages to convince one of Japan’s most famous boxing trainers–Hyuuma Hoshi–to help him get back into shape so that he can start boxing again!


  1. Baki the Grappler

This boxing anime is based on a manga by Keisuke Itagaki which ran from 1991 to 1999. The story takes place in the near future where people are able to legally settle conflicts using martial arts fights, but one of our main protagonists Baki Hanma decides not only to ignore this rule and fight illegally instead, but he also trains for it too!


  1. Rainbow: Nishakubou no shichinin

This boxing anime is based on a manga by Takahashi Osamu with illustrations by Komikado Kenshi. It takes place in the 1950s where seven juvenile delinquents are sent to an institution for robbing and beating up people, but after spending three years at this facility they finally decide that it’s time to leave–and survive–on their own!

  1. One Pound Gospel

This boxing anime is an oldie, but a goody. It’s about girls’ boxing at the professional level and it has just enough drama to keep you interested without being too much or ridiculous.


  1. Nozomi Witches

I know there are some boxing anime out there that have men boxing, but they can be hard to find and it’s not very common within the sports genre of anime. Nozomi Witches is a great boxing anime with male characters who box because their father was once a boxer himself! The story focuses on two brothers training for an important fight.

One thing I love about this boxing anime is how relatable all the characters feel. It has good character development as well as just enough drama to keep you interested without being too much or ridiculous.


  1. Slow Step

This boxing anime is a favorite among the older boxing anime fans. It’s not as well-known as some of the others, but it should be! In this boxing anime, you’ll see Takamura go from being on the verge of retirement to making his comeback and winning many matches along the way.

While Slow Step isn’t as popular or well-liked by modern audiences as Hajime no Ippo, there are those who still love it just for what it was in its time period: an excellent boxing show that did great justice to boxing and mixed martial arts alike.


  1. Ring Ni Kakero 1

Another boxing anime that takes a look at boxing’s past, Ring ni Kakero focuses on the boxing match between Japan and Mexico in 1968.

This boxing anime is one of my favorite! The plot isn’t nearly as intense or crazy compared to Hajime no Ippo but it still has its own unique charm. If you haven’t seen this classic boxing anime yet then check out why everyone loves it so much! You won’t be disappointed.


  1. Levius

Levius is a boxing anime that takes place in the future where boxing has evolved so much it’s almost unrecognizable. With cybernetic enhancements and incredibly powerful boxing skills, this boxing anime will surely hook you from the start! All of its characters are super interesting with even more interesting stories to go along with them. This is one of my favorite rising stars among new boxing animes because I’ve never seen anything like it before. It definitely deserves all the praise it gets!


  1. Ring ni Kakero

Ring ni Kakero is a boxing anime that will be sure to take you on an emotional roller coaster. Many scenes are so intense they’ll make your heart stop, and some of the boxing matches can go for hours! But it’s not all serious; Ring ni Kakero also has its lighthearted moments with comedy at times too.

While this boxing anime isn’t as popular or well-known among newer audiences, those who have seen it say it can rival Hajime no Ippo in terms of greatness any day. Although there aren’t many episodes compared to other boxing animes, every single one was full of epicness and entertainment from start to finish!


  1. Ganbare Genki

Ganbare Genki is one boxing anime that can never go wrong! It’s a classic and it’s still shown throughout Japan to this day. You’ll see all kinds of different characters with unique personalities, skillsets, and stories–it really has something for everyone.

I personally think Ganbare Genki deserves more attention than it gets among boxing animes because there isn’t much like it out there anymore in my opinion. The boxing matches are intense as well as the training scenes; you won’t be able to stop watching until you’ve seen every single episode from beginning to end (and even then you might want more!).


  1. Ayane’s High Kick

Ayane’s High Kick is boxing anime that will make you laugh and cry. You’ll find yourself rooting for Ayane throughout the entire boxing anime as she goes through a series of defeats, wins, heartbreaks, setbacks… so much happens to her!

One thing I love about this boxing anime is that it’s not only serious; there are also lighthearted moments in between all the seriousness too which makes things more realistic than other boxing animes can be at times. The characters are super relatable and likable from start to finish while still being unique enough where they don’t feel out-of-place either.


  1. Eiji

Eiji is boxing anime that takes place in the Meiji Era of Japan. It’ll take you through a journey where Eiji must overcome many obstacles and struggles while trying to make his boxing team better than ever before.

One thing I love about this boxing anime is that it’s unlike any other boxing anime out there! The characters are amazing, the storyline will hook you from beginning to end, and best of all… some episodes have nothing at all to do with boxing–it doesn’t even focus on the sport as much as most others might but still manages to be an incredible piece of work none-the-less.


  1. Rokudenashi Blues

Rokudenashi Blues is boxing anime that follows the life of a poor young man named Shun who moves to Tokyo in hopes of making something big for himself. He starts off as just an average high school student trying to go about his daily routine but quickly gets pulled into boxing after meeting with some bullies on his first day at school–let’s just say they didn’t take too kindly to him…

One thing I love about this boxing anime is its characters; there isn’t one character you won’t come across and not like which makes it all the more fun! Each episode will bring excitement, comedy, seriousness, sadness… no matter how many times you watch Rokudenashi Blues it’ll never get old!


  1. Burning Blood

This boxing anime is unlike any other boxing animes you’ve seen before! It takes place in the future and follows a female boxer as she strives to become better than ever.

One thing I love about this boxing anime is its characters; they’re all unique, interesting, likable–it’s like watching all your favorite shounen manga characters come to life right in front of you! Plus it has some humor sprinkled throughout too which makes for even more entertainment from start to finish.

After reading this list, you should have a better idea of what boxing anime is good. You’ll also know which ones to avoid and how to tell the difference between an anime that has some great fighting scenes but in general isn’t very well done from one with more substance for your viewing pleasure.


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