Movies Like Notebook: 40+ Movies for a Romantic Night In

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Do you want to watch a romantic movie with your significant other, but can’t decide on which one? This post is for you! Here are some movies like Notebook that I think would be perfect for a night in.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This 2004 film about a couple who have their memories of each other erased has been described as “a romantic fantasy for contemporary audiences”. It’s unique and unlike most movies, you’ll see in theaters. The movie is set up like an ensemble, but the plot focuses on two main characters: Joel (Jim Carrey) and Clementine (Kate Winslet). When they meet at work, sparks fly between them instantly. They go out with friends to celebrate that night, but things don’t end so well when she goes home alone while he spends it with another woman. After some time apart, the two run into each other again years later. Everything seems perfect until they start to notice uncomfortable feelings resurfacing from their past relationship together…


Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain is a 2005 romance film directed by Ang Lee. It’s based on the short story of the same name written by Annie Proulx, which was originally published in The New Yorker in 1997. The movie stars Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal as two young men who meet when they’re shepherding sheep near their homes on Brokeback Mountain (hence the title). They realize that they have feelings for each other after spending time together over several years. Their secret relationship eventually becomes too much to handle since it goes against everything society says about being gay…


Romeo and Juliet  (1968)

Romeo and Juliet is a 1968 film adaptation of the famous Shakespeare play. The movie stars Olivia Hussey as the titular character, with Leonard Whiting playing Romeo Montague. They’re two young people who fall in love at first sight when they meet at a ball held by Lord Capulet (played by John McEnery). Unfortunately, their families don’t approve of them being together because of an old feud between them that’s been going on for quite some time…


Love Story

Love Story is a 1970 American drama film directed by Arthur Hiller. It’s based on the novel of the same name written by Erich Segal, who also wrote the screenplay for this movie adaptation. The movie follows Jenny (played by Ali MacGraw) and Oliver (Ryan O’Neal), two young people from different backgrounds whose relationship falls apart when they lose their only son to an incurable disease…


Ghost (1990)

Ghost is a 1990 romantic fantasy film directed by Jerry Zucker. It’s an adaptation of the novel turned stage play titled “Ghosts” written by English author, Bruce Joel Rubin. The movie stars Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore as lovers Sam Wheat (Swayze) and Molly Jensen (Moore). After they meet one another at a party thrown for them, sparks fly right away even though he doesn’t believe in love at first sight…


The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars is a 2014 romantic drama film directed by Josh Boone. It’s based on the novel of the same name written by John Green. The movie stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort as Hazel Grace Lancaster (Woodley) and Augustus Waters (Elgort), two teenagers who meet at a cancer support group…


Do you want to watch movies like Notebook? These are just some examples, but there are many more out there! Write what other movies would be great for this list and why in your own words today!


Paper Towns (2015)

Paper Towns is a 2015 American mystery drama film based on the novel of the same name written by John Green. The movie follows Quentin (played by Nat Wolff), who’s in love with Margo Roth Spiegelman (Cara Delevigne). One night, she shows up at his window and asks him to follow her…


Make sure to check out Paper Towns if you haven’t already seen it because it was recently released last year. It deserves recognition for being so beautifully adapted into a film as well!


Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)

I and Earl and the Dying Girl is a 2015 American comedy-drama film directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon. The movie follows Greg (played by Thomas Mann), who makes films with his best friend Earl (RJ Cyler). One day, he meets Rachel Kushner (Olivia Cooke) in their high school’s Support Group for cancer patients…


If you need movies like Notebook to watch because you didn’t know it was coming on Netflix now or just don’t have access at all, this one might be right up your alley! It has romance elements along with some very funny moments that are definitely worth watching!


If I Stay

If I Stay is a 2014 American teen drama film directed by R. J. Cutler and based on the novel of the same name written by Gayle Forman in 2009. It stars Chloë Grace Moretz as Mia Hall, who’s a high school student who has musical ambitions…

Make sure to check out If I Stay if you haven’t already seen it because it was recently released last year! It received positive reviews from critics for being entertaining throughout its run time while also not shying away from showing how devastating cancer can be when loved ones are diagnosed with something like that…


The Perks of Being a Wallflower  (2012)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a 2012 American coming-of-age drama film directed by Stephen Chbosky. It’s based on the novel of the same name written by Chbosky in 1999 because he wrote it at 15 years old and drew inspiration from his own life as well as many others. Charlie (played by Logan Lerman), an introverted freshman, struggles to find friends…


Make sure to check out The Perks of Being a Wallflower if you haven’t already seen it! This movie has had several awards under its belt for being such an inspiring story that will have your heartwarming up considerably throughout all 92 minutes that this one lasts…


Every Day (2018)

Every Day is a 2018 American fantasy romantic drama film directed by Michael Sucsy and based on the novel of the same name written by David Levithan. It follows Rhiannon (played by Angourie Rice), who falls in love with someone whose gender changes daily…


A Walk to Remember (2002)

A Walk to Remember is a 2002 romantic drama film based on the novel of the same name written by Nicholas Sparks in 1999. The movie follows Jamie (played by Mandy Moore), who’s considered an outcast at her high school because she doesn’t fit into any specific social group…


The Notebook has inspired many movies like it including these that you can watch right now! Each one provides their own unique spin while still sticking with some major themes and ideas from this classic rom-com. Give them all a shot today, if you haven’t already seen them!


Gone with the Wind (1939)

Gone with the Wind is a 1939 American romantic drama film that was adapted from Margaret Mitchell’s 1936 novel of the same name. It follows Scarlett O’Hara (played by Vivien Leigh), who struggles to keep her family and their plantation afloat during the Civil War…


If you haven’t watched Gone with The Wind yet, then I highly recommend watching this movie as soon as possible because it has so many qualities that are characteristic in movies like Notebook! There’s romance, action, suspense – everything your heart desires when looking for great entertainment!


Make sure to check out these other films if you’re searching for more movies like notebook because they’ll surely be able to some of these feelings within themselves


Pride and Prejudice  (2005)

Pride and Prejudice is a 2005 romantic drama film that was adapted from Jane Austen’s 1813 novel of the same name. The movie follows Elizabeth Bennet (played by Keira Knightley), who meets Mr. Darcy (played by Matthew Macfadyen)…


Drama, love, romance – what more could you want? I’d highly recommend watching Pride & Prejudice if any of these things are appealing to you in movies like Notebook because it has all those elements for sure! You’ll find yourself falling in love with this classic tale over and over again once it’s finished so check it out today…


Dear John (2010)

Dear John is a 2010 romantic drama film that was based on the novel of the same name written by Nicholas Sparks. It tells the story about Savannah (played by Amanda Seyfried), who falls in love with John Tyree (played by Channing Tatum)…


Check out Dear John if you’re looking for movies like notebook because it’ll have all your favorite themes and ideas from this blockbuster movie! Everything from romance to action are present, so be ready to get swept off your feet alongside these characters as they go through life together…


The Time Traveler’s Wife

This movie is about a man who time travels and his wife has to deal with it. It’s not as romantic as Notebook, but still really good! If you haven’t seen The Time Traveler’s Wife yet then I definitely recommend you watch this one next.


The Photograph

This movie is about a woman and her husband who find old polaroid pictures of their house that they have never taken. The film has an interesting story to it, and the actors are really good too!


The Longest Ride

A young woman meets a man who has to change her outlook on life after she is in an accident. I love the cast for this movie, especially with Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson playing the main characters!


This next film isn’t as romantic as Notebook but it’s still really good if you want to watch something that will make you cry at night.


If your significant other likes Nicholas Sparks then The Last Song could be perfect for watching together! There are some sad moments so beware of tissues though! This one actually stars Miley Cyrus too which makes me think about when she wasn’t totally crazy all the time…I miss those days haha.


The English Patient

This one is a bit more serious than Notebook, but it’s still really good. I would recommend this movie for anyone who wants to watch something not as light-hearted and fun as Notebook!


Sylvie’s Love (2020)

love with someone else’s husband. It reminds me of Notebook because it has all the same romantic elements! I hope you enjoyed this list and there are many more movies just like The Notebook waiting for you to watch tonight!


Atonement (2007)

This movie is about a woman who has to deal with her sister’s actions and the consequences that follow. The cast in this film is really great too, Keira Knightley plays one of the main characters!


As I mentioned before if you want something more serious than Notebook then Atonement could be good for watching tonight. You will definitely cry though so bring tissues just in case!*


I hope these movies like Notebook help you find the perfect romantic night in the movie for sharing with your significant other! If there are any movies I missed please let me know below 🙂


Loving (2016)

This movie is about a couple that goes to court for their marriage because interracial marriages are not allowed in Virginia at this time. This film has some sad scenes but it’s still really good and worth watching!


Definitely, maybe (2008)

A man tries to figure out which of three women he should be with and how his life could have been different if he had chosen another woman. This film is definitely one of my favorite romcoms because the cast in it is great!


If you want a movie like Notebook but are looking for something more comical than romantic I would recommend Definitely, Maybe as your next night in movie. It’s really funny too so that makes this option even better :).

Doctor Zhivago (1965)

A tale of two lovers, Zhivago and Lara, who meet at a time of war. Their relationship is challenged by their love for each other as well as the world around them. The movie includes themes such as family, loyalty to country, politics, and how they intersect with one’s personal life. With a beautiful soundtrack, this film will make you laugh cry, and fall in love all over again! Watch it here on Amazon Prime Video today!


Like Water for Chocolate (1992)

A movie that will make you crave Mexican food. Like Water for Chocolate is a story about Tita and Pedro, who fall in love from afar due to an old family tradition. The only problem? She can’t marry him because of her status as the youngest daughter; she must take care of her mother until she dies. They eventually get married but have never been intimate with each other out of respect for their traditions and customs! Watch it here on Netflix today!


About Time (2013)

This is a movie about something that most of us have thought about before; if you could go back in time and change things, would you? Tim Lake can do just that! Watch as he uses this ability to find the girl of his dreams (played by Rachel McAdams) in this hilarious tale. This one will make you laugh because it’s anything but your normal romance film. It also has an amazing soundtrack! Watch it here on Amazon Prime Video today for free with a trial!


P.S. I Love You (2007)

A story based on a young widow who is struggling to cope with her husband’s death. He leaves her letters that help guide and support her through this difficult time as she comes to terms with the loss of someone so dear. Watch it here on Netflix today!


The Last Song (2010)

A movie about a girl named Ronnie (played by Miley Cyrus) who is forced to spend her summer with her estranged father. She becomes fast friends with Will, and the two of them bond over their mutual love for music as well as some life lessons that they learn along the way. Watch it here on Netflix today!


Big Fish (2003)

A movie about the son of aging and quite eccentric man who is trying to get him to believe in his fantastic stories. The son starts off not believing any of it, but as he gets older he begins to open up to them more and realizes that they aren’t just “stories” after all.


This romantic comedy stars Hugh Grant playing himself (very comically) while Drew Barrymore tries her best at acting by appearing on a rom-com with him. He’s awkward around women until she enters into his life when things start looking up for him. It follows their relationship from meeting till ending where you see how much love can actually change someone.


Amour (2012)

An older couple is living an ordinary life, but in order to be loved, you must love yourself. That’s what they start realizing as their relationship starts deteriorating and one of them gets sick. It shows how important communication can be with your significant other when going through a hard time together or even just being there for each other during the good times.


An Affair to Remember (1957)

This classic romantic movie is about a couple who falls in love but their lives take different paths. They promise to meet on top of the Empire State building years later, but does fate have other plans? A remake was made called Love Affair (1994) that’s fairly similar and follows the same plotline with some differences.


A man leaves his small town life behind as he starts a new job at an ad agency in New York City where he gets assigned to work with Samantha Jones (Catherine Zeta-Jones). He quickly realizes how wild she really is when she crashes her boyfriend’s car into someone else’s while driving drunk which causes them both to get fired from the company.


Bright Star (2009)

Bright Star tells the story about a young poet named John Keats who is trying to find himself as an artist and falls in love with Fanny Brawne, his neighbor. It’s set during the Romantic Era where poets were idolized by society for their wild imaginations and rebellions against traditional social standards.


The movie follows them through all of their ups and downs together (mostly down) while he goes through health problems that threaten his life later on in time but also shows how much they truly care for each other despite not being able to express it often due to him being stubborn at times or her scared because she doesn’t want lose someone else close again like what happened when her mother died when she was younger.


The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)

This is a classic ghost romance movie where a newly widowed woman moves into an old seaside home and begins to hear things in the house. She doesn’t believe it at first, but then she finds out that there’s more than meets the eye when she starts seeing visions of what once lived there before her arrival.


The story follows Mrs. Muir as she gets to know this spirit named Captain Gregg who tells her his life story through flashbacks about how he met and fell in love with another girl who also ended up passing away from tuberculosis like him shortly after their wedding day due to not being able to get over losing him so quickly afterward. They fall even deeper in love together throughout time until they cross paths again years later while still living.


The Lucky One (2012)

A Marine returns home with a photo of the girl he found in his jacket after surviving an IED explosion and decides to start searching for her. He finally gets help from someone who can lead him closer when they meet up again, but she has no idea why this stranger is looking for her at first until it all comes together afterward.


This romantic movie follows their relationship through time as well where you see how much love itself can keep people together even if things get hard between them or life threatens to pull them apart because it will always be there on standby waiting for both of them whenever they decide that its enough now and come back to each other’s arms once more.


The Vow (2012)

The Vow is another classic romantic movie about a married couple that goes through a devastating car accident. The woman wakes up with no memory of who her husband is and eventually starts to fall in love again, but she’s torn between the man who saves her life and the person who has loved her for years even though they don’t remember each other at first.


This film follows them as their relationship gets tested throughout time which causes it to become stronger because they realize how much deeper their connection went beyond just memories so now there’s nothing else holding them back from coming together once more like before when everything was normal between them.


Message in a Bottle (1999)

This is a romantic drama film about a man who writes letters to his deceased wife and puts them in bottles as he goes on with life. The story follows these messages being found throughout time by different people that change their lives for the better because of it.


The movie starts off when someone finds one while walking along the beach, so they mail it back after reading what’s inside even though most of their friends tell them not to do such creepy things like this but they don’t listen at first until later on in time where you see how much love can be shared between two hearts if they just open up enough times (no matter how many) together before giving up all hope left behind once more forever.


Dirty Dancing (1987)

This is a classic romantic movie about a sheltered girl who goes to her parent’s lake house for the summer where she meets and falls in love with one of the staff members working there.


The story follows their relationship through time as it gets tested throughout due to something that happens between them or within another part of life trying to tear apart whatever they’re still holding onto together until they find out how strong this connection really was by coming back around just once more again when all hope seems lost forever because everything else has already given up on them before even knowing what could have happened next if they had only kept going long enough afterward like never giving up at all while being able to see things from both sides clearly now.


Carol (2015)

Carol is a romantic drama film about the relationship between two women in 1952. The story follows these characters as they go through different stages of life while still holding onto each other within their hearts until everything finally comes together like it was supposed to all along where love never dies no matter what happens throughout time afterward even if you think that there’s nothing left for you waiting around anymore before turning away from love once more forever because sometimes things get messed up but its always worth taking another chance on them again later on when everyone else has given up and walked out on both sides leaving behind only empty space which can be crossed over instead now after coming back around just one last time maybe together forever without letting anything or anyone ever get in your way of happiness again.


The Big Sick (2017)

The Big Sick is a romantic comedy-drama film about an interracial couple that has to deal with their cultural differences as they go through different stages of life together. The story follows these characters from the beginning where love starts blooming between them until it gets tested throughout time because something happens which makes one of them question everything that’s happening but eventually comes back around just once more again when things are finally okay after facing whatever was left standing in the way first before giving up all hope and turning away from each other forever without ever looking back leaving behind nothing else anymore now even if you think its already too late at this point for any relationship like this to last long term or not.


One Day (2011)

One Day is a romantic drama film about two people who meet on the night of their graduation and then go their separate ways until they bump into each other again years later. The story follows these characters as it gets tested throughout time because one of them decides to take off without saying goodbye or anything before leaving only an empty space behind like that person was never even there in the first place anymore after this happens for good now, but you can find out what really happened during all those times when everything else has already given up on both sides forever more afterward if you watch this movie instead which will help explain everything better than I ever could since we don’t actually know much about why either character did something so drastic unless someone’s willing to tell us at some more.


In this article, we’ve provided 42 movies that are like The Notebook. We’re sure you’ll find a movie to watch on our list after reading about each one in the following paragraphs. If you don’t want spoilers and just want to know what these movies have in common with Notebook, let me tell you now that they all include love stories between two people who go through different stages of life together throughout the time before it gets tested because something happens which makes their relationship stronger or weaker depending on how things turn out from thereon afterward until everything eventually comes back around again when both sides finally get over whatever had been standing in their way.



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