Movies Like Maladolescenza: What movies to Watch

movies like maladolescenza

There are many reasons why people watch movies. Some like to be entertained and some want to learn something new. Movies can also be a way for us to escape reality, or they can make us more empathetic towards others. There are so many great movies out there, but if you’re looking for movies like Maladolescenza then take a look at these suggestions below!

What is Maladolescenza about?

Maladolescenza is an Italian movie about three teenagers whose lives are set in motion when they meet each other in their high school for students with behavioral disorders. It deals with heavy topics like bullying and sexual abuse which made it difficult to watch at times but I found myself getting completely absorbed into these kids’ stories even though I couldn’t understand what was being said throughout most of the film!

Why watch movies like Maladolescenza?

Why should you watch movies like Maladolescenza? Here are the reasons why:

  • To be entertained
  • To escape reality
  • To learn something new or to make yourself more empathetic towards others.

There are many other great movies out there but if you’re looking for movies with a similar theme, then take a look at these suggestions below!

Movies like Maladolescenza?

So what movies should you watch?

  1. Love, Simon

The first movie like  Maladolescenza, Love Simon is about a high school guy who has to keep his homosexuality hidden.

When he falls in love with an anonymous classmate online, the two set out on a funny and heartfelt journey towards self-discovery.

Watch it for: It’s gay but not gory or filthy – you’ll see some kissing scenes which are innocent enough (I think). The movie also focuses on how hard coming out can be at different points of your life so if that sounds like something you’re interested in then check this one!

This film just might make teen sexuality easier to talk about too–a subject where there still seems to be lots of misunderstanding and misinformation.

  1. The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides is a film based on the novel of the same name by Jeffrey Eugenides. The story follows five adolescent girls who grow up in an upper-middle-class suburb and how they come to terms with their sexual desires over time. It explores themes such as suicide, depression, sexuality, angst, and hopelessness but it also has humor and beauty throughout its duration that make this movie worth watching!

This family drama starring Kirstin Dunst tells the story of Cecilia Lisbon’s short life after her parents both died when she was 13 years old. Her sisters start being killed one by one until only Cecilia is left alive; everyone thinks she may be next because nobody knows why these killings are happening. Everything becomes more complicated

  1. Thirteen (2003)

This is a coming-of-age movie that follows Tracy, who’s thirteen years old and has just finished eighth grade. She starts to hang out with friends she meets at her new school and eventually gets into hard drugs like heroin. This isn’t the perfect family film for everyone because it does have some mature content, but this is one of those movies that can open your eyes to what goes on in our world if you’re not careful.

An interesting aspect of Thirteen are clips from interviews with actual young people describing their experiences as they try to make sense of things happening around them – subjects such as puberty, sex, addiction, depression, death, etc., all while showing these kids dealing with adult situations head-on without having any parental

  1. Girl, Interrupted

Girl, interrupted is another great movie similar to  Maladolescenza that tackles the story of a young woman who is committed to a mental asylum. The film, based on memoirs by Susanna Kaysen, focuses on the patient’s experience as well as that of her family and doctors.

  1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of  Being a Wallflower is an American coming-of-age drama film written and directed by Stephen Chbosky. The novel was published in 1999, with the screenplay following two years later.

In this movie, Charlie is trying to figure out who he really is as a kid living on his own for the first time after being diagnosed with depression before going off to college. It’s about more than just high school cliques though; it also addresses heavy topics such as death, suicide, drug use, relationships between family members and friends (and how those relationships change over time), sexuality among other things that are important issues for anyone growing up!

This movie tackles everything from romance to friendship struggles while still remaining one of my favorite movies ever made.

  1. Mean Girls

Near the end of the list, we have Mean Girls.  This is an incredible coming-of-age comedy about Cady, who just moved to Chicago from Africa. It’s so much more than the stereotypical “high school movie” with a popular girl group called The Plastics (mean girls) and a nerdy sidekick named Damian, there are also some really important messages that we can’t forget when reviewing this film.

It’s all about how Cady learns to navigate through high school while simultaneously trying not to be taken advantage of by other people at her new school, but it also teaches you what happens if you don’t take time for yourself or listen to your gut even though everyone else seems to have their lives together on social media!

So there you have it, some of the best movies to watch like Maladolescenza. You don’t need a projector or TV screen to enjoy these great films with your friends; just find one and get ready for an amazing time. We hope that this list helped make selecting what movie is right for you easier! If you’re still not sure where to start, we made the decision even easier by providing links so that you can rent them straight from the Amazon Prime Video on-demand library. Enjoy!


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