Jean Claude Van Damme’s Best Movies:  Top 10 List

Jean Claude Van Damme's Best Movies

Jean Claude Van Damme is a well-known actor and martial artist. He has starred in over 50 movies, with many of them being some of the best movies ever. In this blog post, we will discuss his top 10 favorite films and why they are so great!

So let us begin Jean Claude Van Damme’s Best Movies list

1. Bloodsport

Jean Claude Van Damme is not only an actor but also a martial artist. He has won world championships and was even inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame in 1990. His first movie, Bloodsport, released on November 23rd, 1988, made him famous around the globe

Bloodsport tells the story about Frank Dux (Van Damme), who enters his Asian friend Senzo Tanaka’s Kumite tournament: The Kumite. This event challenges fighters from all over to battle for supremacy in hand-to-hand combat; with no rules except one–no hitting below the belt or else you are disqualified!

The film was shot at locations throughout Thailand: Bangkok, Phuket Province. It is often considered

2. Kickboxer

After Bloodsport Kickboxer is  Jean-Claude Van Damme’s second movie and the sequel to Bloodsport. The film was released on November 22nd, 1989, but it has been re-released in 1990 where it made over $25 million

The plot of Kickboxer focuses around Kurt Sloane (Van Damme), a young man who is taught martial arts by his brother Frank after he lost all other sense of direction following an accident that killed both their parents. He soon becomes world champion… until a tragic event takes away everything from him again. Kickboxer is often considered one of the best movies with Jean-Claude Van Damme because it’s funny and offers some insight into how he became such a successful fighter while also being easy for most people

3. Lionheart

Different from the above movies, Lionheart is a bit more serious and has an intense plot with some drama to it. It is worth mentioning that this movie was filmed in Turkey.

Lionheart tells the story of Luc Deveraux, who becomes involved in what he believes is a secret U.S.-led mission into Kuwait (the country which currently belongs to Iraq). He discovers his commanding officer had betrayed him when told never entered battle without notifying them beforehand

The film starts as if it were set up for a sequel but there are no direct plans for one at the time of release.

5. Universal Soldier

In fifth place is Universal Soldier. This movie has a really interesting concept, it includes two soldiers and their programming to kill each other but with some flaws in this programming.

It is a great movie to watch for people that are interested in reading about the military, war, and science fiction.

6. Hard Target

Position number 6 belongs to  Hard Target. This movie has a great cast and is an action packed one. It is about an American who goes to Vietnam in order to find his father but since he can’t, he starts looking for another man that was with him when they went there before.

7. The Expendables 2

The sequel of  The Expendables. Its a movie with the old cast of action heroes, and some new ones like Dolph Lundgren who plays Gunner Jensen

The story is about an arms dealer that puts together his army in order to fight against these people from another organization called The Exchange and this leads into a war between them.

It’s really entertaining and has lots of explosions!

8. Legionnaire

Classic Van damme  movie. It is about an American legionnaire who travels to France so that he can get the funds from his family’s estate but once there, he discovers a plot for genocide against french people

It has lots of action scenes and it’s good if you want to see some old school, Jean Claude Van Damme.

9. Second in Command

The 9th but still great movie is Second in Command. It follows a detective who can’t speak or use his hands and he goes to Africa with some other people to help them find their daughter


It has lots of action scenes, you get the feeling that Jean Claude van damme actually cares about what he’s doing for once! Which makes it much more enjoyable as an overall film.

10. Assassination Games

And last on the list is Assassination Games. It follows a detective who is trying to find out what happened to his partner. This movie has more of an emotional feel than the others, which makes it really good for all you jean Claude van damme fans!

It also has some great suspense and action scenes in it that will keep your family from being bored on Christmas day.

So, what’s your favorite Jean Claude Van Damme movie? Was it on our list? Let us know in the comments section below! But no matter which is your favorite, we’re sure you’ll find one that suits any mood or occasion. And if you want to watch his best movies back-to-back, just hit play and let those kicks fly!

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