Issues Affecting Youth Today: A Conversation with Our Youth

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The issues affecting youth today are a serious topic that needs to be discussed. To solve these issues, we need input from our youth as they are the ones living with it every day. This blog post aims to provide insight into issues that affect youth and encourage a conversation about how we can make life better for them.

Raised by single parents


For our youth, issues in their life can be complex and overwhelming. One of the issues they may face is being raised by a single parent. As this article outlines, it’s not an easy task taking on sole responsibility for raising a child without any assistance from another adult figure. What are some other issues that you’ve faced as a single parent? Do you have the advice to offer others who find themselves in your shoes? Share what works for you below!


In order to solve these issues, we need input from OUR YOUTH. They’re the ones living with it every day.” -Diana Guarino-Armenta


Maturity at a young age


There’s a lot of issues affecting youth. One is maturity at a young age, and there are many reasons why this may be the case.

-Children are more exposed to violence, crime, drugs, and other issues as they grow up than ever before.

-The teenage years have been extended due to social media


-Orphans who don’t get support from adults struggle with emotional issues like grief and abandonment.


Obesity and other health problems


Another issue affecting our youth is obesity and other health problems. This article discusses the need for more education on how unhealthy eating habits can lead to serious issues like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer in adulthood.


It’s not just about telling them what NOT to eat- it’s also important to educate them on healthy food choices so they will make better decisions.


Peer Pressure

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Peer pressure is another issue affecting our youth. This article discusses how peer pressure can be a difficult thing to overcome, especially when it’s from someone you have known since childhood or if they’re in the same social circle and share some of your interests.

“I think that we need more focus on being who we are as opposed to what others want us to be,” -Diana Guarino-Armenta


Physical Image


Physical issues also affect our youth, and one of the issues is how they view themselves.

-In a society that values physical appearance over all else, many can feel pressured to conform


-This pressure may lead them to develop unhealthy eating habits or resorting to disordered behavior like suicide in order to “fit in”


What are your thoughts on this? Share below!


Drug and alcohol abuse

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Drug and alcohol issues also affect our youth.

-The use of drugs among teenagers is a growing problem in society

Alcohol abuse affects the brain before it does any other organ, which may lead to alcoholism at an early age




Depression is also a big issue that affects our youth.

-Some of the symptoms are feeling sad or hopeless, loss of interest in things you love, and feelings of worthlessness

-Feeling down for a couple of days isn’t necessarily depression but could just be because they didn’t have enough sleep or had too much sugar

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Academic problems


Another less common issue affecting youth issues with academics.

-Some include issues like fatigue or lack of self-confidence which may lead to a disconnect from schoolwork and less interest in learning


Parental pressure


Other issues that affect our youth are parental expectations.

-Parents may not see their child’s potential and push them into areas they’re less interested in

-This pressure could lead to a sense of failure or worse, the feeling of being trapped in a situation they don’t want to be in



Another issue our youth is dealing with is materialism.

-Materialism is the desire to own things or be admired for what we have

-It’s usually seen as a social status symbol with those who are popular and/or successful being idolized by society so it becomes important to “keep up” with them at all costs




The most common issue is bullying.

-Bullying is used as a tactic to gain power over other people and control them

-There are many issues that can stem from bullying, including issues with self-esteem and mental health

Would you like me to continue writing? I don’t believe these issues should be ignored.



The issues that affect youth are also poverty.

-Poverty is a serious issue in America and around the world

-It affects all aspects of life, including education and opportunities for advancement

-Poverty creates issues such as hunger, homelessness, and lack of access to healthcare


Juvenile Delinquency


The issues that affect youth are also juvenile delinquency.

-Each year, millions of juveniles in the United States commit delinquent acts and crimes

-Juveniles may have a better chance at rehabilitation if they’re not under the care of an adult criminal justice system.


Sexual activity


Sexual issues also affect youth.

-Youth may feel pressured to have sex or participate in sexual activity

-Sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies are major issues that can come from this pressure

School shootings


The issues that affect youth are also school shootings.

-School shootings have become a major issue in America, especially for students

-These events can lead to feelings of fear and anxiety which disrupts their daily life and may prevent them from going back into the environment where they were traumatized.


Mental health issues


I think one of the biggest issues is a mental health issue.

-Mental health issues can be caused by many different things, including trauma and stress

-Some of the issues that affect youth are anxiety disorders like panic disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder


The Dangers of social media


-The dangers of social media have become an issue in today’s society

-It can create issues such as cyberbullying and exposure to inappropriate content that may lead them down a dangerous path.

The issues that affect youth today are varied. However, issues such as poverty, juvenile delinquency, mental health issues, and school shootings are more common issues that affect the youth. I think these issues should be taken seriously by our society.

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