How old are the characters on riverdale?

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How old are the characters meant to be in Riverdale?

The main cast of Riverdale is all going to be 25 years old during the majority of season 5. This is because the show was originally set in the 1980s, but now that it is being made into a movie, it is being re-set in the 1990s.

How old are the characters in Riverdale Season 4?

Riverdale was created as an Archie Comics spin-off. The characters are supposed to be teenagers, but they’re actually high school students. This means that the characters are older than they should be.

Is Cheryl older than Betty?

Cheryl is in the same grade as Veronica, Archie, Betty, and Jason. She is a sophomore.

How old was Archie in Season 1?

KJ Apa was 19 years old when he was cast as an Archie Andrews. He is now 22 years old while his character is finishing his junior year of high school.

How old is the jellybean from Riverdale?

Trinity is the youngest character in the show. She is also the only child of the main characters. Her age may be why she seems immature compared to the rest of the cast.

How old is Veronica on Riverdale?

Camila Mendes is 24 years old, she was born on June 29th, 1994 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Is Archie a blossom?

The reveal that Archie is secretly a Blossom would be one of Riverdales biggest twists yet – and this is a show that’s revealed two character’s fathers to be murderers.

Where are Polly’s twins?

Polly’s death following their mother’s death and the twins are taken in by Cheryl for a few days. They are told their mother is someplace beautiful and close by. They even hang up a hummingbird feeder in the rose garden.

What grade is Riverdale?

Riverdale High School is the main school attended by Archie and his friends.

How old is Jason blossom?

Jason was known to be an older teenager. He died the summer before his last year of high school.

Is Riverdale appropriate for 11 year old?

Riverdale is an entertaining show about teenagers who live in a town called Riverdale. Their lives are complicated by secrets and lies. There are many issues discussed in this show including bullying, drugs, and mental illness. This show is recommended for ages 13 and up.

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Who married Jughead?

Archie Andrews married two different women in two different universes. He married Betty Cooper in one universe but married Veronica Lodge in the other.

What age is Veronica Lodge?

Camila Mendes (Veronika Lodge) is 26 years old.

How old is Jughead’s sister?

A young girl named Jellybean plays the part of a koala. She is portrayed by a 12-year- old actress, who is playing her first major role.

Did KJ APA and Camila date?

Yes, they’re dating! In fact, they were seen holding hands during an episode of Riverdale. Their chemistry was undeniable, but they’ve never dated before.

When was Riverdale 5 filmed?

Riverdale started filming in September 2020 in Canada, but things were looking a little different on set because of the coronavirus.

Who’s older Dylan or Cole?

Dylan and Cole were born in Germany, but they moved to the U.S. when they were 4 months old. Their father is named Dylan Thomas, and their mother is named Nat King Cole.

What is Madelaine Petsch natural hair color?

Madelaine has beautiful red hair. Her hair is naturally curly and she doesn’t use any kind of product. She also has freckles on her face.

What is Cheryl blossoms full name?

Cheryl was born in Riverdale, New Jersey. She is the daughter of Penycliff and Clifford Blossom. She is also the twin sister of Jason Blossom. She is portrayed by Madeline Petsch.

Who did Cole Sprouse dated?

Sprouse has dated many women including actresses and dancers.

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Is Cheryl Blossom adopted?

Redheads are very popular among people who love to play sports. In this story, the main character is a redhead. Her family shows up and asks about all the redheaded children. She is adopted into the family and raised as another sibling to Clifford (Claudius).

Is Cheryl in love with Jason?

Jason and Cheryl have a very close relationship. She considers him as her soul mate. He also has red hair, which is a trait shared by many members of the Blossom family.

Are Cheryl and Betty related?

There had been a feud between Cooper and Blossom families for years as Betty and Pollys’ grandfather was killed by Cheryls and Jasons’ grandfather but the pair weren’t just rival, they were actually brother this means Pollys and Jason were the third cousin and so are Betty and Cherly

How old is Clara Berry?

Clara was born on December 7, 1993.

Is Clara Berry pregnant?

KJ Apa and Clara Berry are expecting their baby boy or girl.

Does Betty lose her virginity to Jughead?

Betty and Jughead’s relationship was interrupted by a motorcycle gang. Their daughter lost her virginity while watching TV.

Is Betty a serpent?

Betty is the youngest sibling to Polly and Charles. She follows in her mother’s footsteps by becoming a member of the Southside Serpens. Her boyfriend is named Jughead.

Is Betty a serial killer?

Betty Cooper doesn’t kill people, but she does have serial killer genes. She wants to be a detective, but she doesn’t want to get involved in murder cases.

Who is the father of Betty Cooper’s baby?

Riverdale has revealed that FP Jones is the dad of Alice Cooper’s son. This is an important plot twist because FP is now the most powerful man in town. He is also the leader of the Southside Serpents.

Who gets pregnant in Riverdale?

A pregnant blonde woman is shown as an emoji. She is also called Betty Cooper.

What happened to Polly and Jason’s baby?

Polly doesn’t want to raise her children at the farm anymore. She wants to move to San Francisco. Her husband agrees with her decision.

When did Polly Cooper died?

While fans were happy to see Tiera Skovbye return as Polly Cooper, she died in the previous episode. Fans are upset about the writing because they didn’t get closure on her character.

What grade was Cheryl Blossom in?

Jason and Cheryl are twins. They were born on the same day but they are not in the same grade. Cheryl is a sophomore while Jason is a freshman. This makes sense because they are twins and they were born on the same date.

What is Riverdale age rating?

This show is for older children who enjoy watching TV shows about people living in different places around the world. There are many characters in this show that are very interesting. Some of them are even more interesting than others. You should watch this show if you want to learn more about other cultures.

How did Cheryl get Jason’s body Riverdale?

The Farm is an evil cult that uses drugs to lure people into believing that dead loved ones are still alive. Their victims dig up corpses and sew mouths closed. A surprising amount of time passes before the bodies are found.

Who died in Riverdale?

Each death is listed in order of occurrence. The first episode shows the murder of Blossom, who was murdered by his wife. Episode two shows the shooting of Mary Ellen, who was shot in the chest. Episode three shows the shooting of Jim, who was shot in his chest. Episode four shows the shooting of Sue, who was also shot in her chest.

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