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How do you transfer tickets on flash seats?

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Can you transfer e tickets to another person?

You can transfer your tickets to another person’s email address. However, there may be some limitations depending on the situation. For example, you might need to provide proof of identities, such as a driver’s license or passport.

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What does Flash Seats mean on Ticketmaster?

Flash Seats are very similar to e-tickets, but instead of using a paper ticket, you use your credit card, driver’s license, or the Flash Seats App. You simply present your chosen ID to a gate attendant just like a traditional ticket.

How do I send an electronic ticket to a friend?

You can transfer tickets by logging into your account and selecting the event you wish to send to a friend. Follow the simple instructions on the screen to complete the transaction. Remember, the receiver’s e-mail address must be different from your own.

Can you sell tickets on Flash Seats?

You can buy flash seats online with your mobile phone using the Flash Seats app. You can also sell unused tickets on the Flash seat website.

How do I share my Ticketmaster tickets on Apple wallet?

You can add tickets to your digital wallet by signing into your account. Tap on My Events to see your order. Tap on Add to Apple Wallets.

How do I forward my e-ticket?

Yes, you may forward the original e-ticket email to your friend, but if your friend does not have a QR reader app installed on their phone, then you should send them a copy of your PDF attachment instead.

How do I transfer a ticket from Apple wallet?

A: Open Apple wallet Tap on the ticket you’d like to share You should now see a three-dot symbol in the upper right corner Tap on it In the next menu, scroll down, and tap on “Share Pass” Pass send the pass via Messages, mail or AirDrop

How do I transfer tickets from Ticketmaster to StubHub?

On Stubhub, complete the sale Go To ‘My Tickets’ then Sales and Find Your Sale Do You See a ‘Confirm Transfer’ Button? You See a ‘Confirmed Transfer’ Button: Click ‘Confirm Transfer’ to Tell Us You Transferred the Tickets

How do I sell my Flash Seats?

The tickets will automatically appear when you log into the site using the AXS App. You’ll also see them listed under My Events.

Why can’t I resell my tickets on Ticketmaster?

You may sell your tickets through Ticketmaster if you have a US bank account.

Where should I sell my tickets?

The data shows that there is a higher volume of traffic coming from StubHub than any other ticket marketplace site. There are also fewer sellers per capita on StubHub than on the other sites.

How do I add a license to my Apple Wallet?

The idea behind Apple Pay is similar to using a credit card. You tap the + icon in Apple Wallet, and then you’re asked to add your driver’s license or other state identification number. Then you take a photo of yourself holding your driver’s license or ID card. Once that’s done, you can use Apple Pay anywhere that accepts MasterCard or Visa.

How do I add a ticket to Apple Wallet safari?

Your iPhone or iPad automatically adds a new pass to your Wallet account. You can view a pass by clicking its link on a website. You can also share a pass by tapping the Share button in the Pass, then choosing how you want to share the pass.

How do I redeem Ticketmaster tickets?

You’ve successfully added a promo code!

How do I put tickets on my phone?

Your tickets should be scanned by the attendant using the Google Pay app. You should also make sure to show them the barcodes or QR codes on your phone so they can be scanned.

What are Vividseats fees?

Vivid Seats charges a fee ranging from 20% to 40%. Shipping costs can be as much as 25% of the ticket price.

How do I contact AXS by phone?

If you haven’t received your tickets yet, you should call us at 888-849-AXS-COM.

Is viagogo real?

I’m going to report you to the venue for being a scammer! You’ll never get me back into your site again!

What did flash seats change to?

Flash Seats is changing its name to AXSMobileID. You should still use the same email address to log into your account. Download the app now!

How do I create a Flash Seats account?

Just go to the Flash Seating website at and register yourself. You will need to fill out some basic info, but then you’re ready to buy tickets!

Who bought Flash Seats?

In addition to being a major stakeholder in the AXS ticketing platform (which includes StubHub), AEG owns several professional sports franchises including the Los Angeles Kings, LA Galaxy, and L.A. Sparks. Now, AEG has purchased Outbox Holdings and FlashSeats, giving them 100% ownership of the company.

Questions related to Can you transfer e-tickets to another person?

How long does it take to transfer AXS tickets?

Guests can transfer tickets up to one hour before showtime. To do so, go to the event page and select ‘Tickets’. Select ‘Transfer’, enter the ticket number and email address of the person you want to send the ticket to. You’ll get a confirmation message once the transfer is complete.

Where are my tickets on AXS?

You can manage tickets for upcoming shows under the “My Events” tab on the AXS app. The ticket icons appear below the description of each show.

How do you use TickPick?

Enter your billing and shipping information, as well as your promo codes and TickPick credits, and place your order shortly after placing your order, you will be notified via email that your order was successfully placed on our website with a TickPick order #, along with a purchase confirmation sent on the e-mail address associated with your account.

Can I sell tickets in my apple wallet?

We’re sorry but we can’t accept Apple Wallet tickets. Please download the ticket again as a PDF from your confirmation mail. This file will then be possible to sell on

What happens if I remove pass from Apple wallet?

Passes are moved to a separate view, where you can view them, unhide them, or delete them.

Is Apple wallet safe to use?

Apple Pay is designed to be safer than other payment methods because it uses built-in security features and is designed to work with your iPhone or iPad.

Can I sell flash seats on StubHub?

You can list the tickets for sale with the transfer options as flash seats when your ticket sells, you will be given a buyer’s name, email address, and phone number. You will then transfer them from your AXS/Flash Seats account to the buyer’s account. Finally, go into your StubHub account and confirm the transaction

Is it better to resell on StubHub and Ticketmaster?

StubHub is the best place to buy tickets online.

What percentage does StubHub take?

It is free to sell tickets on StubHub. Sellers receive a 10% commission on each ticket sold, while buyers pay a 15% fee. For example, if a person sells a $100 ticket, he or she receives $10 as a commission and $15 as a fee.

Are mobile transfer tickets safe?

In some cases, venues prefer to use paper-free tickets, or mobile transfers to enter events. There is no need to be any concerned about missing out on tickets if you don’t receive them immediately. As an event draws near, venues begin generating codes for each ticket.

What is a resale ticket at Ticketmaster?

Resale tickets are tickets that are sold by fans, season ticket holders, and professional ticket brokers on Ticketmaster. These tickets are clearly identified as such, either by color or description. The list price of a resealed ticket is set by the sellers and sometimes might be higher or lower than the face value

What percentage does Ticketmaster take on resale?

Chumi is an innovative platform that allows users to sell tickets online for events ranging from small to large scale. Users can also use the platform as an event management tool for managing attendees, sponsors, and vendors.

Is it illegal to resell concert tickets?

Ticket scalpers are individuals who buy and sell tickets to events without authorization from the sponsoring venue or organization. There are laws that prohibit ticket scalping in some states, but there is no federal law prohibiting the practice.

Can you sell non transferable tickets Ticketmaster?

You must be able to sell your tickets directly if you want to make money off them.

Why does Ticketmaster think im a bot?

Sorry, you’ve got a ticket waiting for you! You should be able to buy tickets now.

Can you sell tickets on eBay anymore?

StubHub is a website where you can buy concert, festival, sports, theater, and comedy tickets. Tickets sold on StubHub must be listed on the site. Other types of tickets (like those for Broadway shows) may be listed on other sites like eBay.

Can I sell tickets on Facebook?

You can sell free or paid tickets on Facebook. You can also choose to allow donations for the proceeds. You can also specify whether you want reserved seating.

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