How do i manage my playstation vue subscription?

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How do I cancel my PlayStation Vue subscription?

You should be able to cancel your subscription by going into settings and then modifying your subscription.

How much is a PlayStation Vue subscription?

The cost of PlayStation Vue depends on what you want out of your TV service. There are four different packages available including a variety of sports, movies, news, and lifestyle content. Prices range from $44.99 to $74.99 per month depending on the package. You can change your plan anytime without an annual commitment.

Is it easy to cancel PlayStation Vue?

You can easily cancel your PlayStation TV subscription from any device, such as a smartphone or tablet. But if you do it from a desktop or a laptop, you’ll be able to see more of your subscription details.

Does PlayStation Vue still exist?

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Sony’s Playstation Vue is closing today because it failed to attract enough customers. Many people signed up for this service but it didn’t work out for them. This is why we call this game “The Game”.n##

Do I have to have a PlayStation for PlayStation Vue?

Yes, you need a PlayStation console to play PlayStation Vue. You can watch PlayStation Vue on Roku devices, Amazon Fire TV devices, Android TV, Apple TV, and on many Windows and macOS web browsers.

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What devices can I watch PS Vue on?

Streaming services can be accessed by any device. You can use them on your computer, TV, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Is PlayStation getting shut down?

The PlayStation Store won’t be shutting down after all! This means you’ll still be able to download your games and play them on your PS3 or PS Vita.

How many subscribers did PS Vue have?

Research firm eMarketer estimates that there are over 1 million people who use Vue. The most popular service is SlingTV, with 2.4 Million subscribers.

Is TVision available on ps4?

TVision isn’t compatible because it was made by Sony.

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