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Which is your Your Favorite Pokemon of Each Type? Every Pokémon fan has a favorite type of Pokémon. Some people prefer Water-types while others are all about the Grass-type, but everyone has their favorite. If you’re looking for some inspiration on which types to use in your own adventures, or if you just want to know what other players like best – don’t worry! The Cool Generator is here for that and more. Just enter your favorite Pokemons into appropriate selections and it will give you Personal Card for it. We have tried it and we absolutelly love it.



In the article we want to present you to the your favorite pokemon of each type image card.


Favorite Pokemon of Each Type
This is the preview of how it looks to use your favorite pokemon of each type generator

What’s so great about the favorite pokemon of each type generator? Well, it can be a lot of fun to see which pokemon you are most similar too! Plus, it’s really easy to use. All you have to do is select your favorite pokemons from each type and click “Generate,” and then you’ll get an personalized image with all of them in just seconds. After using the generator you will get something like this :


Access Here : Your Favorite Pokemon of Each Type


What are Pokemons and Why They Are So Popular


What are Pokemons anyway? In this Section we will talk about what Pokémon are, why they’re so popular, and how to get into the series even if you haven’t been following it since day one. There are seven generations of Pokémon with new ones coming out each year both on TV and as video game titles for your computer or gaming console. The main reason these little creatures have become so famous is because there’s an interactive world full of action that kids love learning more about – plus it doesn’t require much skillorld.


Pokemons are these small creatures that you can collect and battle with. They’re popular for a couple of reasons, but the main one is that they have their own TV show. The Pokemons in the show all have special powers to help them fight each other, so it’s like watching an animated action movie! There also aren’t many rules when it comes to Pokemons which means you can do whatever you want with them.


There are seven generations of Pokemon, which means there is plenty for kids to watch and play even if they haven’t been following the series from day one. It’s not just about catching new Pokemons; there are people who use this game as a way to explore different countries around the wold. Nowadays there is even PokemonGo game that makes you go out in the nature to Catch rare pokemons with your phone. People all around the globe are crazy about it.

We think its great while you know your limits, once it starts to become your obsession its better cool it down.


The most popular Pokemon is Charizard, which has a total of three different forms and can be found in many games including the original Red/Blue versions from 1996!


Is Pokemon Considered Anime? Read more to find out


Many people have debated whether or not Pokémon is anime. There are some who believe that it is, and others who think otherwise. The debate is still going on because there has been no solid conclusion as to what exactly an anime is. However, in this blog post we will discuss the arguments for both sides of the argument so you can decide which side to take! What are your thoughts on this, Let us know in the comments.


That would be all for this post. If you like the Pokemon related stuff, make sure you check out our Name That Pokemon quiz and whats that pokemon quiz.

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