Famous archers in mythology – Top 15 myths

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What famous archers in mythology have you heard of? Have you ever wondered who are the most famous and what their stories are? If so, this blog post is for you! We will be discussing 15 famous myths about famous archers and telling a little bit about each one of them. Read on to find out more!


1. Hercules

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Hercules is famous for being a famous archer. He was known to be very skilled with the bow and arrow, often using it in battle when he needed to quickly take out his opponents from afar, as well as use them effectively in close combat. Hercules killed many animals across Greece while managing to never miss an animal that he shot down with his arrows. It’s said that because of this skill, Zeus made him immortal so he would always have someone around who could shoot straight like him!


He had been able to kill three-headed Hydra by shooting poison arrows into its head which caused it immense pain before eventually killing it  —  though not without some struggles on Hercules’ part where he also used

2. Apollo

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Venus Light Apollo Fountain Fontaine Du Soleil God

Apollo was a famous archer in Greek mythology. He would often shoot arrows that were golden-tipped with the sun’s light to kill his opponents during battle, but he also had many other great skills! Apollo is known as one of the most important gods from Ancient Greece because he influenced so much about life and death there –  such as through music which eased people into accepting their fate when it came time to die.

He created the lyre out of turtle shell, snakeskin, cow gut, and horsehair; this instrument became an integral part of everyday life back then due to its soothing nature. And because Apollo loved humanity above all else (aside from maybe his own father Zeus)


3. Cupid

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Cupid is the number three famous mythology archer. He was also the god of love, and he became famous because there’s not much that Cupid doesn’t know about how to make people fall in love! Cupid would shoot arrows at his victims  —  usually from afar so they wouldn’t see him coming which made it even more terrifying when they were struck by an arrow out of nowhere. The first person ever shot with one of these arrows was Psyche; she had been walking along near her house looking up into the sky while daydreaming and stumbled upon Cupid who then set off trying to get close enough to shoot her with his golden-tipped arrow!

4. Artemis

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The fourth mythology famous archer is Artemis. She was the goddess of the moon, and she also had many other talents as well! Artemis would use her bow to shoot arrows at those who were condemned or unjustly killed  —  giving them vengeance against their killer when they might not have been able to receive it otherwise. It’s said that these arrows were usually dipped in poison so even if you weren’t hit directly by one, they caused pain before eventually killing someone because of the poisons inside!

She wore clothes that looked almost like animal pelts from all different kinds of animals but then mixed together; this helped her blend into nature more while hunting prey or defending herself from attackers.


5. Robin Hood

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Robin Hood on number 5, Who doesn’t know about Robin Hood. He became famous because he stole from the rich and gave to the poor, never asking anything back from those who were struggling more than others  —  but only if they needed it of course! Robin Hood really had some skills as an archer considering that he could shoot arrows with such accuracy even when there’s not much time or space between him and his target; this made him one heck of a foe to challenge on the battlefield! His skill was so great that people have debated whether or not Robin Hood actually existed at all since many doubted how skilled someone would need to be in order to pull off what he did…

6. Paris of Troy

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Quite unknown for general public Paris of Troy on sixth place on our list. He was the Prince of Troy, and he became famous because his skills as an archer were unmatched  —  and that’s not just due to luck! Paris would take aim at the target with a bow made from gold or ivory (sometimes even both) before letting loose; this skill helped him win many battles where the Trojans had been losing badly up until that point. It also got him into trouble sometimes when people started accusing him of cheating while shooting targets since it seemed like there was no way someone could be so good without some help… but all who saw these arrows knew they couldn’t have come from anyone else!

7. Odysseus

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Odysseus is mythology famous archer number seven on our list. He became famous because he was an excellent strategist, and his skill at shooting arrows helped him accomplish many of the goals that were set out before him! Odysseus would always choose to fight battles from as far away as possible  —  either by using bows or throwing spears; this strategy allowed him to avoid getting too close with enemies who could be more difficult to kill when they got closer while also making it easier for Odysseuss’s allies on the battlefield since opponents had less time preparing themselves for an attack.


8. Atalanta

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Atalanta is famous for being a famous archer in mythology. She became famous because of her skills as an athlete, and she was the first woman to join in on the Olympic games! Atalanta competed against other men  —  and won almost every time; this could be due to the fact that she had been raised by hunters who taught her how to use different kinds of weapons like bows or throwing spears. One myth says that when people challenged her using these weapons, they always lost: not just because it’s said that there were no male challengers but also because all their armor would break open during battle so while they might have looked tough at first glance

9. Narcissus

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Number nine belongs to Narcissus. He became famous because of his skill with the bow and arrow, but he also gained power with different types of weapons like swords or spears; this helped him fight battles and win against enemies who were bigger than himself! Narcissi’s skill as an archer was so great that people began to question whether or not he could really be human at all since it seemed impossible that anyone else would have such abilities  —  but when they asked about it, no one knew where these arrows had come from. In some cases, Narcissus might even use his own reflection while shooting targets:

10. William Tell

72b356c2 william tell

William Tell is probably one that you heard of as he belongs to more recent history. He became famous because he was so skilled with the bow and arrow that people started to think there had to be something otherworldly about him! Some stories say William would use his own hair as string when shooting targets, while others claim he only used one of two arrows during each battle  —  and yet it still seemed impossible how accurate or powerful these shots were considering they weren’t always from close range. This led many to suspect William could have been an angel sent down from heaven (or maybe even God himself) who was here on Earth just for this mission…

11. David and Goliath

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The famous archer in this myth is David. He became famous because he killed Goliath, the giant who was causing so much trouble for Israel at that time! The story says that David used a sling-shot to fight  —  and defeated him with accuracy and precision. Some people have said it’s possible that David may not be human after all: like maybe an angel or even God himself sent down on Earth just to help defeat evil…


12. Tom Thumb

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Tom Thumb is yet another famous mythology archer. He became famous because he was the smallest person to ever live and had great skill with bows or throwing spears! One story says that Tom once took on an opponent who was twice his size: but thanks to his skills as a hunter, Tom managed to defeat him by shooting arrows from a distance so they’d miss  —  then when close enough, used swords instead of trying again with the bow and arrow. Some people say it’s possible this little guy might have been sent down from heaven (or maybe even God himself) just to help defend against evil…

13. Perseus

e0af2278 perseus

Perseus on number 13. Not so known for most people but it will be for you who are reading this. He became famous because he was so skilled when it came to using bows and arrows that people thought there had to be something otherworldly about him! Some stories say Perseus might have been able to use his own reflection while shooting targets  —  but others insist this could not be possible unless the mirror would move with each shot, which isn’t likely at all. This led many to suspect Perseus could have been an angel sent down from heaven (or maybe even God himself) who was here on Earth just for this mission…


14. Eros

22ff6c3a eros

Eros is famous For a lot of other things and among them, archery is not mentioned that much. He became famous because he loved to shoot arrows! There are two stories about how Eros got his bow and arrow, but both agree that it was thanks to the sun god Apollo:


– In one story, when Eros asked Apollo why he had been born so small and weak (he could barely lift even a feather!), the sun god gave him a bow as well as some golden arrows  —  and told him they would give him strength until then end of time;


– And in the other story, when Zeus threatened Eros with death if he didn’t stop shooting people with love arrows…

15. Psyche

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– Psyche is a famous archer number 15 in our mythology list. She was famous for her beauty and virginity to the point that she was considered divine by mortal men.


– There are many versions of this myth, but one thing they all have in common is the sudden disappearance of a god from Earth because he saw mortals looking upon him with love or desire. This angered Zeus so much that he ordered his son Eros to make sure no man would ever be able to experience such joy again; therefore, people’s souls will reside inside their bodies forevermore without any chance at an afterlife of blissful union with another person.

The article featured a few famous archers in mythology and their stories. Hopefully, you learned something new about these great heroes of the past! I’ll leave you with one last thought on this topic – do not be discouraged if your skills are not as good as those of Odysseus, Robin Hood, or Hawkeye. As long as you have an open mind to learn from others’ mistakes and successes, you can become an expert archer too!

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