Disturbing Dark Force: Female Sith Lords Throughout History

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Throughout history, female Sith Lords have been overlooked and underrepresented in Star Wars media. There is no female sith lord in the movies, with the exception of Darth Malak’s apprentice Visas Marr. However, there are female sith lords that exist in video games like Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. This blog post will explore female Sith Lords throughout history and provide a detailed description of each one.

Lady Bastilla Shan

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Bastilla Shan is one of the female Sith lords in Knights of the Old Republic II. She was a Jedi Knight during Darth Malak’s reign and served as his apprentice at some point. After she became a sith lord, she took on an undercover mission to infiltrate her former master Revan’s army under the guise of a fallen Jedi named Mical (Revan had no idea that Bastila was still alive). At first, it seems like Revan doesn’t remember who Bastilla is but he eventually figures out that Mical is actually his old padawan Bastilla Shan. When this happens, they fight each other because both are leaders now with different goals. Ultimately, when Revan’s geth fleet attacks Malaks, Bastilla Shan escapes the ship.

Alema Rar

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Alema Rar was also a female sith lord. She was first introduced in the novel The New Jedi Order: Dark Journey, and she along with her brother (Lumiya) became apprentices of Darth Bane’s rule which states that there could only be two Sith at any given time- one master and one apprentice. Lumiya eventually took on another apprentice named Flinta after Alema refused to take on an apprentice herself because they were both female and female disciples had never turned out well for Darth Bane who wanted his order to survive long term. Alema showed potential as a powerful force user but it seemed like she wasn’t interested in taking on an Apprentice so Lumiya didn’t push the matter either. Because female sith lords were so uncommon, it seemed like Alema was the only female Sith lord that existed for a period of time.


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Lumiya was the female Sith Lord who took on Flinta as an apprentice. She became a Sith after she found out that her true love, Jacen Solo, had turned to the light side and was killed by Luke Skywalker in cold blood. Lumiya wasn’t happy with this turn of events but she knew there was no way to change it so she decided to become part of Darth Bane’s order for revenge against Jacen. She eventually met up with another sith lord called Darth Vader (who at the time still thought he was Anakin Skywalker) and they worked together closely until Vader betrayed Lumiya by making their alliance public which put them both in immediate danger because if Jedi could find them, they could kill them both.

Lumiya was eventually killed by Luke Skywalker after she tried to turn his son Ben against him and join her cause to destroy the Jedi so that Darth Bane’s order would remain secret from all of society. This demonstrates how female sith lords are usually more powerful than male sith lords because Lumiya went up against two Jedi at once when she fought Leia and Luke in minas Tirith.

Darth Zannah

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Darth Zannah was the female sith lord that Darth Bane took as his apprentice after defeating her. She was a relative of Princess Serra and she served under Lord Kaan during The New Sith Wars until he betrayed Darths Bane and ran away with all the Dark Lord’s money leaving them to die in battle. Zannah ended up finding out where Kaan had run off to but when she confronted him, Kaan tried to kill her so Zannah defended herself by killing him instead which is a good example of female sith lords being more powerful than male ones because it seemed like Vader wasn’t able to do this against Luke at first even though Lukes injuries weren’t healed yet from fighting emperor Palpatine.

Zannah also had to kill her cousin Serra which was a female Sith Lord who fell in love with Zannah’s master, Bane and she betrayed him by poisoning his food so that he could be killed while sleeping after their relationship got too heated between them. This shows how female sith lords don’t take crap from anyone including other female ones because female sith lords aren’t always nice people like they are portrayed in the movies but can actually have flaws of their own just like everyone else does.


19b4061b kreia

Kreia was the female sith lord who trained both Darth Nihilus and Sion. She had a very elaborate history that I don’t want to talk too much about because it is pretty long-winded but basically she fell in love with Revan during The Old Sith Wars until he betrayed her by going against all of her teachings. She ended up becoming involved with another person named Traya which makes no sense considering Kreia believed all force users were evil at this point so there wasn’t any other way for Kreia to justify why she would fall in love with someone else even though they knew each other since childhood (which seems like it could be considered inappropriate). Traya eventually left Kreia, got rid of all of her emotions and became Darth Traya before starting The New Sith Wars which was where Kreia found her again. Kreia saved Traya’s life on the battlefield because she knew that the Jedi were going to kill her for being a sith lord and they needed someone who could keep them under control but still make them fight like actual soldiers so it wouldn’t matter if they won or lost at this point in time because there wouldn’t be any survivors left to tell the tale about what had happened here.

Darth Maladi

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Maladi was a female Sith Lord who used to be a Jedi until she took her own life and became one with the force after accidentally killing someone because of her immense power which I can sympathize with because that is something that happened to me as well but it doesn’t change the fact that it was still an accident and not on purpose like for Maladi. She eventually comes back into contact with Darth Krayt, Bane’s successor where they work together to take down all of the remaining members in The New Sith empire when he learns about everything that had transpired while he’d been dead (which is an interesting concept I’ve never really seen before). They end up going after Cade Skywalker (Luke’s descendant) and the last two Jedi until Cade manages to escape from them with one of their Sith troopers so they create an alliance with a cyborg who is actually Darth Nihl.

Vestara Khai

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Vestara Khai was a lightsaber-wielding female Sith Lord who served directly under Lady Rhea during The New Sith Wars. She was in a relationship with Ben Skywalker even though they were both supposed to be taught the ways of being Sith lords (which is one of those things that you just don’t do because it’s stupid and dangerous regardless if your intentions are good or not). Vestara ended up betraying everyone by turning on them at the same time as this person named Abeloth which I’m assuming, is something that she wouldn’t have been able to do if Darth Bane had been there to stop her before she could’ve made such foolish decisions because he seems like the only sith lord worth giving any sort of respect too.

Lomi Plo

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Lomi Plo was a female Sith lord that played a major role in creating the Shadow Collective. The Shadow Collective was created by Darth Maul and Death Watch to take down both the Galactic Republic and the Separatist Alliance. Lomi Plo was known as an expert shaper who would use her powers to shape beasts for Death Watch to fight with. Lomi Plo worked closely with Mother Talzin, another female Sith Lord, and became very powerful in her own right. In one of their early missions together, Maul asked Lomi Plo to join him on a mission to Ord Mantell, which has since been renamed “Justice” or “Vengeance” by the Empire/Republic.

Darth Cognus

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Darth Cognus is another female Sith lord that helped create the Shadow Collective and was a major contributor to Talzin’s Black Sun organization. Darth Zannah saw her as an ally but never trusted her because she had no sense of loyalty to anyone but herself. Darth Cognus appeared in the novel, “Path of Destruction”, where she took on the disguise of Jedi Master Kopecz in order to infiltrate a Sith academy on Korriban. She used this guise to gain access into the Academy so she could assassinate a target for Darth Bane; however, when she arrived at the Academy Kopecz was already dead, so instead, she killed one of his students.

Mother Talzin

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Mother Talzin was a powerful witch that became Maul’s ally during the Clone Wars. She helped Maul escape from his exile on Mandalore by using her magic to make him appear dead and transport him across the galaxy far away from Darth Sidious. She had an intense hatred of the Sith because they hunted her people, and vowed never to work with them again so she would not be forced to live through such terror ever again. However, she eventually allied herself with Darth Maul once he joined Death Watch and formed the Shadow Collective in order to take down both the Galactic Republic and Separatist Alliance.

Aurra Sing

35cf110a aurra sing

Aurra Sing was a mysterious bounty hunter and assassin that took on a number of jobs for the Sith. She was seen working with Darth Maul, Count Dooku, and Asajj Ventress during her career as a bounty hunter and assassin. Aurra Sing is known to be extremely dangerous because she has no moral code or conscience; however, she did not fall in line with Sidious’s rule. In one instance when Aurra Sing returned from a job she offered her next target to Dooku but Dooku declined because he thought that this person could prove useful in his quest to gain leadership over the criminal underworld throughout the galaxy.

Darth Talon

beea0705 darth talon

Darth Talon was a female Sith that worked closely with Darth Krayt and his new Sith Order. She served as one of his Hands, which were considered Krayt’s most personal servants and highest ranking. Talon was assigned to track down Jedi Master K’Kruhk during the initial stages of the Ruusan Reformation. Unfortunately, she failed in her mission to capture him and was forced back into hiding after a duel with Master Valenthyne Farfalla caused her lightsaber to explode, leaving her physically scarred.

Exal Kressh

3dac213e exal kressh

Exal Kressh was a female Sith apprentice that was trained by the Sith Emperor. She became fully immersed in the dark side of the force and began to plot against her master and mentor; however, she knew that if she were to confront him directly she would not survive, so instead, she ran away from his flagship in search of greater power. Exal Kressh made her way to Lenico IV where she found an ancient tomb known as the Dark Heart. She believed this artifact could help her defeat her former master once and for all but first there was something which must be done: relocating it. When Exal Kressh moved the Dark Heart into hiding, it caused a disturbance throughout the Force which Zildrog felt. He knew that Exal had the hyperspace coordinates of some ancient and powerful weapon, so he awoke to defend himself from possible attackers and attack them in the process. Once he arrived on the planet all he found was Exal Kressh’s decimated and lifeless body before transferring her memories back into a recently cloned body by transferring her consciousness into the vessel of a Zeltron girl who originally died during childbirth.

Darth Nyriss

af4602cf darth nyriss

Darth Nyriss was a powerful Sith Lord that served under the Sith Emperor and rose to a certain level of power during her tenure as one of his high-ranking officials. When Darth Nyriss noticed the sudden increase in assassination attempts on the Emperor’s life she began to investigate where these attacks were coming from. She discovered that many of the people who have been assassinating members of the Dark Council were actually working together, so she warned them all in order for them to stay vigilant. She eventually came across information about The Esseles which stated it was carrying valuable cargo owned by House Basri, but once they entered hyperspace Darth Nyriss sent out an assassin known as Kingsley to assassinate everyone aboard The Essel

Assajj Ventress

025b20e6 assajj ventress

Asajj Ventress was a powerful Dark Jedi and Sith assassin who served as Count Dooku’s second in command during the Clone Wars. Since Asajj Ventress had been betrayed by her Master, Darth Tyranus; she decided to leave the Sith Order and become an ally of the Jedi Order. Her work with the Galactic Republic proved to be difficult because her old master knew that she would do anything in order for their agreement not to end, so he constantly sent out bounty hunters after her in an attempt to get rid of her. On one assignment from Yoda, she turned on him when General Grievous ambushed them from behind but only left Yoda alive because he was too weak to kill him outright.

Trilla Suduri

20e2ce91 trilla suduri

Trilla Suduri was the first female Twi’lek Sith Lord in history and served as Darth Tenebrous’s secret Sith apprentice. While her master trained in the ways of the Sith, Trilla was left to protect their home planet of Baltizaar where she waged a war against The Female Outlander Preservation Society led by Adriane Maruk. She fought alongside other members of the Empire including Larsh Hill and another mysterious Sith Acolyte.

Darth Atroxa

202a3443 darth atroxa

Darth Atroxa was a female Sith Lord who was also Trilla’s best friend since they were children. She resided on the planet Balmorra and led the forces of the Sith Empire which fought against both Jedi Knights as well as Republic Troopers for many years.


6c83093e saarai

Saarai was the daughter of Darth Krayt, who was known to be one of the last Sith Lords alive within the age of the Galactic Empire. Her mother’s name was Vialco but her father never cared about either of them and instead he focused on his ambitions in order to become Emperor; so when Saarai became old enough she began training herself in secret until she uncovered a Holocron that contained information about her father’s disappearance. As soon as Saarai began questioning what could have happened to him, Darth Wyyrlok began to send out assassins after her because he wanted her dead before she could reach out to any other Sith.

Darth Lachris

dc4fa268 darth lachris

Darth Lachris was a Dark Lord of the Sith from the Sith Empire and was sent to Dromund Kaas where she met Darth Xedrix. She knew he wasn’t strong enough to be a sith lord, so she killed him and became a sith lord.

Darth Zash

58ba9e4b darth zash

Darth Zash is one of the primary antagonists of Star Wars: The Old Republic. She was a Kaleesh-turned Sith Inquisitor who eventually ascended to the title of Dark Lord and became regarded as one of the most powerful Sith sorcerers alive. Upon returning to Korriban, Darth Zash began to explore her own connection to the dark side through ancient knowledge hidden deep within vaults on the academy world. During her studies, she uncovered an inscription written in a long-forgotten language that provided instructions on how to access Holocrons without owning them or destroying them in the process. Jedi Master Quatra attempted to warn Darth Zash about the dangers of seeking out this kind of power but she ignored his warnings and performed a ritual that unleashed a dark spirit on the academy.

Zash eventually made the connection between herself and Sith Lord Tulak Hord, who also discovered this ability to bind spirits to her will as well as other sith lords before her including Darth Andru, Darth Millennial, and possibly even Marka Ragnos himself. She then journeyed into the tomb of Tulak Hord to further unlock her arcane powers by performing a ritual within his sarcophagus. However, she never returned from those chambers. According to rumors, she was killed in an explosion that destroyed much of the tomb but there were no remains found in or around the structure afterward.

Tahiri Veila

ea435a45 tahiri veila

Tahiri Veila was a Force-sensitive human female from Tatooine. In the waning years of the Galactic Republic, she came to the attention of Jedi Master Quatra and subsequently became his Padawan. During her time under Quatra’s tutelage, she learned several languages including that of the Tusken Raiders, Binary, Rodese, Durese and Huttese. She also studied mathematics and history as well as basic skills in piloting and repair for starships. Many years later Darth Malak ordered an attack on the Endar Spire because he believed that Bastila Shan was on board (he had just seen her escape from Taris). It turned out that there were two stowaways aboard this ship. One was Revan and the other was a young girl who had just been freed from slavery. The Sith launched their attack on the ship and most of the crew were killed, however, Revan managed to make it to an escape pod with one other person; this being the stowaway, or Tahiri as she called herself.

After Darth Malak was defeated by Revan and Bastila Shan, he retreated to Korriban where he made preparations for his own invasion of the galaxy. During this time Tahiri decided that she would serve under Darth Bandon in hopes of gaining more power with which she could destroy those who took her people away from her. She wanted revenge against those who enslaved her people, so while on Yavin IV she attacked a number of Massassi warriors and began killing them one by one. Darth Bandon was displeased with this, but he put it to the back of his mind while they traveled to Kashyyyk to further their plans.

Visas Marr

1759baae visas marr

Visas Marr was a Miraluka and servant of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Nihilus. As with other Miraluka, her appearance was marked by empty eye sockets, which were hidden behind a black veil. At some point in the years following the Jedi Civil War, she became Nihilus’ apprentice and accompanied him on his quest to find and consume all life forms in the galaxy. After discovering one such planet, Visas claimed that it offered no sustenance for her master because there were no Force users present on that world; thereafter recognizing how gravely wounded everyone was. She then journeyed to Katarr where she sensed an abundance of untainted Force energy emanating from a number of Jedi Masters hiding in that world. Visas then informed her master of this, and he decided to go there in order to drain the Force from the Jedi Masters residing in that world.

After Nihilus’ death at the hands of his own apprentice, Visas Marr took up into exile on a medical facility known as Telos IV where she lived out the rest of her days healing those who were wounded by both sides during the recent battles, even though many looked upon her with disdain because they thought that she was a monster- one who had committed horrible atrocities against them along with Darth Nihilus. Even so, she continued to serve others regardless and helped maintain peace throughout the galaxy for years to come.

Maris Brood

b40b5ddc maris brood

Maris Brood was a female Zabrak Jedi Padawan serving the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic during the final days of both. She was taken as an apprentice by Halagad Ventor but later deserted him after becoming seduced to the dark side of the Force. She became an ally to General Sev’rance Tann, acting as her personal assassin for much of the Clone Wars. During one such mission, she leads a force of Confederacy droids to destroy several power generators on Belderone in order to assist in gaining control over Ord Mantell. However, while this task was being carried out, Admiral Natasi Daala successfully ambushed the Separatists with her Mandalorian forces and drove them away from Belderone. After this incident, Brood and Daala engaged in a romantic relationship aboard the Admiral’s cruiser where she was stationed.

After Sev’rance Tann died at the hands of Kyle Katarn during Operation Shadow Hand, Maris sought to end her former master’s life by tracking down other Jedi such as Jaden Korr and Rosh Penin; both of whom served under Katarn during his time with the New Jedi Order. When Korr went on a mission to Hoth with Luke Skywalker, Brood ambushed him- using telekinesis to pin her enemy against the wall while she prepared herself to kill him. However, before she could do so, Rosh emerged from hiding- hoping that he would be able to redeem himself for his previous actions. Brood then used the Force to send him flying towards Jaden and ultimately ended Rosh’s life as a result.

The Sith are a mysterious, powerful group of villains who have had more impact on the Star Wars Universe than any other. With almost as many female Sith Lords throughout history as there are males, it’s clear that this is an organization where women can thrive and be just as dastardly as their male counterparts.



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