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Disaster Movies Like 2012: End of the World Movie List

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Some people love disaster movies and there are a lot of them out there. If you’re looking for something to watch this weekend, check out some movies like 2012: End of the World Movie List. We’ve put together a list of movies that should be on your radar if you enjoy watching other disasters unfold on screen. Take a look at our recommendations and see what sounds good to you!


The Day After Tomorrow

We start the Movies Like 2012 list with  The day after tomorrow. This disaster movie has a little bit of everything. An odd phenomenon causes the Earth’s rotation to slow down, which in turn creates massive tsunamis and super storms all over the world. The only survivors are those living near the North or South Poles where it is still cold enough for people to live relatively comfortably without electricity or other modern amenities that we take for granted in our daily lives.



This disaster movie follows a group of drillers who are recruited by NASA to save the world from an asteroid that has been spotted on course for Earth. If it were not stopped, this asteroid would wipe out all life on our planet. The team must get inside the object and plant nuclear warheads before mankind is wiped off the face of our home planet.



The volcano is an action-adventure disaster movie that follows the eruption of a volcano in Los Angeles. The film stars Tommy Lee Jones and focuses on what happens when you’re dealing with something so large, there’s no hope for survival.


Dante’s Peak

A volcano erupts in the city of Dante’s Peak. The eruption soon turns into a full-scale disaster when it becomes apparent that the mountain is going to explode, threatening to take out everyone and everything around.”


The Core

“In The Core, the Earth’s inner core has stopped rotating and science must come up with a way to restart it. To do this, they plan on drilling down into the center of the Earth where temperatures reach over 15000 degrees Fahrenheit.”


In Dante’s Peak, a volcano in a city threatens to destroy everyone around when it’s going to explode. In The Core, scientists have to drill into the center of the earth which can go as high as 15000 degrees Fahrenheit similar.


Deep Impact

“In Deep Impact, a comet is hurtling toward Earth and the only thing standing in its way of wiping out life as we know it is eight days. In that time, NASA discovers what’s going on and must come up with a plan to stop the impending disaster.”


Independence Day

In Independence Day, the world learns that an alien species is making its way to Earth. Scientists then scramble to create a defense against this new threat while civilians are forced into underground bunkers in order to survive.



In Knowing, the world becomes aware of impending disasters thanks to a series of numbers that have been written on walls and handed down through generations. This awareness comes at an interesting time as others around them try to take advantage of it.”


Some movies like 2012: End of the World Movie List include Dante’s Peak, The Core, Deep Impact, Independence Day and Army of the Dead. They all deal with some sort of disaster about to happen–volcanoes erupting or meteors heading towards earth. In Deep Impact there is only eight days before Earth is destroyed by a comet while in Knowing people are aware because they know what will be coming beforehand thanks to receiving messages from their ancestors.



Melancholia is a 2011 drama/sci-fi film directed by Lars von Trier. The main characters in this movie are played by Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg. After the planet Melancholia appears from behind Saturn, it begins to approach Earth which causes widespread panic around the world as scientists race to figure out what exactly is going on.


Army of the Dead

This one also deserved to be on the Movies Like 2012 top list. Army of the Dead is a 2021 horror/action movie that was directed by Zack Snyder. This film stars Matthew Fox as well as several other notable actors such as Dennis Haysbert, Ving Rhames and Izabella Miko. Army of the Dead takes place in Las Vegas where it has been taken over by zombies after an underground volcano erupts which causes the dead to rise from their graves and attack anyone who gets too close!


The wave

The wave is a 2015 disaster/drama movie that was directed by Roar Uthaug. This film stars Kristoffer Joner and Ane Dahl Torp which depicts what would happen if an earthquake occurs in Norway which causes a tsunami to hit the nearby town of Geiranger. The residents must evacuate immediately or risk their lives as they try to save one another from drowning!



This drama, thriller movie follows the spread of a virus across the United States. Although there are no scenes involving natural disasters or other catastrophes in this film, it does present an interesting scenario that’s not too far off from what could actually happen if something like this took place. It might also be worth noting that Contagion is one of several movies where Matt Damon stars as one of the main characters throughout its duration – another similarity between these films and 2012.



A plane crash in Greenland brings together a group of strangers, who are forced to rely on each other as the situation unfolds. The film is less about an actual disaster and more about how people react when something like this happens. It’s definitely worth checking out if you enjoy movies similar to 2012, but don’t want anything too far-fetched or over the top.


As with most films involving Matt Damon, he also stars in this movie that follows a crisis team that tries to save lives after an earthquake strikes California. While there isn’t any major catastrophe taking place throughout much of its running time, it does take place during one of the worst earthquakes ever recorded which makes it another good choice for fans looking for movies like 2012.



If you’re looking for movies like 2012, it might be worth taking a look at Twister. While there isn’t any one major event that takes place in this movie, the entire plot is about people trying to prevent another disaster from occurring after tornadoes tear through Oklahoma. It’s definitely an interesting concept and might make for good viewing if you enjoy watching stories involving catastrophes of all kinds unfold on screen


This comedy-drama film tells the story of three sisters who are forced to deal with life when they lose their mother unexpectedly – something that happens frequently in real life but doesn’t often come up during movies similar to 2012.



While the monster in this movie is pretty terrifying, there aren’t any natural disasters taking place throughout its entire running time. It’s definitely worth checking out if you enjoy movies like 2012 but would rather not see anything that could actually happen to our planet on the screen.


This classic film stars Charlton Heston as an astronaut who gets stranded alone after his crew abandons him while they go to retrieve another ship from space. If you’re looking for good movies similar to 2012, it might be worth considering The Omega Man. While most of these films are about some sort of disaster or catastrophe happening across the world, this one is more focused on what happens when a few people struggle with living in isolation without anyone else around.


War of the Worlds

Although this film is a remake of the original, it’s still worth taking a look at if you’re interested in movies like 2012. It features Tom Cruise as one of its main characters and follows what happens when aliens invade the planet Earth – not something that really happens very often but definitely an interesting concept for a movie nonetheless.


While most films about disasters or catastrophes have some sort of happy ending where everyone survives, there are unfortunately also those with sad endings where people lose their lives instead. If these types of movies aren’t your cup-of-tea then check out our list here: Top 15 Best Feel Good Movies to Watch. You’ll find plenty more feel good movies on Netflix Instant that should suit your needs perfectly!


San Andreas

Another movie that focuses on the aftermath of a natural disaster, this film takes place in California where San Andreas causes an earthquake to hit. It’s one of several movies like 2012 but with more focus on what happens when people are trapped instead of trying to save others before they get hurt or lose their lives entirely. Its one of the more popular movies made by Dwayne Johnson The Rock.

Have fun watching


The Road

This film based on a novel of the same name stars Viggo Mortensen as one of several survivors who try to find food and water while trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where most people have either died or turned into zombies. Although it’s not about some sort of disaster, there is definitely plenty going on throughout its running time that makes it worth watching if you enjoy movies similar to 2012 but don’t want anything too scary!


In The Cabin In the Woods five friends go out for a weekend together at their uncle’s cabin which turns out to be something much more sinister than they imagine when monsters start showing up everywhere around them.


Ad Astra

While the plot of this movie is still being kept under wraps, it’s definitely one that you’ll want to keep your eyes on if you enjoy movies like 2012. It features Brad Pitt in a leading role and follows an astronaut who will stop at nothing when he goes out into space to save his son from certain death.


This psychological thriller tells the story of two sisters whose lives are turned upside down after their father commits suicide for seemingly no reason – something they discover years later was actually due to some major secrets he had been keeping all along about himself and their family history.


The Quake

Another movie that takes place in California, this film follows what happens after a powerful earthquake hits the area and causes some major damage. It’s definitely one of several movies like 2012 but with more focus on surviving without modern technology than anything else.


Although it’s not about some sort of natural disaster destroying everything across the world, there are still plenty of exciting moments throughout its running time to make watching Armageddon worthwhile for anyone interested in these types of movies as well!


In his follow-up to The Martian, actor Matt Damon stars as an astronaut who gets stranded alone on Mars while trying to complete a mission from NASA – something that doesn’t start off too great when he ends up being caught by those responsible for him getting left behind.


The Rapture

While there is definitely a religious aspect to this film, it’s not one that you’ll want to avoid if you don’t share the same beliefs. It tells the story of people who get left behind after some sort of rapture and their journey across America in order to find and save those closest to them before they meet certain doom at the hands of God himself.



Although it’s not about a natural disaster similar to 2012, there are definitely some moments in this film where you’ll be on the edge of your seat. It tells the story of several astronauts who travel into space and attempt to reignite our dying sun – something that turns out to be much more difficult than they originally imagined when things start going wrong throughout their journey.


This disturbing thriller stars George Clooney as a doctor who performs illegal surgeries at night while he has his day job during the daytime hours. When one of these nights leads him down an unexpected path, however, everything starts turning upside down for both him and those around him before long!


Children of Men

Although this movie is set several years into the future, it’s actually closer to our reality than we might think as things progress. It stars Clive Owen as a man who must protect an incredibly pregnant woman from being assassinated by those responsible for making sure that human beings are unable to reproduce anymore – something which could ultimately lead us down a path of destruction!


Right At Your Door

We will end this Movies Like 2012 list with the movie called Right at Your DoorThis movie is a documentary that follows the lives of several people who have been dealing with a life-altering illness for years. It definitely takes things from an interesting perspective and gives you something to think about while watching other movies like 2012 as well!


In this film, Kurt Russell stars as a man stranded on Mars after his team leaves him behind due to some sort of accident – only he’s not entirely alone when two others show up later in the mission without any warning whatsoever. The suspense throughout its duration will keep viewers coming back again and again!


With so many disaster movies out there, it can be hard to pick just one. That’s why we’ve provided you with a list of the best ones for your convenience! These are all worth watching but take different approaches in terms of what disasters they cover and how they portray them on screen. If you’re looking for something similar to 2012, try any of these titles today!

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