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Best Movies Like Fight Club

The best Best Movies Like Fight Club – The Best Movies to Watch are all about people fighting or boxing. The first movie I want to talk about is ‘Creed.’ In this movie, Rocky Balboa trains a man named Adonis Johnson who has the same name as his son and former opponent, Apollo Creed. This makes for an interesting storyline because of how much history there is between him and Rocky.

It’s been a decade since Fight Club was released and the movie has continued to have an impact on pop culture. It is one of those movies that people never forget about, even if they didn’t see it when it first came out. We all know how amazing this movie is, but what are some other great movies like Fight Club?

We have compiled a list of 25 Movies Like Fight Club to watch in order to get your fix for intense dramas with edge-of-your-seat suspense. Not only does the list include some fantastic psychological thrillers, but there are also plenty of action films as well. It’s time you find another favorite film!


 Donnie Darko (2001)

Donnie Darko is a movie that has become very popular since its release in 2001. It was directed by Richard Kelly and follows the story of Donnie, who is played by Jake Gyllenhaal. The film begins with Donnie waking up one morning to find a figure-like man named Frank telling him he will die within 28 days because the world isn’t ready for his secret. But before this encounter, we learn about how lonely and alienated he feels at school where everyone makes fun of him without knowing why or what they’re doing. This feeling only gets worse when tragedy strikes both at home and from bullying on campus which leads to some bad things happening that you won’t believe!


 The Usual Suspects (1995)

The Usual Suspects is a movie that takes you on an incredible ride, especially if you’ve never seen it before. This film was written and directed by Bryan Singer and follows the story of five criminals who are brought together to pull off a heist which ends with one disappearing in the police line-up. In order for them all to get out of this one alive, they have to figure out what happened at the docks where they were supposed to meet up and also why so many people know about their plans! What we learn from this movie isn’t just how good things can turn bad but instead focuses more on taking advantage when anyone’s guard is down because you don’t want like Keyser Sö.


 Trainspotting  (1996)

Trainspotting is a movie that has continued to remain relevant since its release in 1996. It was directed by Danny Boyle and written by John Hodge, who adapted the screenplay from Irvine Welsh’s novel of the same name. Ewan McGregor stars as Mark Renton, an addict living in Edinburgh with his friends during their heroin “jags.” In addition to this group dynamic being interesting enough on its own, it also includes injecting drugs into your veins and more! This film may be filled with scenes you’re not ready for but if you’ve got some time before watching movies like Fight Club again, then make sure you check out one of these other great movies similar to Fight Club!


 The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix is a movie that you may consider to be one of the best action movies ever made. It was written and directed by Lilly Wachowski and Lana Wachowski, who are also known as The Wachowskis. This film follows the story of Thomas Anderson (played by Keanu Reeves), otherwise known as Neo, who has no idea what’s going on but discovers he’s actually living in a computer-generated false reality called “the matrix.” But before this occurs Neo must figure out how it happened and then work with other people like him so they can break free from not only their physical bonds but mental ones too!


 American Psycho (2000)

American Psycho is a movie that has gotten plenty of attention since its release in 2000, especially for the story it tells. This film was written and directed by Mary Harron (who also worked on The Notorious Bettie Page), which follows Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale). He’s a wealthy Wall Street investment banker who appears to have his life together until we see him commit horrible crimes against other people without any remorse whatsoever! In fact, this makes us question what would happen if someone like this got their hands on anything they wanted and how far they’d go before anyone stopped them?


 A Clockwork Orange (1971)

A Clockwork Orange is a movie that was written and directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1971. This film follows the story of Alex DeLarge (played by Malcolm McDowell)a man who leads his gang on brutal rampages throughout London until one night they are caught, arrested, and sent to prison where he has an interesting experience with experimental aversion therapy for criminals which turns him into someone else entirely! But this doesn’t last forever either as we learn from watching movies like Fight Club, so make sure you check out this other great list of good movies like True Romance!


 Dark Knight  (Batman)

The Dark Knight is a movie that many people consider to be one of the best superhero movies ever made. It was written and directed by Christopher Nolan, who also worked on Inception (2010) as well as Batman Begins(2005). This film follows Bruce Wayne/Batman and his alter-ego’s battle with The Joker, played by Heath Ledger after he breaks out of prison to create chaos throughout Gotham City! With so much being said about this movie already though, we’ll keep it short and just say if you’re looking for some other great movies similar to Fight Club then make sure you check out these ones too before they get taken down!


 Lord of the Rings Trilogy

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is a movie that many people consider to be one of the best fantasy movies ever made, which includes The Hobbit. This film was written and directed by Peter Jackson (who also worked on King Kong [2005]), which follows Frodo Baggins’ (played by Elijah Wood) journey with his friends after he discovers a ring that will help them fight against Sauron in order to save Middle-Earth! Since this series has been out for over ten years now though, we’ll keep it short and just say make sure you watch these other good movies like Fight Club.


A South Korean action film that was released in 2003. This movie has everything needed for an exciting and thrilling story such as revenge, mystery, murder, and love. It is about a man who gets locked away from society for no discernible reason at all- he doesn’t even know why it happened to him! He spends the next 15 years pacing back and forth inside of his cell until one day another mysterious person enters with information on how to get his life back by killing those responsible for locking him up.


 Requiem for a Dream

The synopsis for this film says it all- “A chilling vision of the excesses and dangers of drug abuse in contemporary America.” This movie was released in 2000. It’s about four people who end up becoming addicted to hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine, which eventually leads them on a downward spiral filled with crime and hopelessness. The characters are so well done that we can’t help but feel sorry for their fates even though they probably deserve it because of how stupidly they act after being introduced to these dangerous substances. You have been warned!



If you have not seen this movie then I suggest that you stop reading and go watch it now because there will be spoilers ahead if you keep going! “Inception” was released in 2010. It is about a man who enters other people’s dreams to steal information from them, but one day he gets caught up in his own mind during an assignment that causes him to fight for his life inside of his subconsciousness. This movie has more plot twists than any of us can count- just when we think the story couldn’t get any better, something crazy happens that changes everything!


 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This is another fantastic movie that was released in 2004. It’s about a couple who decides to erase all of their memories after they decide to end their relationship. The man finds out later on that he does not want her erased from his memory, which causes him to go back and try everything possible to stop it from happening. This film has great acting and even better cinematography with some breathtaking shots throughout the entire thing!


 Pulp Fiction

If you have not seen this movie then I don’t know where you’ve been hiding! “Pulp Fiction” was released in 1994 and it is a classic that has to be watched at least once. It’s about three stories of violence, crime, and drug addiction all mixed together into one crazy story that leaves the viewer constantly guessing what will happen next. There are tons of unforgettable scenes from this film such as when John Travolta tries to do his best Samuel L Jackson impression while he dances around like a gangster or when Bruce Willis shoots up close range with those two machine guns- talk about intense!


 The Game

The next movie I want to talk about is ‘The Game.’ This movie stars Michael Douglas and Sean Penn. It was released in 1997, but it’s still a great film that everyone should watch at least once if they haven’t seen it yet! In this movie, Nicholas Van Orton gets an unusual gift for his 48th birthday: A voucher for a game that will change his life forever. His brother Conrad (played by Sean Penn) has created the ultimate test for him – he must find out what is happening or else everything he owns will be given away to someone from The Company who supported Conrad’s research.


 Shutter Island

The best movies like Fight Club are all psychological thrillers. One movie that I think everyone would enjoy is called ‘Shutter Island.’ This film was released in 2010 and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, and Ben Kingsley. In this movie Martin Sheer’s (played by Leo) partner has gone missing from the mental institution they were sent to investigate on Shutter Island. The facility holds many secrets but one of them could be the key to solving his disappearance as well as a murder case he’s been investigating for years back home.

What makes these movies like fight club so great?


 Office Space

Another movie that many people would enjoy is ‘Office Space.’ It was released in 1999 and stars Ron Livingston, Jennifer Anniston, Stephen Root, Gary Cole and more. In this movie, Peter Gibbons (played by Lawrence) hates his job at a company named Initech but finds satisfaction when he starts to slack off on the job with his friends Samir and Michael Bolton (Played by Ajay Naidu). They then discover an interesting way to fight back against their horrible boss Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole) who keeps reminding them about TPS reports.


 Being John Malkovich

If you loved the movie Fight Club, then I’m sure that you will love these other movies like fight club. One of them is called ‘Being John Malkovich,’ and it was released in 1999. This film stars Catherine Keener and John Cusack as well as many others. In this movie, Craig Schwartz (played by John) finds a portal into actor John Malkovich’s mind when he becomes employed at an odd company where people are allowed to be anyone they want for 15 minutes per day. The only problem with this is that once they go through the portal if someone else goes after them, both try to occupy the same space inside of Malkovich’s head which causes all kinds of problems!



The next movie that I want to talk about is ‘Se7en.’ This film was released in 1995 and stars Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Gwyneth Paltrow and more. In this movie, two detectives (played by David Mills and Somerset) are on a desperate hunt for a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his modus operandi. The closer they get to capture him, however, the more apparent it becomes that his ultimate plan may be connected to one of them! If you liked Se7en than check out our list of movies like Se7en.

If you love movies like Fight Club then try watching these other great films! You certainly won’t regret it…


 Gone Girl

Gone Girl is a movie about a woman that goes missing and the husband who has to prove his innocence. It’s based on a book by Gillian Flynn of the same name, which was an international bestseller upon its release in 2012. This thriller will keep you at the edge of your seat as you try solve this mystery alongside Detective Boney! You can watch it for yourself here on Google Play Movies & TV!


Another great film like Fight Club includes ‘The Town.’ Ben Affleck stars in this intense crime drama directed by Academy Award-winning director, Ben Aflacck himself. The plot revolves around four men from South Boston who are planning to rob their local bank branch with just two things: guns and disguises.


 The Machinist

I’m going to end this list with a movie that is different from the rest, but equally as good. ‘The Machinist’ stars Christian Bale in an interesting role about insomnia and paranoia. It’s amazing how he lost so much weight just for his role! This psychological thriller will keep you on your toes until the very last minute where it might leave you scratching your head… or at least wanting to watch The Machinist again to get more answers! You can see it here on Google Play Movies & TV now.

There are many movies like Fight Club out there, and everyone has their own favorite one. Some of these movies have been praised by critics while others haven’t gone over too well but they all deserve some credit.


Another movie like Fight Club that is worth mentioning is ‘Choke.’ This one stars Sam Rockwell and Anjelica Huston in a story about a sex addict who has to resort to some pretty extreme measures just so he can afford his mother’s medical treatment. It’s definitely an interesting watch but it might not be for everyone! You can view the trailer here on Google Play Movies & TV.


These movies are all similar to Fight Club because of their intense and suspenseful plots, but they each have their own unique feel as well. There are lots more thrillers out there that you should check out if you liked this list or even if you didn’t, because sometimes going outside your comfort zone lead you down new paths…


 Lost Highway

The final movie that I want to talk about is ‘Lost Highway.’ This film stars Bill Pullman and Patricia Arquette in a story where an innocent man commits a horrific crime. When he comes out of jail, his wife has been murdered… or has she? You can watch this movie here on Google Play Movies & TV!


It’s time you watched movies like Fight Club because there are lots of great ones out there waiting for your attention. Get ready to be entertained by these movies with edge-of-your-seat suspense from start to finish. Trust me when I say they’re well worth the watch!


 Momento Content

Momento Content is the movie  I want to talk about next. This movie is based on the true story of a man who suffers from memory loss after getting into an accident and can only remember things for 20 minutes at most. It stars Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Kirsten Dunst, and Mark Ruffalo and has received high praise since its release in 2002!


 Eyes Wide Shut Content

Eyes Wide Shut is about Dr. William Harford, who after attending a Christmas party one night discovers a mysterious woman played by Nicole Kidman in his wife’s car and goes to find out why she was there that night. The movie has received high praise from critics since its release but didn’t do as well at the box office when it first came out because of some controversies surrounding Stanley Kubrick’s death shortly before its premiere which leads to audiences not knowing what they should expect from this mystery drama film. It can be seen on Google Play here!


 A Simple Plan Content

A Simple Plan is a movie about four friends who find millions of dollars in the middle of nowhere and decide to keep it for themselves, but things go wrong when they learn that there was someone else close by while they were digging up the money. This film stars Bill Paxton, Billy Bob Thornton, Bridget Fonda and Brent Briscoe and has received high praise from critics since its release in 1998! It can be seen on Google Play here!


 Vanilla Sky Content

Vanilla Sky is a science fiction psychological thriller that tells the story of David Aames, played by Tom Cruise, who goes through many different changes after surviving a car accident and eventually falls in love with Sofia Serrano played by Penélope Cruz. This movie has received high praise from critics since its release but was not as well received at the box office when it first came out because of some controversies surrounding Cameron Crowe’s alleged plagiarism during the writing process which makes audiences feel confused about what to expect from this sci-fi drama film.


 Requiem for a Dream

Requiem for a Dream is about four characters played by Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly, Ellen Burstyn and Marlon Wayans who experience intense drug addiction with hallucinogens while trying to make money the best way they know-how. This movie has received high praise from critics since its release in 2000!


 The Departed

The Departed is a crime thriller that stars Leonardo DiCaprio as undercover cop Billy Costigan and Matt Damon as criminal mastermind Colin Sullivan.

It’s hard to write something about movies like fight club since the movie was so unique, but one good example is ‘Creed.’ This movie will make you feel all sorts of emotions while watching it, which can be a rare thing for films these days. There were also some amazing actors in this film, such as Sylvester Stallone and Michael B Jordan.


 V for Vendetta

This is number one on the list of movies like fight club. It’s about a man who fights back against his oppressive government and saves a young woman in the process. He has no name, but he does have an identifiable mask that makes him stand out from everyone else.


It’s been 25 years since “Raging Bull” was released and it continues to be revered for its acting, directing, screenplay, costumes, set design and editing among many other things. Robert De Niro stars as boxer Jake LaMotta -a role which netted him an Oscar- while Joe Pesci plays his brother Joey. The movie follows their story over several decades starting in 1941 when they were children until 1970s where we see them past middle age with



“Snatch” is another great movie like fight club and it’s about a group of thieves that come across some gold. Three different groups are after the stolen diamonds, including Brad Pitt who plays Mickey O’Neil -a gypsy- while Benicio del Toro stars as Bullet Tooth Tony. The film follows their story over several days with plenty of twists and turns along the way.


The movies on this list are all about people fighting or boxing and each one has a different storyline. The first movie I want to talk about is ‘Creed.’ In this movie, Rocky Balboa trains a man named Adonis Johnson who has the same name as his son and former opponent, Apollo Creed. This makes for an interesting storyline because of how much history there is between him and Rocky. It can be seen here on Google Play!  It’s been 10 years since Fight Club was released and the movie continues to have an impact on pop culture. We’ve compiled 25 Movies Like Fight Club that you’ll enjoy if you’re looking for intense dramas with edge-of-your-seat suspense along with plenty of action films too!

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