Awesome and Easy Anime Cosplay Ideas for Guys

aa2aba0c easy anime cosplay ideas for guys

Anime is a form of animation from Japan that has been popular for over fifty years. It has grown to be an international phenomenon and has become one of the most recognizable forms of entertainment. Anime fans are easy to spot by their love of anime merchandise, cosplay, and manga. If you’re looking for easy anime characters ideas for guys, this blog post should help! The easy cosplay ideas for guys mentioned in this blog post include some of the most popular anime characters.

If you’re looking to attend a convention or just want to have fun wearing one of these costumes or be the next cosplay or maybe Roy Mustang, read on! We’ve listed easy cosplay ideas for guys by character type so that your cosplay costume is even easier than it already sounds. For some of them, you will need a wig, for other more regular clothes, blue blazer. Maybe you will even need to change your hair color or wear glasses or a lab coat. There are many cosplay ideas and here we are presenting only the best ones to hit the soft spot. So put your wig on and let the games begin.

What are some easy anime cosplay ideas for guys?

If you are interested in some ideas and I believe you are since you opened this post, keep reading below. Also if you have some ideas that you would like to share with us feel free to contact us. Regardless if you are an anime or star wars fan and you love sword art, we belive that there is a costume for you.


5dfc8188 kyoya ootori

Kyoya is easy cosplay idea for guys because he wears a black outfit. This type of outfit is easy to find at clothing stores and you can even pair it with your own long sleeved white shirt! All that’s left are the accessories like glasses, ties, belts, etc… to make sure all the details are spot on. However, if Costumes like this one are not your style keep reading.


ffb616ff kujo jotaro

This easy cosplay idea is perfect for someone who wants to be a hero. Kujo Jotaro is one of the protagonists in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, where he uses his spirit – Hamon or ‘Ripple’ energy. His easy cosplay ideas are based on this character through all eight parts of the series! All you need is a white button-up shirt, black tie, and pants. Then add an easy prop like this character’s hat or scarf! In case that wasn’t easy enough for you, there are also female versions of Jotaro Kujo from the same series. The only difference between these easy cosplay ideas for guys and girls would be a skirt instead of slacks.


9d1c6ce1 rei ryugazaki

For easy cosplay idea for guys that are anime fans, look no further than Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. These easy cosplay outfits feature anime other characters from the popular show about a group of young men who compete in competitive swimming. If you want to dress up as Makoto ‘Mako’ Tachibana or any other member of this team, all you need is a pair of red trunks and an open white dress shirt! Add accessories like goggles or water guns if you’d like some extra flair while still keeping it easy. And ladies – feel free to embrace your inner fangirl by dressing up as one of these male swimmers too!


e41d1790 kaneki

Tokyo Ghoul is an easy anime male cosplay idea for guys that features other main characters who battle with ‘Ghouls’. These are flesh-eating beings who can take on human form. If you want to dress up as someone from the series, look no further than Kaneki Ken! He’s easy to pull off in just a few easy steps: black painted pants and shoes, white button-up shirt (or whatever color you’d like), black vest or jacket, gloves, sunglasses – all topped off with his iconic mask!


d04ace8c sebastian michaelis

Black Butler easy cosplay idea for guys includes everyone’s favorite demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis. All you need is a black suit and the red ascot that he wears with it! You’ll also want to pick up his signature weapon: a fork (trust us on this one). This easy cosplay idea will be perfect for any convention or party where you plan on dressing as someone from Black Butler. Just make sure you can handle all of those adoring fans who are bound to come your way when they see such an easy anime boys cosplay idea!


cbbe7acd shoto todoroku

Boku no Hero Academia easy cosplay idea for guys and gals include Shoto Todoroki. He’s a student at U.A High School who competes in the ‘Hero’ course alongside his best friend, Izuku Midoriya! All you need is just a plain white shirt or tank top that looks like this character’s blue-and-white jacket with matching pants to complete easy cosplay outfits based on him.


808fef3e kiryu

Vampire Knight easy cosplay idea for guys is great because it can be worn by anyone. The main character in this anime is Yuki Cross, but she’s not the only one who gets to wear these easy outfits! If you’re interested in dressing up as Zero Kiryu or Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight for Halloween or another event, all you need is a long black coat and some matching gloves. You could also throw on an easy prop like fangs if you’d rather go with something that will make it clear what your costume theme is.


bdcb4fca tanjiro

One easy cosplay idea for guys is Tanjiro from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. This anime just started airing in 2018 and has already become a fan favorite with its dark, atmospheric vibe. If you’re going to be attending an anime convention anytime soon, this makes a great easy cosplay choice that won’t take up too much time or money! All you need for Tanjiro’s outfit are black color pants and boots along with some white bandages.

ITACHI FROM NARUTO Cosplay costume

8b7b1ad2 itachi

Another easy cosplay idea for guys is Itachi from Naruto. This anime series has been around since 2002 and was a popular choice among fans even during the first decade of its release. If you’re going to be at an anime convention, consider dressing as one of your favorite characters from this classic! All you need to recreate his outfit are black or some similar color pants, boots, white bandages over your eyes, and a long sleeved white shirt with some orange accents on it.


c83c86d4 all might

One easy male cosplay idea is All Might from Boku no Hero Academia. He has short blonde hair, blue eyes, and a muscular build. You’ll need to wear an orange jumpsuit with large yellow stars on the front and back (you can find these online or at your local party store). To complete the look, you will need fake muscles which are sold separately in many places. We recommend wearing white sneakers so that there’s no confusion about whether you’re dressed as All Might or Flash Thompson!


8b9f6147 luffy

Another easy male cosplay idea is Luffy from One Piece. He has a large round head, black hair that sticks up in the front and slicked back on the sides, and an easygoing disposition. To dress as Luffy you’ll need to find a red vest with yellow buttons down the center. Make sure it’s long enough to cover your entire torso or else anyone will know that you’re not wearing clothes underneath! The final piece of this easy cosplay idea for guys complete outfits is brown boots which have white laces going across them diagonally.


0861f55b kakashi

Another male cosplay idea for guys is Kakashi from Naruto. He wears a dark blue mask with red eyeholes and has silver hair. All you need to dress up as this favorite character are some black boots, gray pants, an orange shirt under a navy vest, and of course the headband that’s characteristic of all ninja in Konoha Village!


1318eded l from death note

Another easy cosplay idea for guys is L from Death Note. He has dark hair and wears a light blue shirt, dress pants, and glasses. You can dress up as this character by wearing jeans or other casual pants with a white button-down tucked in at the waistband, along with an unbuttoned vest over top to give yourself some extra pockets!


e74bb6d4 joseph joestar

One easy cosplay idea for guys is Joseph Joestar from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. He has a large pompadour hairstyle and wears an orange outfit with gold buttons down the front. To dress up as this character, you will need to purchase a white button-up shirt which should be tucked into high-waisted black pants along with brown boots or sneakers of any color.


6b63c377 android 17

Easy cosplay idea for guys, Android 17 is a great choice. He’s also one of the easiest anime cosplay ideas that there are! All you need to pull off this look is black shoes and pants, a white or grey shirt with long sleeves, a red scarf (optional), gray gloves, a blue jacket (optional), a brown belt with an attached holster bag on the right side, yellow v-neck white t shirt underneath the armor plating on the left chest area of exterior shell overcoat. Don’t forget about your mullet either – it’ll make your costume even more complete!


380a98e2 hisoka

If you’re looking boys anime cosplay idea for guys, Hisoka is your guy. All you need to pull off this look are black pants and shoes, a white or red shirt with long sleeves (optional), dark gray gloves, a light brown belt along with an attached holster bag on the right side of the waist area, beige trench coat over the exterior shell jacket. Don’t forget about your crazy hair! It’ll complete your easy cosplay idea. You can find clothes at thrift stores if you don’t want to buy new ones just for a cosplay costume. Just make sure that they fit well so it looks like an actual outfit instead of something hastily thrown together!


9d2faffa spike spiegel

Cowboy Bebop is an easy anime idea for guys because all you need are pants and shoes, a white or blue t-shirt with long sleeves (optional), brown leather coat over the exterior shell jacket. To complete this easy cosplay outfit, don’t forget to accessorize! Spike has a red bandanna around his neck along with yellow goggles on top of his head that should be easy enough to find at any costume shop.


e67eb723 dabi

This easy cosplay idea for guys includes a red t-shirt, blue jeans or pants that have elastic around the ankles, and black sneakers. To complete your cosplay costume, just add facial hair to resemble Dabi’s spiky look. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, go ahead and dye your hair white! This easy anime cosplay idea is perfect for any guy who wants to dress up as one of his favorite and most popular characters from My Hero Academia.


ac26c1de deku

If easy cosplay is more your speed, this easy cosplay idea is perfect. For Deku/Izuku Midoriya’s outfit, you’ll need a green shirt or hoodie with pants, of course, black ones, and brown boots that lace up all the way to your calves. To complete this easy cosplay idea, just draw on some freckles with makeup! If possible, find contacts at an anime convention so that you can have bright green eyes as Izuku does in My Hero Academia. This easy anime cosplay costume will be one of the most popular costumes at any con so don’t miss out on it!


f9d5e4a7 katsuki bakugou

For Katsuki Bakugou’s outfit, you’ll need a white shirt or hoodie with dark gray pants and black boots that lace up all the way to your calves. To complete this easy cosplay idea, just add some fake muscles underneath the sleeves of your shirt! Along with all that you can even ad head band.


0c5ca0ba vegeta

Vegeta is easy to cosplay because he’s all black with armor that you can find online. His Saiyan tail will be the most time-consuming part of his outfit, but if you’re crafty enough it won’t take too long! All you need are some brown tights and a metal chain belt (which should also come in Vegeta’s color) to complete this easy anime cosplay idea for guys’ cosplay costume. Super easy right? This anime character even has spiky hair like many people already do naturally so no extra effort there either!

If you want easy cosplay ideas for guys, this blog post should be able to help. There are best cosplay ideas for guys that don’t require too much effort or time investment like Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. After all, easy costumes seem more fun than the ones with lots of detail and difficult props! If you can’t find any costumes for your style to wear you can always buy online complete outfit. It all depends on what you need, do you need a blonde wig. Notice on the end. Do not try to wear those in the everyday life, as those are only for parties and not everyone. Which of these easy anime cosplay ideas would you try?


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