25 Exciting Mountain Bike Movies for All Ages

Mountain Bike Movies

Mountain biking is one of the most popular mountain sports in recent years. It has increased in popularity due to mountain bike movies like “The Enduro” and “Uncharted Trails.” There are many mountain bike movies for all ages, but I want to focus on some that are for kids. These mountain bike movies will keep your little ones entertained while getting them into shape!

What Mountain Bike Movies to watch?

If you are wondering and asking yourself this very same question Keep reading to find out.

The Wild Ride

This mountain bike movie is perfect for those who like comedies. “The Wild Ride” includes some pretty funny mountain biking scenes as well as a great storyline about an ex-biker trying to convince his son not to follow in dad’s footsteps and become a biker too!


Downhill Racer

Starring Robert Redford, this mountain bike movie is one of the most popular mountain biking movies ever made. It tells the story of a downhill racer that wants nothing more than to make it big at any cost. This can be used as inspiration both on and off your mountain bike trails!


Fly Away Home

This mountain bike movie tells the heartwarming story of a 14-year old girl who raises orphaned geese in order to lead them away from danger. However, when her father is sent off to war she must learn how to fly with the birds so they can all be together again!

The list goes on and on but these mountain bike movies are great for kids and parents alike! They’ll get your little ones excited about getting out there and exploring nature while you’re just happy that they’re exercising! Mountain biking is fun regardless if it’s not what you do for a living. There’s nothing better than finding yourself in an epic mountain biking scene like those we see at the Olympics every four years…


Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure mountain bike movie is a classic. Pee Wee Herman finds himself on the adventure of his life when his beloved bicycle gets stolen and he must travel across America to recover it!


The Endless Ride

Another mountain biking movie about a father and son relationship, “The Endless Ride” is the story of two mountain bikers who are separated but try to find one another through their passion for riding. This mountain bike movie will have you dust off your old mountain bikes!


Mountain Bike Diaries

Another movie that hard earned his place on the Mountain Bike Movies list is the Mountain bike diaries. This mountain bike movie follows mountain bikers around the world and profiles their adventures. It’s exciting to see riders from all kinds of countries riding together in harmony!


Fat Tire Flyer

A mountain bike movie for all ages, “Fat Tire Flyer” follows a mountain biker as he makes his way through the woods and over obstacles. This mountain biking film is great to watch with your kids!


Ride the Divide

Ride the divide mountain bike movie follows mountain bikers as they ride across America in an unsupported race. It’s inspiring and beautiful to see so many mountain biking fanatics come together for a common goal! Its one of the most inspirational Mountain Bike Movies ever.


Crossing the Line

This mountain bike movie is about mountain bikers as they travel through the Andes. It’s a great mountain biking adventure!


The Way of Levi

The mountain bike movie, “The Way of Levi” follows mountain bikers on their way to the Holy Lands. It’s a great mountain biking adventure that is also filled with biblical references!



The Enduro

– mountain biking is a dangerous sport, and “The Enduro” illustrates that point. A young mountain biker gets into big trouble when he doesn’t follow the rules of mountain biking.


– This movie will teach your kids about safety while mountain biking. It shows you should always wear protective equipment like helmets, wrist guards, knee pads, etc., but it also warns against cheating in races by cutting corners or spiking other people’s bikes with nails to get ahead. Kids need to know these things if they want to be safe on their mountain bikes!


-“The Enduro” was released in 2013 and stars Cole Preston as Max Murphy along with several other actors who play his


A Sunday in Hell

– “A Sunday in Hell” is a Mountain Bike Movie documentary based on the 1976 Paris to Nice race.

– This mountain bike movie will teach your kids about bicycle history and what mountain biking used to be like before it became popular. Kids will also learn that just because something isn’t as flashy or exciting, doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing!


-“A Sunday in Hell” was released in 2015. It stars some of France’s best cyclists from back when mountain biking was first becoming popular including Paul Sherwin, Joop Zoetemelk, Hennie Kuiper, Eddy Merckx, Francesco Moser, and Bernard Thévenet among others.


The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal is one of my favorite mountain bike movies. It came out in 1982 and was made by Jim Henson, the creator of The Muppets. This mountain biking movie follows Jen who sets off on an epic quest to return a shard of light crystal back to where it belongs with his friend Kira.


My Adventures as Kid Racer

Another mountain bike movie that I like is “My Adventures as Kid Racer.”This documentary mountain bike shows kids racing cross country races at Mammoth Mountain California which has beginner, junior expert, intermediate, and women’s classes. These are great mountain biking movies for kids because they help build confidence while having fun!


Endless Bummer

Another mountain bike movie that I like is “Endless Bummer.” This mountain biking film follows a group of friends who get banned from their favorite mountain and decide to sneak back in for one last ride. Some of you will disagree but I think it deserves to be on the Mountain Bike Movies top list.



Another mountain bike movie that I like is “Sideways.” This mountain biking film follows a group of friends as they go on a road trip to escape their problems. Ultimately, the ride turns into an epic journey with many obstacles and new experiences along the way.

Breaking Away

This mountain bike movie was released in 1979 and stars a young Dennis Christopher as the main character, Dave Stoller. This film is about an avid mountain biker who finds himself at odds with his parents’ generation. He finds that he has more in common with kids from the local college than those around him at home and high school, so he starts hanging out with them and begins to feel like part of their group. The story follows Dave through four years of high school life where we learn many lessons along the way including trying new things, not being afraid to stand up for yourself or what you believe in, learning how it feels to be excluded by your peers (and why), independence vs interdependence.


Ride the Rockies

This mountain bike movie is a great one for kids who are interested in mountain biking. It follows the story of two children, aged 11 and 13 years old named Joe and Megan, as they ride with their parents on an annual family mountain bike trip during which both kids learn to improve their mountain biking skills while having fun at the same time! The scenery includes spectacular views across Colorado’s Rocky Mountains along trails that wind through meadows, forests, river gorges, desert canyons and historic mining towns.


The Wild One

This mountain bike movie is another one for kids that will keep them entertained while teaching them some mountain biking skills. It shows the story of two young riders, Joe and Burt, who are competing in a local mountain biking competition when tragedy strikes during an accident on the course. They learn to appreciate life more through their experience with this mountain bike movie and come out stronger than ever!

Which Kids Mountain Bike Movie Will You Watch With Your Little Ones?


Ghost Rider

This mountain bike movie is one of the most popular mountain biking movies available. It follows Johnny Blaze, a motorcyclist who sells his soul to the Devil in order to save his father’s life which then leads him into becoming an evil entity that he must fight off. This mountain bike movie had some great action scenes involving different types of bikes including mountain bikes, road racing bicycles, and dirt jumping bikes!

This mountain bike movie features many high-octane stunts performed on motorcycles as well as mountain bikes. The plot includes four friends who are caught up with their lives after graduating from college until they decide to go for a ride together along California coastal trails resulting in them encountering three beautiful yet mysterious women riding Harleys Davidson motorcycles through the winding mountainous roads.


The Mountain Bike

This mountain bike movie is perfect for mountain bikers who enjoy mountain biking videos. It follows the story of a young woman, named Olivia, as she embarks on an adventure-filled journey through the Rocky Mountains with her mountain bikes to find love and happiness. This film was inspired by true events that lead Olivia to become one of America’s top female mountain bikers! This one is here due the fact that there is not many Mountain Bike Movies that have girls as main actors and I think that needs to be promoted way more.


Free Ride

This mountain bike movie is the story of a young man named Alex who works as an assistant mechanic. His friend convinces him to help steal mountain bikes from his shop and use them for street races where they can win big money! This mountain biking movie was one that I really enjoyed watching because it reminded me of some friends that I had when I used to mountain bike all the time, except with fewer tattoos 😉


The World’s Most Dangerous Roads

This mountain bike movie follows the story of a mountain biking professional, named Charley Boorman who along with his friend Simon is attempting to ride motorcycles from London all the way to New York City. The journey is filled with treacherous roads and dangerous situations that cause them to question their own courage as well as make it difficult for them each time they come across an intersection or crossroads where they have no idea which path to take! Its kinda hard to find live trailers for Mountain Bike Movies that’s why we included other trailer here until its replaced with the original once we find it.


On Any Sunday

This mountain bike movie is another one that follows the inspiring true story of a father and son as they travel together on their bikes. The footage was actually captured by Bruce Brown, who also directed this mountain biking film, during his own annual family mountain biking trips along California’s spectacular coastline with his two boys. His passion for mountain biking began in 1938 when he first saw an early motorcycle jumping event where riders would try to jump over cars!


Pedal Driven Dream

This mountain bike movie is about a young mountain biking champion who gets hit by a car and has to spend the next few months in the hospital while he recovers. The accident causes him to lose his love for mountain biking which makes it difficult when trying to adjust back into society because everyone expects so much from him! I remember watching this mountain bike film after purchasing my first road racing bicycle, but using clipless pedal systems seemed like such an impossible task at that time!


I hope you enjoyed reading these mountain biking movies titles as well as learning more about each one of them through their descriptions above. Mountain bicycling can be intimidating if you’re not familiar with all of the terms used within mountain biking culture or even how to properly ride your own.


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