12 Places to Hangout with Friends – What Makes Them Special

12 places to hangout with friends

Do you have a friend who is always bugging you to hangout with them? Have they ever tried to convince you that they want to go someplace new, but you don’t know where? Well, this blog post is for all of the friends out there! You will find in-depth descriptions of 12 places to hang out with friends. These are places I’ve been to and really enjoyed myself. This blog post also includes information on what makes these places so great, and how easy it would be for your own group of friends to get together at one of them!

1. The Park

0d5cba9a the park

A park is a great place to hang out with friends! You have plenty of playtime and lots of places for picnics. The only downside might be the heat, but you can always go at night; it’s not that dark after sunset so you’ll still get some good light in your pictures. Bring your own supplies like food and drink, or you can just buy some near every park.


2. A Coffee Shop

c7e4a0c8 a coffee shop

Coffee shops are a good place to meet your friends. While you’ll have something in common, coffee is not the only thing that will bring your group together! You can also talk about what’s going on in school or work and catch up with each other. If it gets too noisy at the cafe for some reason, just step outside, and take a walk in silence.

3. A Movie Theater

4c53067f a movie theater

If you want a more social experience, try going to the theater. It can be difficult if your group has never met before but there are still lots of fun things that will happen at a movie! You’ll feel like an actor in Hollywood and get lost inside the story while taking notes on what happens next. Just make sure not to spoil in case you have watched that movie before.

4. An Arcade or Game Room

dff5ccd8 an arcade or game room

If you’re looking for a more low-key hangout, try an arcade. You can have tons of fun without all the pressure to make plans and talk about serious things like work or school. If your group is feeling competitive, remember that it’s supposed to be fun! Arcade and game rooms are only good if your friends like games.

5. A Restaurant with a Bar Area

beeb6656 a restaurant with a bar area

Everybody loves a little alcohol with their food. If your group is into wine, cocktails, and craft beers, going to a restaurant with a bar area can be the perfect place. It’s also great for meeting new people because there are usually lots of tables for folks who choose not to sit at the bar. As they say, something for everybody


6. Your House (or someone else’s) for a Party

3bf65295 your house

It can be a lot easier to cook for people in your own home, but it’s also just more fun to hang out with friends at their place. If you’re going over to someone else’s house and they make food that isn’t vegan or gluten-free, don’t worry! Find something that is, or bring some of your favorite snacks, in case you are vegan or opposite if you are not vegan


 7.  A Concert Venue

ec0ae667 a concert venue

It’s easy to get caught up in the music and forget about everything else. Plus, it might be a lot more affordable than going to an expensive club or bar! There are usually places you can go where you don’t have to stand for hours on end but still get great views of the show. A concert venue is also a pretty good place if your friends are big fans of that artist and want to meet them after the set


I love concerts because I think they’re one of those things people will always enjoy doing together: like when everyone started listening to the Beatles in high school – even though not everybody liked their sound, we all agreed that seeing them live was worth every penny (or maybe just thought it would be unique experience )


8 . An Art Gallery

2ed53ad3 an art gallery

A great place to go for art lovers! You can walk around and admire the paintings or sculptures, drink wine in front of a beautiful canvas, or even buy something you really like. The best part? It’s not going to cost too much money; just enough that you won’t feel guilty if you leave without buying anything.


I love galleries because they’re one of those places where people will always enjoy doing together: when we all went to see Picasso at MoMA on our field trip – although some people might have been more impressed than others by his work, no one could say it wasn’t worth every penny (even though only two-thirds of us actually bought tickets)


 9 . A Museum

253e4137 a museum

Similar to Art Gallery is a museum, but instead of paintings and sculptures, you’ll find different artifacts from around the world. I really enjoy hanging out at museums because there’s so much to see – we went on a field trip to one last year and it was incredible!


There are always loads of people milling about, which is nice if you want company when exploring all the exhibits; although they’re not as social places as art galleries can be due to their focus on knowledge rather than enjoyment


I love going to museums with friends because its fun to talk about what you saw afterward or just chat over lunch while everyone else stares up in awe at some stone sculpture that no matter how many times I look at it never makes sense

A lot of my favorite memories were made in the museum.

 10 . The Beach

76224471 the beach

A beach is a great place to hangout with friends because it offers so many activities. You can go swimming, try your hand at surfing or just relax in the sun and chat about nothing for hours on end while enjoying the soothing sound of waves against the shore.


If you’re lucky enough to live near one, then I highly recommend making some time to visit – there’s something really special about being able to feel sand between your toes and feeling salty sea breeze wash over you as you lay back soaking up all that delightful sunshine.

I love visiting beaches during winter when they aren’t crowded but still offer plenty of entertainment; it’s also quite nice not having any insects buzzing around bothering us too! Waiting for summer gets me excited for all the fun activities.


11 . A Sports Event

fac065e0 a sports event

I really enjoy watching sports events with friends. It’s a great way to catch up and cheer on your favorite team together while enjoying some delicious food! I also love that it’s such an easy activity, too; you don’t need any special equipment or skills in order to participate, just the enthusiasm for rooting for someone else (or against them!) There are many different types of sporting games to choose from as well: football is my personal favorite but I have been known to go out for ice hockey every so often when the seasons change.


What makes this place special?  We all bring our own snacks and sometimes we get pizza delivered if there isn’t the time or money enough beforehand, Getting pizza or making your own snacks, Sports event is always a great place to hangout with friends


12 . Your Favorite Store or Boutique

d6f930c4 store or boutique

What makes this place special?  It’s a nice way to spend time with your friends. You can talk about clothes and other things that are on sale. Or you could just hang out in the fitting room for hours, I like how it’s not as rowdy or loud when compared to say an arcade at times


We hope you enjoyed this post about our favorite places to hangout with friends. If you want more tips on how to create the perfect gathering, let us know! Remember that no one place is better than another – it all comes down to what makes YOU happy and comfortable. What are your go-to spots for hanging out with friends? Let’s share in the comments below!

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